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(Obsolete, use instead) A modern webmail.

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###This project is obsolete. Try one of these alternatives:

Kite, a modern webmail

Kite is a webmail designed to look a lot like gmail and to be easily deployable on a single server. It's written in Javascript with Angularjs for the frontend, and in Python 2 for the backend.

This is very much alpha software, but I hope to have something usable in a couple months.

How to run it

To run it, you'll need to have vagrant installed. When it's done, run:

vagrant up

After this, browse to . You should be greeted by a login window. Use whatever username/password combination to login.

The host name of the vagrant box is You should probably add it to your (host) machine /etc/hosts.


I can be reached at [email protected]. It try to do my best to reply to all incoming email, but sometimes it may slip through.


Karim Hamidou

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