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Jupyter Notebook extension for Apache Spark integration

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NOTE: This project is currently unmaintained, if anyone would like to take over maintenance please let us know.

Jupyter Notebook extension for Apache Spark integration.

Includes a progress indicator for the current Notebook cell if it invokes a Spark job. Queries the Spark UI service on the backend to get the required Spark job information.

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To view all currently running jobs, click the "show running Spark jobs" button, or press Alt+S.

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A proxied version of the Spark UI can be accessed at http://localhost:8888/spark.


To install, simply run:

pip install jupyter-spark
jupyter serverextension enable --py jupyter_spark
jupyter nbextension install --py jupyter_spark
jupyter nbextension enable --py jupyter_spark
jupyter nbextension enable --py widgetsnbextension

The last step is needed to enable the widgetsnbextension extension that Jupyter-Spark depends on. It may have been enabled before by a different extension.

You may want to append --user to the commands above if you're getting configuration errors upon invoking them.

To double-check if the extension was correctly installed run:

jupyter nbextension list
jupyter serverextension list

Pleaes feel free to install lxml as well to improve performance of the server side communication to Spark using your favorite package manager, e.g.:

pip install lxml

For development and testing, clone the project and run from a shell in the project's root directory:

pip install -e .
jupyter serverextension enable --py jupyter_spark
jupyter nbextension install --py jupyter_spark
jupyter nbextension enable --py jupyter_spark

To uninstall the extension run:

jupyter serverextension disable --py jupyter_spark
jupyter nbextension disable --py jupyter_spark
jupyter nbextension uninstall --py jupyter_spark
pip uninstall jupyter-spark


To change the URL of the Spark API that the job metadata is fetched from override the Spark.url config value, e.g. on the command line:

jupyter notebook --Spark.url="http://localhost:4040"


There is a simple pyspark example included in examples to confirm that your installation is working.


0.3.0 (2016-07-04)

  • Rewrote proxy to use an async Tornado handler and HTTP client to fetch responses from Spark.

  • Simplified proxy processing to take Amazon EMR proxying into account

  • Extended test suite to cover proxy handler, too.

  • Removed requests as a dependency.

0.2.0 (2016-06-30)

  • Refactored to fix a bunch of Python packaging and code quality issues

  • Added test suite for Python code

  • Set up continuous integration: https://travis-ci.org/mozilla/jupyter-spark

  • Set up code coverage reports: https://codecov.io/gh/mozilla/jupyter-spark

  • Added ability to override Spark API URL via command line option

  • IMPORTANT Requires manual step to enable after running pip install (see installation docs)!

    To update:

    1. Run pip uninstall jupyter-spark
    2. Delete spark.js from your nbextensions folder.
    3. Delete any references to jupyter_spark.spark in jupyter_notebook_config.json (in your .jupyter directory)
    4. Delete any references to spark in notebook.json (in .jupyter/nbconfig)
    5. Follow installation instructions to reinstall

0.1.1 (2016-05-03)

  • Initial release with a working prototype
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