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Easily add music and music visualization to your web experiences.

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JustAddMusic (aka JAM) makes it simple to add music and music visualization to your web experiences.

  • load audio files, or drag and drop from local file system
  • keyboard control for volume, seeking, play/pause
  • simple UI to display load status and playback time
  • robust audio analysis for music visualization
  • enable with a single line of code
  • API for custom UI / controls
  • only ~3kb over the wire

Tested in recent versions of Chrome, Edge, Safari, and FireFox.

Simple Example

This example will load the specified audio file and play it, display load / playback status, enable keyboard control and allow the user to drag their own audio files onto the window to play them.

var jam = new JustAddMusic("myMusic.mp3");

Music Visualization Example

This example will play the music, and react to its averaged volume by changing the background color of the document.

new JustAddMusic({
	src: "myMusic.mp3",
	ontick: function(o) {
		var l = Math.round(o.all.avg * 100);
		document.body.style.background = "hsl(90,100%,"+l+"%)";

You can view this simple example on CodePen. Or a more complex one showing mid/low/high bands. Or demonstrating using spectrum.

Don't have an audio file handy? Grab the sample MP3 from /assets/ directory of the JAM repo.


new JustAddMusic(config);

The optional config parameter can be either a string URI pointing to an audio file, or an object with any of the following initialization properties:

  • src: uri of audio file to load initially
  • dropTarget=window: query selector or HTMLElement to use as a drag & drop target
  • deltaT=50: time in ms used to calculate the delta value
  • avgT=150: time in ms used to calculate the avg value
  • spectrumBins=0: enables spectrum and sets the number of values to include in it

The config object can also include any of the properties listed below.


These properties can be set using the config param, or directly on a JAM instance.

  • gain=1: boosts volume for the analyser (not playback volume). This can result in values higher than 1
  • volume=1: playback volume, does not affect analyser
  • paused=false: play / pause audio
  • loop=false: loops the current audio when it reaches the end
  • keyControl=true: enable key control (see below)
  • tickInterval=16: interval in ms to tick analyser on or 0 to tick manually via tick()
  • ui=true: show / hide simple ui (true)
  • label: text or html to inject before other content in the UI
  • audioData: Read-only. Object with latest audio data (see Audio Data below)
  • onstart: callback that is invoked when a new audio file starts playing
  • onended: callback that is invoked when the audio plays to the end without looping
  • ontick: called each time the analyser ticks with the latest audio data as a param
  • onprogress: called with a single param indicating file load progress as 0-1


  • loadAudio(src): loads specified audio file and plays it if paused is false
  • abort(): aborts an active load
  • play(): resumes playback
  • pause(): pauses playback
  • stop(): pauses playback, resets playback to start, and aborts active load
  • seek(time): seeks to the specified time in seconds
  • skip(time): skips forward or back by the specified time in seconds
  • tick(): runs the analyser and returns the latest audio data (see below). Called automatically if tickInterval > 0.

Audio Data

Audio data objects have the following properties:

  • t: a timestamp
  • low, mid, high, all: object containing values for a frequency range
  • spectrum: array of length spectrumBins containing values ranging from 0-1

Each of the frequency range objects have the following properties:

  • val: the instantaneous value of the range
  • avg: the average value over avgT milliseconds
  • delta: the change in value over deltaT milliseconds
  • trend: the change in the avg value over avgT milliseconds
  • hit: true if a significant jump in value was detected in the band

Keyboard Control

If keyControl is enabled, the following keys can be used to control playback:

  • space - play / pause
  • enter - play from start
  • up / down arrow - volume
  • left / right arrow - skip 5s (15s if shift is held, 60s if alt, 180s if both)


The UI div is styled via the .jam-ui class. Its default styles are injected in a style block at the top of the head.

When the user drags a file over the dropTarget, the .jam-drop class is added to it to allow easy styling.


JustAddMusic.js is copyright gskinner.com, inc.. Licensed under the MIT license.

Music by bensound.com.

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