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The 2020 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2020) has been held on Oct 25 – Nov 25, not been held in-person. With the continued resurgence of COVID-19 within the State of Nevada, in particular Las Vegas, along with the city’s prohibiting large or even moderately-sized public gatherings, it makes it an impossibility to hold the in-person event as originally planned.

IROS is one of the largest and most impacting robotics research conferences worldwide. It brings an international community of researchers, educators and practitioners to explore the frontier of science and technology in intelligent robots and systems, and discuss the latest advancements in this fast growing and exciting field.

IROS 2020 is free with access to every Technical Talk, Plenary and Keynote, over 60 Workshops and Tutorials, the Competitions, and includes publishing of accepted papers in the IROS Proceedings and IEEE XPlore.

This list is edited by PaopaoRobot, 泡泡机器人, the Chinese academic nonprofit organization. Recently we will classify these papers by topics. Welcome to follow our github and our WeChat Public Platform Account ( paopaorobot_slam ). Of course, you could contact with Yvon Shong.

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0018 ARAS: Ambiguity-Aware Robust Active SLAM Based on Multi-Hypothesis State and Map Estimations
0025 Dynamic Attention-Based Visual Odometry
0031 Max Orientation Coverage: Efficient Path Planning to Avoid Collisions in the CNC Milling of 3D Objects
0039 Learning an Uncertainty-Aware Object Detector for Autonomous Driving
0046 Look and Listen: A Multi-Modality Late Fusion Approach to Scene Classification for Autonomous Machines
0047 Variable Stiffness Control with Strict Frequency Domain Constraints for Physical Human-Robot Interaction
0054 Proactive Estimation of Occlusions and Scene Coverage for Planning Next Best Views in an Unstructured Representation
0055 Static Characteristics of Fire Hose Actuators and Design of a Compliant Pneumatic Rotary Drive for Robotics
0060 Domain Transfer for Semantic Segmentation of LiDAR Data Using Deep Neural Networks
0063 LIO-SAM: Tightly-Coupled Lidar Inertial Odometry Via Smoothing and Mapping
0069 Roadmap Subsampling for Changing Environments
0070 Sim2Real Transfer for Reinforcement Learning without Dynamics Randomization
0071 PresSense: Passive Respiration Sensing Via Ambient WiFi Signals in Noisy Environments
0072 OrcVIO: Object Residual Constrained Visual-Inertial Odometry
0073 BioARS: Designing Adaptive and Reconfigurable Bionic Assembly Robotic System with Inchworm Modules
0074 Segmentation-Based 4D Registration of Plants Point Clouds for Phenotyping
0078 Self-Supervised Attention Learning for Depth and Ego-Motion Estimation
0079 SwarmLab: A MATLAB Drone Swarm Simulator
0082 Non-Overlapping RGB-D Camera Network Calibration with Monocular Visual Odometry
0083 Adaptive Reliable Shortest Path in Gaussian Process Regulated Environment
0089 Assessment of Soil Strength Using a Robotically Deployed and Retrieved Penetrometer
0092 SaD-SLAM: A Visual SLAM Based on Semantic and Depth Information
0094 Zero-Tuning Grinding Process Methodology of Cyber-Physical Robot System
0095 ARPDR: An Accurate and Robust Pedestrian Dead Reckoning System for Indoor Localization on Handheld Smartphones
0096 KLIEP-Based Density Ratio Estimation for Semantically Consistent Synthetic to Real Images Adaptation in Urban Traffic Scenes
0097 Graph-Based Hierarchical Knowledge Representation for Robot Task Transfer from Virtual to Physical World
0099 An RLS-Based Instantaneous Velocity Estimator for Extended Radar Tracking
0100 Informative Path Planning for Gas Distribution Mapping in Cluttered Environments
0101 DSSF-Net: Dual-Task Segmentation and Self-Supervised Fitting Network for End-To-End Lane Mark Detection
0102 Single-Shot Panoptic Segmentation
0103 Leveraging Stereo-Camera Data for Real-Time Dynamic Obstacle Detection and Tracking
0106 Combining Compliance Control, CAD Based Localization, and a Multi-Modal Gripper for Rapid and Robust Programming of Assembly Tasks
0108 Model-Free, Vision-Based Object Identification and Contact Force Estimation with a Hyper-Adaptive Robotic Gripper
0109 Human-Robot Interaction in a Shared Augmented Reality Workspace
