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HTML challenge for Hacktoberfest 2020

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UPDATE: Hacktoberfest 2020 Event Concluded!

This project started as a project for Hacktoberfest 2020, Thank you to everyone that participated and made this project what it is today and we look forward to seeing you all at Hacktoberfest 2021!. Feel free to continue contributing to the master branch, you can check out the following links to see the project as it was at the end of the event:

Interested in more events? keep an eye on our Events page HERE

Welcome to the HTML challenge for Hacktoberfest 2020 (What is Hacktoberfest?) A project with beginners and aspiring developers in mind, utilizing HTML, CSS & maybe a dash of JavaScript to achieve a simplistic yet elegant website for the greatest start up of all time; Keiko Corp.

Everyone is encouraged to participate, regardless of your skill level. This is a practice project and should be considered a playground. This project has plenty of options for collaboration, here are just a few of the many that we welcome pull requests for:-

  • HTML elements.
  • CSS styling.
  • Images.
  • Text/Copy.
  • Documentation.
  • Fix Typos, Code Bugs or Accessibility oversights.

Project Brief

Incredibly, Bruno the CEO of Keiko Corp has built the fastest growing tech start up in Silicon Valley, without ever having launched a website. Bruno's marketing team is insisting that they need a website in order to gain the confidence of the potential clients to reach this quarters sales targets.

Bruno has put together a quick Figma mockup to demonstrate the layout and simplistic design they are looking for. Although Bruno did request the website be as immaculate and as impressive as his hair, the design is totally open to interpretation and modification during the first iteration of development.

Getting Started

Ok, so you have read the brief and checked out the designs. Ready to contribute, but not sure how or where to start?

If you've never made a pull request before, or participated in an open-source project, we recommend taking a look at our Start Here Guidelines. This repo has everything you need to learn about open-source, with a step-by-step guide to making your very first PR. Once you've got your feet wet, you're ready to come back and dive into Hacktoberfest fun!

  1. First up you need to fork (make a copy) this repo to your Github account.

  2. Clone (download) your fork to your computer.

  3. Set your streams so you can sync your clone with the original repo (get the latest updates).

    • git remote add upstream
    • git pull upstream master
    • The above 2 commands will synchronize your forked version of the project with the actual repository.
  4. Create a branch for your task and complete the task.

  5. Pull from the upstream again, like we did in step 3. This is to ensure we still have the latest code.

    • git pull upstream master
  6. Commit and push the code to your fork.

  7. Create a pull request to have the changes merged into the origin.

    • Ensure you add to the comments of the pull request fixes #<issue number>, replacing with the number of your issue will automatically close the issue when the pull request is merged.

Rules, Notes & Guidelines

To ensure everyone has the best chance at participating in this project. Please follow these simple guidelines where ever possible:-

  • Simplicity is key: There is no need for React, Sass etc here. Let's stick with vanilla HTML, CSS & JavaScript.
  • Commenting: Try to comment your code, so everyone can understand what is going on and could learn a thing or two.
  • Respect Content: Only use images/content that we are licensed to use.


Keiko Corp is a fictitious company, initially fabricated back in 2018 to enrich the learning process for the students of the Junior to Senior course. Keiko Corp, Bruno & his impeccable hair have since featured in several Zero To Mastery courses becoming the favourite topic of conversation amongst students.

Zero To Mastery receives no commission or incentives for your participating in either building this website or entering the Hacktoberfest event.

Open Source Agenda is not affiliated with "Keiko Corp" Project. README Source: zero-to-mastery/Keiko-Corp
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