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fast and interactive tldr client written with go

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Community driven man pages improved with smart user interaction. tldr++ seperates itself from any other tldr client with convenient user guidance feature.



  • Fully Interactive (fill the command arguments easily)
  • Search from commands to find your desired command (exact + fuzzy search)
  • Smart file suggestions (further suggestions will be added)
  • Simple implementation
  • One of the fastest clients, even fastest (see Benchmarks)
  • Easy to install. Supports all mainstream OS and platforms (Linux, MacOS, Windows (v1.0 excluded for a while)(arm, x86)
  • Pure-go (even contains built-in git)


Refer to Release Page for binaries.

Or, you can build from source: (min. go 1.18 compiler is recommended)

go install

macOS using brew

brew install isacikgoz/taps/tldr

Windows using scoop

This is maintained by community and the version is v0.6.1. (v1.0.0 does not have Windows support yet)

scoop install tldr

Use for different OS

You can use tldr++ for another OS by setting TLDR_OS envrionment to your desired OS such as linux, windows, osx etc.

Let's say you want to set it to Linux run the following command:

export TLDR_OS=linux

To make it permenant, you can add the line above to your shell rc file (e.g. bashrc, zshrc etc.)


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