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Todoist Linux

What is it ?

Todoist Linux is an unofficial desktop application of Todoist. It provides Linux users access to the Todoist without using a web browser. It offers every features of the web version of Todoist including notifications. It use nwjs to embed the web version in a window container and some scripts to improve the user experience like loader, shortcuts, etc...


  • Hide To Tray
  • Global Shortcuts
  • Zoom (Shortcut with Ctrl + + to zoom, Ctrl + - to unzoom, Ctrl + 0 to reset)


Todoist Linux is available for download via the releases .

Run it yourself

if you want to run it by yourself, please follow the following instructions.

Clone the repo

$ git clone https://github.com/kamhix/todoist-linux.git
$ cd todoist-linux

Install nodejs

Follow instructions to install nodejs and npm.

Install gulp

$ npm install gulp-cli -g

Install Dev Dependencies

$ npm install

Run project

$ gulp start

Build project

$ gulp package
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