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This package is not Android-specific, and can be used across platforms. However, for a good example of use in Android, take a look at kotlin-components-starter.

This package is meant to contain a collection of useful extensions on both the standard library and the Java standard library.

Overall Philosophy

Minimality: When possible, these libraries don't create new structure. Instead, they use extension functions to let you use current objects and classes in a more convenient and expected way.

Complete reuse: Everything that is commonly used should be included, preferably as an inline extension function to reduce the app's method count.

Intuitiveness: Use inline extension functions to make common tasks simple, such as requesting a photo from the organization. In standard Android, doing this properly would take at least a large file by itself. We have extension functions that do it in one line.

What this package contains

  • Extension functions for using collections of lambdas as events
  • A disposable interface for objects that need to do something when you're done with them (usually to remove references to enable garbage collection)
  • String extension functions
  • InputStream extension functions for putting all of the output into a ByteArray or String
  • Range extension functions for getting a random number within a numerical range
  • Math for angles and advanced rounding
  • Lifecycles - a system for consistently defining start/stops for lifecycles and listeners to them. Used extensively with Android in the kotlin-anko repository.
  • Lambda - currently, a lambda extension function which puts a cooldown on a lambda. More to come.
  • Files - File.child("text")
  • Dates - Date.toCalendar(), get and set month/year/day/minute/second/hour on Calendar
  • Collections
    • Cache - a map which, when an unavailable key is requested, it will automatically generate and enter a value.
    • Various mapping functions, which wrap a real collection. Each one is <Collection>.mapping{...} or some other verb with "ing" on the end, so as to not cause confusion the functions that actually create a new collection.
  • ByteArray to and from a string using hex
  • Async package, which includes
    • <lambda>.invokeAsync(...){ /*ui thread callback*/ }
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