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Jodd! Lightweight. Java. Zero dependencies. Use what you like.

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👋 Hello!

Welcome to the Jodd - a unique, alternative world of Java :) You can find here some micro-frameworks and some handy tools. Nothing more, nothing less.

Jodd = tools + ioc + mvc + db + aop + tx + json + html

The official web-site:


Jodd v6 is the maintained version, working on Java 8 and 11. The following components are promoted to version 6:

The decision which component is promoted is based on the Maven Central Repo statistics.

Version v5 contains remaining libraries and frameworks. They are in maintenance mode.

Sorry, I can only do so much.

:zap: Jodd

Jodd is set of micro-frameworks and developer-friendly tools and utilities.

Use what you like. Thank you. 🙏

Cool libraries:

  • jodd-json - JSON parser and serializer. ⭐
  • jodd-lagarto - HTML parser with Jerry and CSSelly and Form tag. ⭐
  • jodd-http - tiny HTTP client. ⭐
  • jodd-mail - for easier email sending. ⭐


  • jodd-madvoc - slick MVC framework.
  • jodd-petite - pragmatic DI container. ⭐
  • jodd-proxetta - dynamic proxies and Paramo. ⭐
  • jodd-db - thin database layer and object mapper. ⭐
  • jodd-jtx - transactions management. ⭐

Less used tools:

  • jodd-decora - pages decorator.
  • jodd-htmlstapler - static page resources handler.
  • jodd-vtor - validation framework.

Full Stack Bundle:

  • jodd-joy - super-easy app framework, built with Jodd micro-frameworks.


  • jodd-core - contains many every-day utilities. ⭐
  • jodd-bean - our infamous BeanUtil, type inspectors and converters. ⭐
  • jodd-props - is the super-replacement for Java Properties. ⭐
  • jodd-servlet - with many servlet utilities, including nice tag library.

Read more in our official documentation.

:octocat: Building Jodd from source

Jodd is built with Gradle on JDK8, targeting Java 1.8. You don't have to install anything, the only prerequisites are Git and Java JDK.

:gift_heart: Contribute

Feel free to contribute! Follow these steps:

First time only:

  • fork the Jodd repo (upstream) to your GitHub account (origin)
  • clone origin as your local repo

Every other time:

  • update both origin and local repos from upstream
  • create new branch for a feature or bug fix
  • commit often :)
  • once when work is done, push local changes to your origin
  • send us a pull request (PR)

We will pickup up from there :)


Code Contributors

This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [Contribute].

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