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Ladda buttons concept originally by @hakimel, example using Bootstrap 3 by @msurguy

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There is now no need to maintain this project as Ladda operates well on its own with Bootstrap and demo pages could be found in the original Ladda repository:

Ladda for Bootstrap 3

Buttons with built-in loading indicators, effectively bridging the gap between action and feedback.

Check out the demo page.


Please see the demo page for the details: (


Ladda buttons must be given the class ladda-button and the button label needs to have the ladda-label class. The ladda-label will be automatically created if it does not exist in the DOM. Below is an example of a button which will use the expand-right animation style.

<button class="ladda-button" data-style="expand-right"><span class="ladda-label">Submit</span></button>

Buttons accepts three attributes:

  • data-style: one of the button styles, full list in demo [required]
  • data-color: green/red/blue/purple/mint
  • data-size: xs/s/l/xl, defaults to medium
  • data-spinner-size: 40, pixel dimensions of spinner, defaults to dynamic size based on the button height
  • data-spinner-color: A hex code or any named CSS color.


If you will be using the loading animation for a form that is submitted to the server (always resulting in a page reload) you can use the bind() method:

// Automatically trigger the loading animation on click
Ladda.bind( 'input[type=submit]' );

// Same as the above but automatically stops after two seconds
Ladda.bind( 'input[type=submit]', { timeout: 2000 } );

If you want JavaScript control over your buttons you can use the following approach:

// Create a new instance of ladda for the specified button
// Please note that this must be done after the button has been
// added to the DOM.
var l = Ladda.create( document.querySelector( '.my-button' ) );

// Start loading

// Will display a progress bar for 50% of the button width
l.setProgress( 0.5 );

// Stop loading

// Toggle between loading/not loading states

// Check the current state

All loading animations on the page can be stopped by using:


Browser support

The project is tested in Chrome and Firefox. It Should Work™ in the current stable releases of Chrome, Firefox, Safari as well as IE9 and up.


MIT licensed

Copyright (C) 2013 Hakim El Hattab,

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