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A really simple compiler written in Ruby

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A really simple compiler

Koona is a simple compiler I wrote a few years ago to learn about compiler design. It's over-engineered and poorly written (since I was still quite a noob when I initially wrote it), so forgive code quality in the parsing/lexing/code generation. If I get some free time, I'll clean it up and make it easier to understand.

What it does

At the moment, Koona will compile a simple syntax into valid C code. What's currently supported:

  • Variable declaration
  • Function declaration (and function calls)
  • Return statements
  • If statements
  • Integers
  • Doubles
  • Booleans
  • Strings
  • Garbage collection
  • FFI
  • Mathematic operations (+, -, *, /)

A valid .kn file:

int x=3
x = x+1
string myString = "this is a string"

// Call an external C function:
call printf("test")

int addVal(int var, int val, bool do_add)
    return (var + val)
addVal(x, 2, true)


To compile a .kn file, run: bin/koona compile *file.kn*. A C file will be generated (which you can then edit, or compile).

If you want to compile straight to an executible, you can use the --clang flag to compile the .c file with clang.

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