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MySQL toolkit for managing billions of rows and hundreds of database machines


7 years ago


8 years ago
  • Multiple sharding pool support
  • SSL replication support
  • Stream encryption support
  • Post-import index creation
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes


9 years ago
  • Upgrade helper improvements
  • Generalized lockless master promotion
  • Updated simple tracker
  • Utility methods to track query counters
  • Updates to physical locality concepts
  • Other miscellaneous improvements


9 years ago

Adds several features/bugfixes:

  • The ability to pause replication across multiple servers together
  • Generic plugin callbacks
  • Comprehensive logging support
  • More tooling and validation for merges
  • Improved retry around Collins integration
  • Query runtime sampling
  • Collins API pagination
  • Improvements to Percona online schema change integration


9 years ago

Adding the shard merge plugin as well as other functionality and bugfixes.