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Slack bot for monitoring resources for kubernetes, It's customizable across multiple channels

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Kubevoy is a work-in-progress Slack bot for Kubernetes monitoring.

Kubevoy enables you to monitor the lifecycle of resources(e.g. pod) in the kubernetes cluster and get notified when the resource is changed.

It aims to make that teams within organization can actively enable notification for their requirements without the need for an administrator to manually configure them. Existing tools require all notifications to be received through a single channel, but with Kubevoy organization members can subscribe or unsubscribe to notifications via commands once it installed.


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  • /kubevoy subscribe <namespace>: Subscribe the lifecycle of pods in the namespace.
  • /kubevoy unsubscribe <namespace>: Unsubscribe the monitoring alerts for given resource and namespace.
  • /kubevoy logs <pod-id> <namespace> --tail 50 : Get the tail logs of the pod.
  • /kubevoy get pods <namespace>: Get the pods in the namespace.
  • /kubevoy get ns: Get the namespaces.

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