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Angular Klingon: The UI companion for the @angular/cli

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Angular Klingon

The perfect @angular/cli companion.

Package Version Description
klingon-app Klingon App the electron shell host for the companion application.
klingon-ui Klingon UI the core application: the companion app. This app is built using the @angular/cli.
klingon-server Klingon Server the server (agent) application that serves a backend for the companion application. Its role is to spin up PTY instances and allow the companion app to communicate with those PTY instances via WebSocket.
klingon-website Klingon Website the source code for angular.run.

How to run locally (wip)

  1. Clone repo and install dependencies.
  2. Run the server npm run start:server
  3. Run the ui npm run start:ui
  4. Run the application within the electron shell npm run start:app or go to http://localhost:4200

How to package the application

  • For OSX npm run package:app:osx
  • For Windows npm run package:app:win (not tested yet)
  • For Linux npm run package:app:linux (not tested yet)

Contributions contributions welcome

You are welcome to contribute to this project. This project is still in its early stage, no feature is frozen yet. All suggestions/fixes/help are more than welcome. Add your feedback to this todo list for feature requests.

Please contact me (@manekinekko) if you need some help getting started with the setup.

Want to file a bug, contribute some code, or improve documentation? Excellent ! Read up on our guidelines for contributing.

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