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Minimum game starter kit, perfect for js13kGames compo

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js13kGames boilerplate

Minimum game starter kit, perfect for js13kGames compo.

What's inside?

  • raf based game loop
  • stats in development mode
  • basic utility for randomization
  • basic utility for handling keyboard interactions
  • webpack configuration for development and easy packaging of the game into .zip file

Everything else is up to you and your needs. If you will participate in js13kGames competition then it's better to draw your game entities directly with Canvas API to save some bytes and fit the rules. If it's not a case this project perfectly fits as a starter kit for a regular HTML5 game and you're welcome to use some complex rendering solutions like PIXI.js, etc.


npm install
npm run watch
# open ./build/index.html in browser


npm run package
# share ./build.zip with the world 

MIT Licensed

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