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This is JMeter plugin for Gradle build system. This plugin enables running JMeter test using Gradle.


  1. Create a build.gradle file in the root directory of the project, and include the JMeter plugin as follows: If you use plugin version before 1.3.1 please use next code to setup project

    apply plugin: 'jmeter'

    buildscript { repositories { maven { url "http://repo.kulya.info/content/groups/public/" } } dependencies { classpath "org.veil.gradle.plugins:jmeter-gradle-plugin:1.2-2.6" } }

If it is 1.3.1 and above

apply plugin: 'jmeter'

    buildscript {
        repositories {
        dependencies {
            classpath "com.github.kulya:jmeter-gradle-plugin:1.3.1-2.6"
  1. Tune JMeter plugin to match your sources directory i.e.:

    jmeterRun.configure { jmeterTestFiles = [file("src/test/jmeter/test1.jmx"), file("src/test/jmeter/test2.jmx"), file("src/test/jmeter/test3.jmx")] }

  2. With this plugin you can specify next JMeter properties:

  • srcDir - Directory with JMeter test files if you want include them all without strict order [ $project.dir/src/test/jmeter by default ]
  • includes - JMeter files that you want to include at build
  • excludes - JMeter files that you want to exclude from build
  • jmeterTestFiles - List of JMeter test files (overrides srcDir)
  • reportDir - Directory where you want to store your reports [ $project.buildDir/jmeter-report by default ]
  • enableReports - Enable/Disable report generation [ true by default ]
  • jmeterIgnoreFailure - Ignore JMeter failures [ false by default ]
  • jmeterIgnoreError - Ignore JMeter errors [ false by default ]
  • reportPostfix - Postfix that you want to use at report file [ "-report.html" by default ]
  • reportXslt - Report XSLT location, if you want to use custom transformation
  • jmeterPropertyFile - alternate properties file to be used with the -p jmeter option [ srcDir/jmeter.properties by default ]
  • jmeterUserProperties - List of JMeter user properties
  • maxHeapSize - Max heap size for jmeter process by default set to 512M. Support any walue that -Xmx property support.
  • jmeterPluginJars - plugin Jars Files
  • jmeterEditFile - JMeter file that you want to edit. This is used for jmeterEditor Task
  • jmeterUserPropertiesFiles - List of user properties files
  1. To run JMeter test execute

    gradle jmeterRun

At project directory

  1. To run JMeter gui execute

    gradle jmeterEditor

At project directory

  1. To clean the reports

    gradle jmeterCleanReport

  2. To List all the testPlan

    gradle jmeterListTestPlan

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