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A kludgey 2d game engine written in Rust atop wgpu

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Kludgine (Redux)

This branch is a rewrite of Kludgine. See the v0.5.0 tag for the currently released source.

Kludgine aims to be a lightweight, efficient 2d rendering framework powered by wgpu. Its name Kludgine is named in a way to hopefully be ironic in nature, but it's being designed and written by a developer that is fairly new to modern graphics programming and rust. Thus, it is probably a kludge.

Without the app feature enabled, Kludgine provides an API inspired by wgpu's Encapsulating Graphics Work article.

TODO create an embedded wgpu example

With the app feature enabled, Kludgine provides an easy-to-use API for running multi-window applications.

The API is still a work in progress. The examples folder contains many examples that highlight a specific feature.

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