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KCC (a.k.a. Kindle Comic Converter) is a comic and manga converter for ebook readers.

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Kindle Comic Converter is a Python app to convert comic/manga files or folders to EPUB, Panel View MOBI or E-Ink optimized CBZ. It was initially developed for Kindle but since version 4.6 it outputs valid EPUB 3.0 so despite its name, KCC is actually a comic/manga to EPUB converter that every e-reader owner can happily use. It can also optionally optimize images by applying a number of transformations.

A word of warning

KCC is not Amazon's Kindle Comic Creator nor is in any way endorsed by Amazon. Amazon's tool is for comic publishers and involves a lot of manual effort, while KCC is for comic/manga readers. KC2 in no way is a replacement for KCC so you can be quite confident we are going to carry on developing our little monster ;-)

Issues / new features / donations

If you have general questions about usage, feedback etc. please post it here. If you have some technical problems using KCC please file an issue here. If you can fix an open issue, fork & make a pull request.

If you find KCC valuable you can consider donating to the authors:

  • Ciro Mattia Gonano:
    • Donate PayPal
    • Donate Flattr
  • Paweł Jastrzębski:
    • Donate PayPal
    • Donate Bitcoin



You can find the latest binary at the following link:

- Windows (64-bit only)
- macOS (10.14+)
- Linux: Currently unavailable.

more information on installation


Following software is required to run Linux version of KCC and/or bare sources:

On Debian based distributions these two commands should install all needed dependencies:

$ sudo apt-get install -y python3 python3-dev libpng-dev libjpeg-dev p7zip-full unrar-free libgl1 python3-pyqt5 && \
    python -m pip install --upgrade pip && \
    python -m pip install --upgrade -r requirements.txt

Optional dependencies

  • Qt platform integration plugin for Deepin Desktop Environment
$ sudo apt-get install qt5dxcb-plugin
  • KindleGen deprecated link v2.9+ in a directory reachable by your PATH or in KCC directory *(For MOBI generation)
    • It can be found in Kindle Previewer Amazon Kindle Previewer 3 Folder\lib\fc\bin, the usual location in windows is in windows is C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Amazon\Kindle Previewer 3\lib\fc\bin\
  • 7z (For CBZ/ZIP, CBR/RAR, 7z/CB7 support)
  • Unrar (no rar in 7z on Fedora)


KCC can understand and convert, at the moment, the following input types:

  • Folders containing: PNG, JPG, GIF or WebP files
  • CBZ, ZIP (With 7z executable)
  • CBR, RAR (With 7z executable)
  • CB7, 7Z (With 7z executable)
  • PDF (Only extracting JPG images)


Should be pretty self-explanatory. All options have detailed information in tooltips. After completed conversion, you should find ready file alongside the original input file (same directory).

Please check our wiki for more details.

CLI version of KCC is intended for power users. It allows using options that might not be compatible and decrease the quality of output. CLI version has reduced dependencies, on Debian based distributions this commands should install all needed dependencies:

sudo apt-get install python3 p7zip-full python3-pil python3-psutil python3-slugify


        'K1': ("Kindle 1", (600, 670), Palette4, 1.8),
        'K11': ("Kindle 11", (1072, 1448), Palette16, 1.8),
        'K2': ("Kindle 2", (600, 670), Palette15, 1.8),
        'K34': ("Kindle Keyboard/Touch", (600, 800), Palette16, 1.8),
        'K578': ("Kindle", (600, 800), Palette16, 1.8),
        'KDX': ("Kindle DX/DXG", (824, 1000), Palette16, 1.8),
        'KPW': ("Kindle Paperwhite 1/2", (758, 1024), Palette16, 1.8),
        'KV': ("Kindle Paperwhite 3/4/Voyage/Oasis", (1072, 1448), Palette16, 1.8),
        'KPW5': ("Kindle Paperwhite 5/Signature Edition", (1236, 1648), Palette16, 1.8),
        'KO': ("Kindle Oasis 2/3", (1264, 1680), Palette16, 1.8),
        'KS': ("Kindle Scribe", (1860, 2480), Palette16, 1.8),
        'KoMT': ("Kobo Mini/Touch", (600, 800), Palette16, 1.8),
        'KoG': ("Kobo Glo", (768, 1024), Palette16, 1.8),
        'KoGHD': ("Kobo Glo HD", (1072, 1448), Palette16, 1.8),
        'KoA': ("Kobo Aura", (758, 1024), Palette16, 1.8),
        'KoAHD': ("Kobo Aura HD", (1080, 1440), Palette16, 1.8),
        'KoAH2O': ("Kobo Aura H2O", (1080, 1430), Palette16, 1.8),
        'KoAO': ("Kobo Aura ONE", (1404, 1872), Palette16, 1.8),
        'KoN': ("Kobo Nia", (758, 1024), Palette16, 1.8),
        'KoC': ("Kobo Clara HD/Kobo Clara 2E", (1072, 1448), Palette16, 1.8),
        'KoL': ("Kobo Libra H2O/Kobo Libra 2", (1264, 1680), Palette16, 1.8),
        'KoF': ("Kobo Forma", (1440, 1920), Palette16, 1.8),
        'KoS': ("Kobo Sage", (1440, 1920), Palette16, 1.8),
        'KoE': ("Kobo Elipsa", (1404, 1872), Palette16, 1.8),
        'OTHER': ("Other", (0, 0), Palette16, 1.8),

