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Utility for extraction of subset of KDD '99 features from realtime network traffic or .pcap file

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Utility for extraction of subset of KDD '99 features [1] from realtime network traffic or .pcap file This utility is a part of our project at University of Bergen.

Some feature might not be calculated exactly same way as in KDD, because there was no documentation explaining the details of KDD implementation found. Algorithms are based on some articles [2][3] and observation of values in KDD dataset.

Features in KDD should be the same as features introduced by Lee & Stolfo in their work [2].


  • Current version is not 100% guarenteed to be perfect in sense that some features might be calculated bit different algorighms than KDD '99 dataset a Lee & Stolfo used. Hovewer, it is suitable for educational purposes.
  • Compiled & tested in following environments:
    • Windows 7 x64, MSCV 2015 (14), WinPcap 4.1.3
    • Windows 7 x64, MSCV 2013 (12), WinPcap 4.1.3
    • Ubuntu 12.04 x64, gcc 4.6.3, libpcap 4.2


  • Subset of KDD '99 features [1]
    • Content features (columns 10-22 of KDD) are not included
  • Optional extra features - IP addresses, ports, timestamp of last packet (option -e)

Main components

  1. Sniffer
  • Network traffic sniffer & frame parser
  1. IP reassembler
  • Only IP header "summaries"
  • Payload not reassembled (content features not extracted, it is not needed)
  1. Connection/Conversation reconstructor
  • Reconstructs conversations
  • Computes intrinsic features (columns 1-9 of KDD)
  1. Statistical engine
  • Computes derived features (columns 23-41 of KDD)

Build instructions to Linux (tested on Ubuntu)

  1. Create a folder to temporal build files
    mkdir build-files

  2. Enter in the folder and compile the cache
    cd build-files
    cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug -G "CodeBlocks - Unix Makefiles" ..

  3. Exit the folder of build cache and compile the project
    cd ..
    cmake --build ./build-files --target kdd99extractor -- -j 4

  4. Path to compiled project is:

Planned sections in this readme

  • TODOs (e.g. IP checksum checking not implemented)
  • Known/possible problems, bugs & limitations

Main sources of feature documentation

[1] KDD Cup 1999 Data, http://kdd.ics.uci.edu/databases/kddcup99/kddcup99.html

[2] Lee, W. & Stolfo, S. J. (2000), 'A framework for onstructing features and models for intrusion detection systems', Information and System Security 3 (4) , 227-261.

[3] Dybey, D. & Dubey, J. (2014), 'A Survey Intrusion Detection with KDD99 Cup Dataset', International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology Research 2 (3), 146-157.

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