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A tiny JavaScript runtime for RP2040 (Raspberry Pi Pico)


4 months ago
  • Support Pico-W #542
  • Support disconnected SPI pins #546
  • Fix memory leak in pulseRead? #525


1 year ago
  • Support FAT file system
  • Fix access to GPIO29 (ADC3)
  • Support sdcard module
  • Fix file system unmount error


1 year ago
  • Change terminal controls <ESC>[s, <ESC>[u to <ESC>7, <ESC>8 for macOS default terminal app #497
  • [RP2] RTC setTime() must accepts milliseconds (not seconds) #488


1 year ago
  • Add flash module for flash block device
  • File transfer between device and host computer (Use kaluma-cli)
  • Refactor storage module and support lazy loading
  • Turn off automatic conversion LF to CRLF


1 year ago
  • Rename functions of file system (Remove "Sync" postfix)
  • Support to draw flipped bitmap with (flipX and flipY options)
  • Support stdin and stdout streams in process object


1 year ago
  • Added commands for file systems (e.g. .ls, .pwd, .cd, ...)
  • Fixed incorrect flash sector area for file systems (#463)
  • Changed signature of I2C's memRead and memWrite functions (#459)


1 year ago
  • Support File systems (LittleFS)
  • Support RTC (Real Time Clock)


1 year ago
  • Incorrect buffer size of buffered graphic context #443
  • Cannot use GP23 and GP24 #444
  • Pass pin number to setWatch() callback #445


1 year ago
  • Support PIO interrupt and FIFO functions
  • Fix SPI sck option name
  • Support micros() and delayMicroseconds()
  • Support process.memoryUsage()
  • Support API to get an available PIO state machine
  • Support toInst() to get instruction code of PIO ASM
  • Move dormant() to rp2 module


1 year ago
  • Support RP2's PIO (Programmable I/O)