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Just a place to track issues and feature requests that I have for github

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Issues for GitHub

What this repository is about

This is not the actual repository for the GitHub website.

I'm not affiliated with GitHub in any way, except that I use it all day long, and almost all my code is hosted there.

UPDATE: as of April 2020, with the acquisition of npm, Inc. by GitHub, I am a GitHub employee. I remain focused on the npm/cli project, and any opinions expressed here belong to the person expressing them at the time they were expressed, and should not be taken as official GitHub policy in any way. I still use GitHub all day long, and almost all my code is still hosted there.

Issues and feature requests posted to GitHub are not stored in any publicly available location, so I find that I quickly lose track of the things that I've sent them.

For GitHubbers

If you are a GitHubber, and you would like to respond and close issues on this repository, please let me (or one of the other collaborators) know, and we'll add you as a collaborator. Alternatively, you could use some secret GitHub internal APIs to get access, if you have such things. If you want to know what people are asking for or ask for them to provide details about use cases. Then head over to the issues list.

If you have an issue or feature request for GitHub

  1. Search for existing issues
  2. If you did not find any existing issue for your topic, post a new issue
  3. Additionally, please email [email protected] because this repo is strictly for our own (unofficial) tracking purposes. Make sure to send GitHub the issue URL at the end of the message so that they can more easily find updates and further comments here.
  4. If GitHub replies, (and they usually do, quickly) and if it is not a confidential matter like a security disclosure, add their reply to the issue so that other users know what their official response was.

Upvoting existing issues

Upvote existing issues with thumbs up :thumbsup:. Please do not add +1 comments.

If you merely want to +1 an issue (isaacs/github#9), please also send an email to [email protected] to register your interest. Be sure to include a link to the tracking issue that was filed.

See more in

Issue closing policy

Issues will only be closed once GitHub implements / fixes them, or explicitly says WONTFIX, which almost never happens nowadays. Issues may take a long time (forever) to be fixed, so make sure that you are ready to keep them around on your /issues list for a long time.

See also

Statement of Intent

This repository is created in a spirit of positive intent and community good will. I have more love in my heart for GitHub than anyone probably ought to for any website. They've changed the face of open source, and enabled amazing things to happen. I've personally benefited quite a bit from those amazing things, and my life is much better as a direct result.

I'm very thankful to GitHub, and the great work they do. When I shake my fists in frustration, it's only because they are so good that I spend countless hours being productive on their website, and even minor problems seem to jump out.

Trolling, disparaging remarks about GitHub, or even just unproductive kvetching, will not be tolerated. Those comments will be deleted and the users blocked.

We're here to help each other, and the company that does so much for us.



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