0112 One-Shot Informed Robotic Visual Search in the Wild
0119 KOVIS: Keypoint-Based Visual Servoing with Zero-Shot Sim-To-Real Transfer for Robotics Manipulation
0122 Learning Local Planners for Human-Aware Navigation in Indoor Environments
0123 Confidence Guided Stereo 3D Object Detection with Split Depth Estimation
0124 Learning Hybrid Object Kinematics for Efficient Hierarchical Planning under Uncertainty
0128 Human-Aware Robot Navigation by Long-Term Movement Prediction
0130 A Human-Robot Interface Based on Surface Electroencephalographic Sensors
0132 Pit30M: A Benchmark for Global Localization in the Age of Self-Driving Cars
0135 LiTAMIN: LiDAR Based Tracking and MappINg by Stabilized ICP for Geometry Approximation with Normal Distributions
0141 Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance for UAV Based on Fusion of Radar and Monocular Camera
0143 Anomaly Detection for Autonomous Guided Vehicles Using Bayesian Surprise
0144 RegionNet: Region-Feature-Enhanced 3D Scene Understanding Network with Dual Spatial-Aware Discriminative Loss
0146 Richer Aggregated Features for Optical Flow Estimation with Edge-Aware Refinement
0152 Quantitative Operator Strategy Comparisons across Human Supervisory Control Scenarios
0153 Multi-Task Control for a Quadruped Robot with Changeable Leg Configuration
0155 Assisted Mobile Robot Teleoperation with Intent-Aligned Trajectories Via Biased Incremental Action Sampling
0157 DeepLiDARFlow: A Deep Learning Architecture for Scene Flow Estimation Using Monocular Camera and Sparse LiDAR
0160 Design of an Underactuated Peristaltic Robot on Soft Terrain
0161 Accurate, Low-Latency Visual Perception for Autonomous Racing: Challenges, Mechanisms, and Practical Solutions
0162 Catch the Ball: Accurate High-Speed Motions for Mobile Manipulators Via Inverse Dynamics Learning
0164 NBVC: A Benchmark for Depth Estimation from Narrow-Baseline Video Clips
0166 On-Plate Localization and Mapping for an Inspection Robot using Ultrasonic Guided Waves: A Proof of Concept
0170 Semantic Graph Based Place Recognition for 3D Point Clouds
0173 Barometer-based Tactile Skin for Anthropomorphic Robot Hand
0176 CalibRCNN: Calibrating Camera and LiDAR by Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network and Geometric Constraints
0179 Mechanical Design and Preliminary Performance Evaluation of a Passive Arm-Support Exoskeleton
0184 Augmented Reality User Interfaces for Heterogeneous Multirobot Control
0187 A Robotic Gripper Design and Integrated Solution towards Tunnel Boring Construction Equipment
0191 Autonomous RGBD-Based Industrial Staircase Localization from Tracked Robots
0192 Robust MUSIC-Based Sound Source Localization in Reverberant and Echoic Environments
0193 Optimal-Power Configurations for Hover Solutions in Mono-Spinners
0195 Hypothesis-Driven Skill Discovery for Hierarchical Deep Reinforcement Learning
0196 A modified Hybrid Reciprocal Velocity Obstacles approach for multi-robot motion planning without communication
0198 Rapidly Adaptable Legged Robots Via Evolutionary Meta-Learning
0200 Robots Can Defuse High-Intensity Conflict Situations
0201 Indoor Scene Recognition in 3D
0202 SolarSLAM: Battery-Free Loop Closure for Indoor Localisation
0204 Inner-Approximation of Manipulable and Reachable Regions Using Bilinear Matrix Inequalities
0205 SCALE-Net: Scalable Vehicle Trajectory Prediction Network under Random Number of Interacting Vehicles Via Edge-Enhanced Graph Convolutional Neural Network
0206 Exceeding the Maximum Speed Limit of the Joint Angle for the Redundant Tendon-Driven Structures of Musculoskeletal Humanoids
0207 Tool Shape Optimization through Backpropagation of Neural Network
0208 PlaNet of the Bayesians: Reconsidering and Improving Deep Planning Network by Incorporating Bayesian Inference
0209 Tell Me What This Is: Few-Shot Incremental Object Learning by a Robot
0213 A Horse Inspired Eight-wheel Unmanned Ground Vehicle with Four-swing Arms
0219 Simultaneous Estimation of Vehicle Position and Data Delays Using Gaussian Process Based Moving Horizon Estimation
0220 Globally Optimal Consensus Maximization for Robust Visual Inertial Localization in Point and Line Map
0223 Learning Hierarchical Behavior and Motion Planning for Autonomous Driving
0224 A Bayesian-Based Controller for Snake Robot Locomotion in Unstructured Environments
