Klearo ElysiumCheat FIFA 2023 Crack BOT UNDETECTED Save Abandoned

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Download cheat

Passwrod: GoodCheats

How to install?

  • Download the archive

  • Unzip the archive to your desktop ( Password from the archive is GoodCheats )

  • Run the file ( Loader )

  • Launch the game

  • In-game INSERT button


  • Intel & Amd Processor

Anti-cheat status

  • anti-cheat game
  • EAAC: Undetected

Game version

  • Latest version for PC [Steam and Origin]

Bot functions:

  • Just launch the bot through our loader and then launch the game, then the bot will do everything by itself, namely, it will go into FUT and start the game;
  • Creates a new FUT Online Draft if the squad is not found;
  • It works in any round of the draft, even if you have stopped participating, the bot will continue from the same moment;
  • Takes the prize at the end of round 4 and creates a new squad for the draft;
  • If the opponent has left or has not accepted the match, the bot will continue to search for a new opponent;
  • If you crash the game due to loss of connection or for other reasons, the bot will reconnect to the game;
  • Can use FIFA Points

Info Tab:

  • Status of the bot (What exactly it does)
  • Number of completed matches
  • Number of Coins Used
  • Number of FIFA Points Used


  • Substitution of the draft level during the search (Risky function)
  • Auto-stop the bot after a certain number of matches
  • Pause the bot (F5 button)

FUT Rivals:

  • Replaces the division level
  • Replaces the draft level when searching for an opponent (Risk)

What the bot doesn't do:

  • The bot does not bypass the limit of 75 matches per day and 15 matches per hour;
  • The bot does not open packs and does not sell players;
  • The bot does not work offline, only online;


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