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ko: Easy Go Containers

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🎉 Google has applied for ko to join the Cloud Native Computing Foundation as a Sandbox project! Learn more here!

ko is a simple, fast container image builder for Go applications.

It's ideal for use cases where your image contains a single Go application without any/many dependencies on the OS base image (e.g., no cgo, no OS package dependencies).

ko builds images by effectively executing go build on your local machine, and as such doesn't require docker to be installed. This can make it a good fit for lightweight CI/CD use cases.

ko makes multi-platform builds easy, produces SBOMs by default, and includes support for simple YAML templating which makes it a powerful tool for Kubernetes applications.

Install ko and get started!


This work is based heavily on experience from having built the Docker and Kubernetes support for Bazel. That work was presented here.


Questions? Comments? Ideas? Come discuss ko with us in the #ko-build channel on the Kubernetes Slack! See you there!

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