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KairosDB is a fast distributed scalable time series database written on top of Cassandra.


Documentation is found here.

Frequently Asked Questions


Download the latest KairosDB release.

Installation instructions are found here

If you want to test KairosDB in Kubernetes please follow the instructions from KairosDB Helm chart.

Getting Involved

Join the KairosDB discussion group.

Contributing to KairosDB

Contributions to KairosDB are very welcome. KairosDB is mainly developed in Java, but there's a lot of tasks for non-Java programmers too, so don't feel shy and join us!

What you can do for KairosDB:

  • KairosDB Core: join the development of core features of KairosDB.
  • Website: improve the KairosDB website.
  • Documentation: improve our documentation, it's a very important task.

If you have any questions about how to contribute to KairosDB, join our discussion group and tell us your issue.


The license is the Apache License 2.0

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