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Discord bot for a Danbooru tag-guessing game

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Discord bot for a Danbooru tag-guessing game. Play it here!



  • Type /start to begin the game.

  • First, Koakuma links a number of Danbooru images that share a common, randomly-selected tag.

  • Then, she starts revealing the tag name letter-by-letter.

  • Type tags in the channel to guess the answer!

Is this SFW?

By default, Koakuma only serves images from safebooru.donmai.us — but that site’s standard for safe probably misaligns with that of your workplace. You can expect scantily-clad anime babes, but nothing downright explicit.

Why Koakuma?

Well, she fetches stuff from libraries.

Running Koakuma on your server

Set some environment variables:

KOAKUMA_TOKEN     # the Discord bot token
KOAKUMA_CLIENT_ID # the ID of the bot user to play as (right click, Copy ID)
KOAKUMA_GUILD     # the ID of the Discord server to play in (right click, Copy ID)

# optional, makes /scores work:

# optional, allows more tags in /show if you have a Danbooru Gold account:
KOAKUMA_DANBOORU_API_KEY  # get it from https://danbooru.donmai.us/profile

Then run npm i and npx ts-node koakuma.ts to start the bot.

I suggest you wrap it in a restart loop like so, in case the bot crashes somehow: while true; do npx ts-node koakuma.ts; sleep 1; done

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