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A gradient picker widget for jQuery.

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Gradient Picker

A jQuery plugin to allow you to add gradient choosers to your website.

  • The type of gradient (radial, linear) is configurable as well as the fill direction of the gradient.
  • Currently works in Webkit, Mozilla and Opera. Support for IE may be coming in a future version.
  • Control points can be added by clicking on the gradient preview
  • Control points may be removed by clicking the "x" on that control point's color configuration
  • The colors of individual control points may be assigned


  • fillDirection default: left. Can be any CSS3 supported direction for linear gradients. E.g., top, left, bottom, right, 45deg, etc.

  • type default: linear. Options: linear or radial

  • controlPoints color and position pairs used to set the initial state of the gradient picker. Written in the following form: controlPoints: ["green 0%", "orange 100%"]

  • change the callback to call when the gradient has been updated / changed. Callbacks receive two parameters: points and styles. points contains the information for each gradient control point. styles contains the generate CSS. The first entry in the styles array is the CSS3 standard style. The second entry is the browser specific style (-moz,-webkit,-o,etc.)

  • generateStyles default: true. Option to not generate styles and instead only pass back the points array.

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Example Usage

Ex 1

				change: function(points, styles) { // styles include standard style and browser-prefixed style
					for (i = 0; i < styles.length; ++i) {
						$left.css("background-image", styles[i]);
				fillDirection: "bottom",
				controlPoints: ["green 0%", "yellow 50%", "green 100%"]

Ex 2

				// points is an array of point objects containing the color and position of a graident control point.
				change: function(points, styles) { 
					for (i = 0; i < styles.length; ++i) {
						$right.css("background-image", styles[i]);
				controlPoints: ["green 0%", "orange 100%"]

Ex 3

				type: "radial",
				change: function(points, styles) {
					for (i = 0; i < styles.length; ++i) {
						$bottom.css("background-image", styles[i]);
				controlPoints: ["blue 0%", "yellow 100%"]
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