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An HTML5 Gauntlet-style game

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Javascript Gauntlet

An HTML5 Gauntlet-style Game

NOTE: single player only at this time, multiplayer coming later


  • Chrome 24+
  • Firefox 18+
  • IE 9+


  • No support for touch/mobile devices
  • Startup (and level transition) can be slow over a slow network connection (duh)


  • POLISH - better scoreboard fonts
  • POLISH - let doors have corners (and choose more wisely between horz/vert when up against odd walls)
  • POLISH - render monsters top down with slight overlap for pseudo-3d


The game is 100% client side javascript and css. It should run when served up by any web server.

Any changes to the following files will be reflected immediately on refresh of the browser

  • js/gauntlet.js
  • css/gauntlet.css
  • images/
  • sounds/
  • levels/

However, if you modify the js/game/ or js/vendor/ javascript files, the unified versions need to be regenerated:

js/vendor.js        # the unified 3rd party vendor scripts (sizzle, animator, audio-fx, stats, state-machine)
js/game.js          # the unified general purpose game engine

If you have the Ruby language available, Rake tasks can be used to auto generate these unified files:

rake assets:create   # re-create unified javascript/css asset files on demand
rake assets:server   # run a simple rack server that automatically regenerates the unified files when the underlying source is modified


All music is licensed, royalty-free, from Lucky Lion Studios for this project only. If you re-use this project for your own purposes you must license your own music please.

All sound effects are licensed, royalty-free from Premium Beat for this project only. If you re-use this project for your own purposes you must license your own sound effects please.

Background tilesets (walls, floors, doors) are provided by

Entity sprites (players, monsters, treasure, etc) are almost certainly ripped from an old (s)NES console ?


MIT license.

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