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Cycle accurate NES emulator based on LaiNES


4 years ago

Threading has been removed as there was a deadlock I had neither the time nor patience to track down. Speed is still relatively good, same compatibility as before. Mapper7 is still experimental, and unlikely to entirely work.

IMPORTANT: place the res folder on the root of your sdcard or it'll crash. Will fix paths in a patch asap


4 years ago

Folders no longer have limits, have fun scrolling through your mega ROM packs!


4 years ago

Threading has been added, tested with LoZ, runs full speed.


5 years ago

To Install:

  • Extract the LaiNESwitch folder to your SD:/switch folder and run your favorite homebrew loading method


  • Crashes for all games which loaded and ran only briefly
  • Menu bugs (mostly by removing most of them as they weren't needed)


  • Stability
  • Exit cleanly
  • Scaffolding for render quality improvements for when hw acceleration becomes available

Next up:

  • Add support for 2 players
  • Make the menus even better


5 years ago

Most games loading, some oddballs not so much. Tested with SMB3 and LOZ and working fullspeed.

Tested on: 5.0.2 - Works!


  • Direction -> DPad
  • A -> A
  • B -> B
  • Select -> Minus
  • Start -> Plus
  • Menu -> R

To Use: Extract to sdcard:/switch/LaiNes Place ROMs in sdcard:/switch/LaiNes/game


  • You can use Joystick for directions as well, but bugs out when going left.
  • ROM browsing menu can't go back. So, make sure you choose right the first time or you'll have to relaunch. (sorry.)