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Android Database Browser for realm-java


5 years ago
  • fixed ANR when using bigger byte[]s (limiting bytes displayed to 8 and 1000 on BrowserActivity and ObjectActivity until finding better solution)
  • removed search option from BrowserActivity due to it never functioning really well (looking for better options)
  • added information toast to BrowserActivity which at the moment displays the number of rows of the selected model
  • added version information to BrowserActivity
  • updated to Realm 3.3.1


5 years ago
  • 🐞fixed issue where project would not build if app uses a FileProvider (#18)
  • updated android support libraries


5 years ago
  • Updated Realm to version 3.1.4
  • Show more informative toasts if opening realm file fails
  • Added option to view file size of the database file on ModelsActivity


5 years ago
  • 🆕 Features
    • Added option to share the opened realm file from ModelsActivity


5 years ago
  • Fixed NPE when no files were in the app directory
  • 🚀 Using Realm Java 3.1.2


5 years ago
  • 🚀 Using Realm Java 3.0.0
  • 🐛 Bugfixes
  • 🕶 Visual adjustments
  • 🆕 Features
    • Added activity to edit objects (currently only Strings, Numbers, Dates and Booleans can be edited)
    • Added option to sort model classes
    • Added option to filter model classes
    • Added option to delete an object
    • Added App Shortcuts for devices running Android 7.1 or newer


6 years ago
  • Restored compatibility to Realm version 0.88.0
  • Using VectorDrawables instand of .png's
  • Added realm-browser-no-op module which can be used in release builds (see
  • Hide Actionbar on scroll


6 years ago


  • Settings and filed selection are now accessed via a Navigation Drawer
  • Display amount of objects for each model in the RealmModelsActivity (thank you @degill)
  • Filter String and Integer fields :mag_right: (WIP)

Fixed issues

  • Using resource prefixing (realm_browser_)
  • .log_a and .log_b files not longer shown


6 years ago

Fixed issues

  • static constant fields in realm models are no longer added as columns
  • Allow Browser Activities to be started from any Context (thank you @degill)


6 years ago
  • Updated support libraries to 23.2.0
  • Updated Realm version to 87.5