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SniperOJ Dockerfiles

SniperOJ is an open source CTF(Capture The Flag) Platform.

  • Everything is open source, including platform and all challenges.
  • Dockfiles never use private images, so you can see all operations while build a vulnerability environment.

This repo will store all Dockerfiles of challenges running on SniperOJ.
You don't need to worry about how to build a challenging environment.
All you need to do is typing a few commands and then you can start to solve the challenges.
Enjoy your CTF career, Keep running!


# Docker
sudo apt install
# Docker-compose
sudo apt install docker-compose

How to use?

# 1. Make sure that you have docker and docker-compose installed
# 2. Clone this repo
git clone

# Enter the challenge directory which you are interested, eg: web/bypass-php-exit/
cd web/bypass-php-exit/

# 3. Change the listen port for forwarding if you want
# A example of docker-compose.yml will be like that:
# version: '2'
# services:
#     web:
#         build: .
#         ports:
#             - '80:80' # you can change the port if you want
#         stdin_open: true
#         tty: true

vim docker-compose.yml

# 4. Build the docker image
docker-compose build

# 5. Run the environment
docker-compose run

# 6. Enjoy the challenge

How to contribute?



Competition Name Type Author Level Writeup
2018-SUCTF homework WEB Wisdom Tree :star::star::star: RESERVED
SniperOJ 2048 WEB WangYihang :star: RESERVED
SniperOJ as-fast-as-you-can WEB WangYihang :star: RESERVED
SniperOJ baby-eval WEB Reversed :star: RESERVED
SniperOJ bypass-php-exit WEB Reversed :star: RESERVED
SniperOJ guess-the-code WEB Reversed :star::star: RESERVED
SniperOJ phar WEB WangYihang :star::star::star: RESERVED
RESERVED php-object-injection WEB Reversed :star: RESERVED
SniperOJ php-weak-type WEB Reversed :star: RESERVED
SniperOJ punctuation-webshell WEB WangYihang :star::star: RESERVED
SniperOJ sniperoj-web-browser WEB WangYihang :star: RESERVED
SniperOJ md5-vs-injection WEB WangYihang :star: RESERVED
SniperOJ inject-again WEB WangYihang :star::star: RESERVED
RESERVED hard-injection-via-update WEB Reversed :star::star::star: RESERVED
SniperOJ trick-on-base64 WEB XDCTF-2017 & WangYihang :star::star::star: RESERVED
SniperOJ r-cursive-revenge WEB 超威蓝猫 & WangYihang :star::star::star: RESERVED
SniperOJ pull-the-string WEB WangYihang :star::star: RESERVED
SniperOJ baby-ssrf WEB WangYihang :star::star: RESERVED
2019-Ogeek AndroidPHP WEB Jingzhe :star::star::star: RESERVED


Competition Name Type Author Level Writeup
SniperOJ compare-flag MISC WangYihang :star: RESERVED
Ringzer0team bash-jail MISC ringzer0team :star: RESERVED
SniperOJ md5-collision MISC WangYihang :star: RESERVED


Competition Name Type Author Level Writeup
2016-ACTF run-circles PWN Reversed :star: RESERVED
SniperOJ advanced-leak-x86 PWN WangYihang :star::star: RESERVED
SniperOJ bof-x86-64 PWN WangYihang :star: RESERVED
SniperOJ leak-x86 PWN WangYihang :star: RESERVED
SniperOJ printable PWN WangYihang :star::star: RESERVED
SniperOJ shellcode-x86-64 PWN WangYihang :star: RESERVED
SniperOJ shorter-shellcode-x86-64 PWN WangYihang :star::star: RESERVED


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