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another open source, cross-platform GUI for the todo.txt file format

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Copyright 2013-2018 Christian M. Schmid

another open source cross-platform GUI for the todo.txt file format


  • jdotxt, where you will find downloads for different operating systems and a quick guide video

Building jdotxt

to build jdotxt from its sources, you will need

I use Ubuntu as a build system, simply run

  • sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk ant

to set up your build system.

To build jdotxt

  1. Download the latest sources from github (e.g., "git clone https://github.com/chms/jdotxt.git")

  2. Move into the directory (e.g., "cd jdotxt")

  3. Run ant (i.e., "ant")

You can run the resulting jar file by executing

java -jar jar/jdotxt.jar

Third Party Code

jdotxt uses code and libraries from the following open source projects:

  • jdotxt, binaries and help for this very program.
  • todo.txt is a simple file format for managing your todos.
  • todo.txt-android an open source todo.txt Android client
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