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nostr-based ghost blog See a running demo at https://hello-nblog.vercel.app


Vercel (Quick and Easy)

Simply click this bright, blue button:

Deploy with Vercel


Ensure you have Node.js installed on your computer.

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Git clone you new fork to your server
  3. Inside the project root, run git checkout master to switch to the master branch for the most stable version
  4. Add a .env file to the project root. See the Configuration section
  5. Run yarn to install node packages
  6. Run yarn build to build the production server
  7. Run yarn preview to run the sever.

If you did it right, that's about it!


Configuration is done with enviroment variables.

  • PUBLIC_PUBKEYS List of HEX pubkeys to fetch events for seperated by a ,
  • PUBLIC_RELAYS List of relay URLs to connect to seperated by a ,.
    • It's best to keep this list as small as possible. Less relays = faster blog and less room for errors (updates not being published)
  • PUBLIC_NAME A name for your blog. ex: nym's blog
  • PUBLIC_PICTURE A Picture URL for your blog, used in favicon and header.
  • PUBLIC_REACTIONS Controls if you want reactions underneath your posts. Can either be true or false.


Accent Color

If you want to change the accent color, simply open src/app.css and look for the --accent-color variable.

:root {
	--accent-color: #ea5a0c;

This variable will control the accent color, here you can set a hex value, or RGB, or something else. Accent color can be applied to elements using tailwind with it's color classes. For changing text color it would be text-accent, background is bg-accent and so on.

Individual Pages

nblog uses SvelteKit. SvelteKit pages use directory based routing, and these files can be found in src/routes and are addressed by +page.svelte or +layout.svelte. For example, if you wanted to change the header or footer, those could be found in src/routes/+layout.svelte. If you wanted to add info to the home page, you can edit it in src/routes/+page.svelte Keep in mind that nblog uses Tailwind CSS for styling, so there are built in classes for you to use at your disposal.


Various components are used throughout the app and can be customized. They are all located in src/lib/*.svelte.


  • Karnage for giving constructive critisism of the original design, providing his own designs, and making v0.4.0 possible.
    • npub1r0rs5q2gk0e3dk3nlc7gnu378ec6cnlenqp8a3cjhyzu6f8k5sgs4sq9ac
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