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An awesome configuration generator for dns/proxy settings!

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This project is still in beta! It currently works well, but some changes may be expected.

This is based on @trick77's original work on tunlr-style-dns-unblocking

The purpose for this project is to make it easy to set up a fast smart DNS service on your own. It is possible to get a US VPS for 1$/mo which is well under the current 4$/mo for most smart DNS services. It is also potentially alot faster, as you then have a whole proxy server to yourself.

Another purpose is privacy. By changing your DNS servers, you allow whoever is on the other side to see almost all the websites you visit. Some providers explicitly state in their TOS that they log everything, which gives them control over your data. A better option is that you control those servers.


  • A VPS based in the country you want, preferrably running Ubuntu 14.04. A 128MB server is enough.
  • python
  • haproxy

For sni and dnat setup:

  • dnsmasq

The configuration generator (dnsproxy.py) offers three different possibilities for setup:

You can generate each configuration file separately with -m manual. Example: python dnsproxy.py -m manual -o haproxy. -m manual is also default, so this can be simplified to python dnsproxy.py -o haproxy.

It is also possible to specify which proxy list you would like to use, based on country. You can specify that by passing -c <country>, where <country> is a suffix of any file in the proxies/ directory. For example, if you wish to generate configuration for a uk based SNI proxy, you can run python dnsproxy.py -c uk -m sni. The default country is us.

Check the wiki for additional information, along with these links by @trick77:

If you would like to add a service, please send a pull request.

Output of dnsproxy.py -h:

usage: dnsproxy.py [-h] [-m {manual,sni,dnat,local}]
                   [-o {dnsmasq,haproxy,netsh,hosts,rinetd,iptables} [{dnsmasq,haproxy,netsh,hosts,rinetd,iptables} ...]]
                   [-c COUNTRY] [-d] [--no-test] [--ip IP] [--bind-ip BIND_IP]
                   [--base-ip BASE_IP] [--base-port BASE_PORT] [--save]
                   [--output-dir OUTPUT_DIR] [--only [ONLY [ONLY ...]]]
                   [--skip [SKIP [SKIP ...]]]
                   [--dnsmasq-filename DNSMASQ_FILENAME]
                   [--haproxy-filename HAPROXY_FILENAME]
                   [--iptables-filename IPTABLES_FILENAME]
                   [--netsh-filename NETSH_FILENAME]
                   [--hosts-filename HOSTS_FILENAME]
                   [--rinetd-filename RINETD_FILENAME]

Generate configuration files to setup a tunlr style smart DNS

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -m {manual,sni,dnat,local}, --mode {manual,sni,dnat,local}
                        Presets for configuration file generation.
  -o {dnsmasq,haproxy,netsh,hosts,rinetd,iptables} [{dnsmasq,haproxy,netsh,hosts,rinetd,iptables} ...], --output {dnsmasq,haproxy,netsh,hosts,rinetd,iptables} [{dnsmasq,haproxy,netsh,hosts,rinetd,iptables} ...]
                        Which configuration file(s) to generate. This is
                        ignored when not in manual mode.
  -c COUNTRY, --country COUNTRY
                        The country to use for generating the configuration.
  -d, --dnat            Specify to use DNAT instead of SNI (Advanced). This is
                        ignored when not in manual mode.
  --no-test             Specify to skip generating test configuration. This
                        means that you will not be able to test your setup
                        with the setup tester.
  --ip IP               Specify the public IP to use
  --bind-ip BIND_IP     Specify the IP that haproxy should bind to
  --base-ip BASE_IP     Specify the base IP from which DNAT should start
  --base-port BASE_PORT
                        Specify the base port from which DNAT should start
  --save                Specify wether to save the configuration to
  --output-dir OUTPUT_DIR
                        Specify the output directory
  --only [ONLY [ONLY ...]]
                        Specify the proxies to use while generating
  --skip [SKIP [SKIP ...]]
                        Specify the proxies to not use while generating
  --dnsmasq-filename DNSMASQ_FILENAME
                        Specify the DNS configuration file name
  --haproxy-filename HAPROXY_FILENAME
                        Specify the haproxy configuration file name
  --iptables-filename IPTABLES_FILENAME
                        Specify the iptables configuration file name
  --netsh-filename NETSH_FILENAME
                        Specify the netsh configuration file name
  --hosts-filename HOSTS_FILENAME
                        Specify the hosts configuration file name
  --rinetd-filename RINETD_FILENAME
                        Specify the rinetd configuration file name
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