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Consolidated J language code referenced in my blog Analyze the Data not the Drivel

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jacks (J-Hacks) README

This repository consolidates all J language code and related files referenced by Analyze the Data not the Drivel. Most of the J[^1] scripts in this repository were generated from JOD dictionaries.

jacks has a companion repository jackshacks https://github.com/bakerjd99/jackshacks that distributes selected J scripts in immediately downloadable J addon form.

For details see blog posts - listed from newest to oldest:


  1. Two posts about using SQLite with J see: mirrorxref
  1. Stupid J Jupyter Tricks
  1. Branding XMP Sidecar Files with J
  1. JOD goes into the Arctic Code Vault

  2. Using jodliterate

  1. More J Pandoc Syntax HighLighting
  1. NumPy another Iverson Ghost
  1. SWAG a J/EXCEL/GIT Personal Cash Flow Forecasting Mob
  1. Parsing the Bitcoin Genesis Block with J
  1. APL Software Archaeology .dbi Edition
  1. JHS with the DHTMLX Grid
  1. JHS meets MathJax
  1. Semi-Literate JOD
  1. Pandoc based J Syntax Highlighting
  1. Writing Portable J addons
  1. Turn your iPhone into a jPhone
  1. GPX from Google Maps KML J Script
  1. The next four posts use code from the directory texfrwpxml
  1. Typesetting UTF8 APL code with the LaTeX lstlisting package
  1. Common Table Expression (CTE) SQLServer Queries with J
  1. Open Source Hilbert for the Kindle
  1. SmugShot Metadata Mess
  1. A C# .Net class for calling J
  1. Assigning SmugMug Print Size Keys
  1. More on SmugMug Duplicates
  1. SmugMug Duplicate Image Hunting
  1. Google Earth Image Touring
  1. Fake Programming


John Baker August 9, 2022

[^1]: Code from other programming languages will appear in Jacks. Usually with some relation to J but I am not making any promises. "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."

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