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The library for developing systems for messengers and social networks


1 year ago


  • Features
    • ^ (Telegram) Unsupported attachments now raise exceptions.
    • (Internal) Added pick_by to helpers.
    • (Telegram) Added support for title parameter in attachments (closes #66).
  • Fixes
    • ^? (Core) Removed loop arguments for Lock, Queue e.t.c.
    • (Examples) "Document" now sends as actual document.
    • (i18n) collect_from option is now used.
    • (Telegram) api_url option is now used.


1 year ago


  • (VKontakte) Added decorator @plugin.vk.on_callbacks (closes #58).
  • (VKontakte) Changed API version from 5.122 to 5.131.
  • Added requests capturing to debug backend.
  • Fixed support for python versions >= 3.9.
  • Updated reply to raise if no default_target_id found.
  • Updated on_commands to accept messages without prefix (or with alternative prefixes) if bot was mentioned in message (in private and in group chats).
  • Updated logs to not write to file.


2 years ago
  • fix: plugin's decorators should return initial functions
  • fix: raw_request don't raise on falsy response (only on None/missing)


2 years ago

fix: corrected sleep in execute_loop in 'vkontakte' backend


2 years ago

Many improvements and requested features added. For details please refer to the CHANGELOG.md


3 years ago
  • Added router_priority to plugin's registrators to allow more precise ordering of handlers.
  • Added handlers for raw updates
  • Fixed merging of 'different' routers further
  • Updated comments and documentation for context and plugins


3 years ago
  • ^? Fixed merging of 'different' routers (added tests for routers merges)

Possible changes to public API are marked as ^?.


3 years ago
  • Fixed .send_message with long messages.
  • Fixed .reply with non-str argument.
  • Fixed .resolve_screen_name for not found users.
  • Fixed .body with command and multiline body.


3 years ago
  • Updated codebase for windows
  • Updated workflows for tests on windows


3 years ago
  • Fixed signals for windows users