Standalone kcc-c2e.py usage:

Usage: kcc-c2e [options] comic_file|comic_folder

    -p PROFILE, --profile=PROFILE
                        Device profile (Available options: K1, K2, K34, K578,
                        KDX, KPW, KPW5, KV, KO, K11, KS, KoMT, KoG, KoGHD,
                        KoA, KoAHD, KoAH2O, KoAO, KoN, KoC, KoL, KoF, KoS,
                        KoE) [Default=KV]
    -m, --manga-style   Manga style (right-to-left reading and splitting)
    -q, --hq            Try to increase the quality of magnification
    -2, --two-panel     Display two not four panels in Panel View mode
    -w, --webtoon       Webtoon processing mode
                        the maximal size of output file in MB. [Default=100MB
                        for webtoon and 400MB for others]

    -o OUTPUT, --output=OUTPUT
                        Output generated file to specified directory or file
    -t TITLE, --title=TITLE
                        Comic title [Default=filename or directory name]
    -f FORMAT, --format=FORMAT
                        Output format (Available options: Auto, MOBI, EPUB,
                        CBZ, KFX, MOBI+EPUB) [Default=Auto]
    -b BATCHSPLIT, --batchsplit=BATCHSPLIT
                        Split output into multiple files. 0: Don't split 1:
                        Automatic mode 2: Consider every subdirectory as
                        separate volume [Default=0]

    -n, --noprocessing  Do not modify image and ignore any profil or
                        processing option
    -u, --upscale       Resize images smaller than device's resolution
    -s, --stretch       Stretch images to device's resolution
    -r SPLITTER, --splitter=SPLITTER
                        Double page parsing mode. 0: Split 1: Rotate 2: Both
    -g GAMMA, --gamma=GAMMA
                        Apply gamma correction to linearize the image
    -c CROPPING, --cropping=CROPPING
                        Set cropping mode. 0: Disabled 1: Margins 2: Margins +
                        page numbers [Default=2]
    --cp=CROPPINGP, --croppingpower=CROPPINGP
                        Set cropping power [Default=1.0]
    --cm=CROPPINGM, --croppingminimum=CROPPINGM
                        Set cropping minimum area ratio [Default=0.0]
    --blackborders      Disable autodetection and force black borders
    --whiteborders      Disable autodetection and force white borders
    --forcecolor        Don't convert images to grayscale
    --forcepng          Create PNG files instead JPEG
    --mozjpeg           Create JPEG files using mozJpeg
    --maximizestrips    Turn 1x4 strips to 2x2 strips
    -d, --delete        Delete source file(s) or a directory. It's not

                        Replace screen width provided by device profile
                        Replace screen height provided by device profile

    -h, --help          Show this help message and exit

Standalone kcc-c2p.py usage:

Usage: kcc-c2p [options] comic_folder

    -y HEIGHT, --height=HEIGHT
                        Height of the target device screen
    -i, --in-place      Overwrite source directory
    -m, --merge         Combine every directory into a single image before

    -d, --debug         Create debug file for every split image
    -h, --help          Show this help message and exit


KCC is made by Ciro Mattia Gonano, Paweł Jastrzębski and Darodi .

This script born as a cross-platform alternative to KindleComicParser by Dc5e (published here).

The app relies and includes the following scripts:



KCC is initiating internet connections in two cases:

  • During startup - Version check.
  • When error occurs - Automatic reporting on Windows and macOS.


Please check wiki page.

Copyright (c) 2012-2023 Ciro Mattia Gonano, Paweł Jastrzębski and Darodi.
KCC is released under ISC LICENSE; see LICENSE.txt for further details.

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