0226 Personalized Online Learning with Pseudo-Ground Truth
0228 Improving Autonomous Rover Guidance in Round-Trip Missions Using Dynamic Cost Map
0229 An External Stabilization Unit for High-Precision Applications of Robot Manipulators
0230 Design and Implementation of a Pipeline Inspection Robot with Camera Image Compensation
0231 Magnetically Actuated Pick-And-Place Operations of Cellular Micro-Rings for High-Speed Assembly of Micro-Scale Biological Tube
0233 Exploration of Unknown Environments with a Tethered Mobile Robot
0234 Robot-To-Robot Relative Pose Estimation Based on Semidefinite Relaxation Optimization
0235 Robust Pedestrian Tracking in Crowd Scenarios Using an Adaptive GMM-Based Framework
0236 Variable In-Hand Manipulations for Tactile-Driven Robot Hand Via CNN-LSTM
0238 SMA Actuated Low-Weight Bio-Inspired Claws for Grasping and Perching Using Flapping Wing Aerial Systems
0240 Reconstruction of 3D Flight Trajectories from Ad-Hoc Camera Networks
0241 3D Odor Source Localization Using a Micro Aerial Vehicle: System Design and Performance Evaluation
0244 Set-Membership Extrinsic Calibration of a 3D LiDAR and a Camera
0248 BARK: Open Behavior Benchmarking in Multi-Agent Environments
0249 LiDAR Panoptic Segmentation for Autonomous Driving
0250 Learning and Sequencing of Object-Centric Manipulation Skills for Industrial Tasks
0257 Ground Texture Based Localization: Do We Need to Detect Keypoints?
0261 Diabolo Orientation Stabilization by Learning Predictive Model for Unstable Unknown-Dynamics Juggling Manipulation
0263 Sample-Efficient Learning for Industrial Assembly Using Qgraph-Bounded DDPG
0264 ROSflight: A Lean Open-Source Research Autopilot
0265 A Model-Based Approach to Acoustic Reflector Localization with a Robotic Platform
0267 Explainable and Efficient Sequential Correlation Network for 3D Single Person Concurrent Activity Detection
0268 Guaranteed Parameter Estimation of Hunt-Crossley Model with Chebyshev Polynomial Approximation for Teleoperation
0272 Software Development Framework for Cooperating Robots with High-Level Mission Specification
0277 Learning to Collide: An Adaptive Safety-Critical Scenarios Generating Method
0278 No Map, No Problem: A Local Sensing Approach for Navigation in Human-Made Spaces Using Signs
0281 A Learning-based Robotic Bin-picking with Flexibly Customizable Grasping Conditions
0284 An Augmented Reality Human-Robot Physical Collaboration Interface Design for Shared, Large-Scale, Labour-Intensive Manufacturing Tasks
0287 Motion Planning for Heterogeneous Unmanned Systems under Partial Observation from UAV
0289 TTR-Based Reward for Reinforcement Learning with Implicit Model Priors
0290 ETRI-Activity3D: A Large-Scale RGB-D Dataset for Robots to Recognize Daily Activities of the Elderly
0292 A Flexible Dual-Core Optical Waveguide Sensor for Simultaneous and Continuous Measurement of Contact Force and Position
0295 Multimodal Aggregation Approach for Memory Vision-Voice Indoor Navigation with Meta-Learning
0297 DR^2Track: Towards Real-Time Visual Tracking for UAV Via Distractor Repressed Dynamic Regression
0301 Robust Real-Time Monitoring of Human Task Advancement for Collaborative Robotics Applications
0304 Virtual Reality for Robots
0309 Design of a Linear Gravity Compensator for a Prismatic Joint
0311 Applications of Stretch Reflex for the Upper Limb of Musculoskeletal Humanoids: Protective Behavior, Postural Stability, and Active Induction
0313 Practical Verification of Neural Network Enabled State Estimation System for Robotics
0314 A Control Scheme for Haptic Inspection and Partial Modification of Kinematic Behaviors
0315 Identification of Dynamic Parameters for Rigid Robots Based on Polynomial Approximation
0317 SpoxelNet: Spherical Voxel-Based Deep Place Recognition for 3D Point Clouds of Crowded Indoor Spaces
0323 Multi-Instance Aware Localization for End-To-End Imitation Learning
0326 Cooperative Simultaneous Tracking and Jamming for Disabling a Rogue Drone
0329 Human-Robot Trust Assessment Using Motion Tracking & Galvanic Skin Response
0330 Simultaneous Planning for Item Picking and Placing by Deep Reinforcement Learning
0334 Grasping Detection Network with Uncertainty Estimation for Confidence-Driven Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation
0335 3D Gaze Estimation for Head-Mounted Devices based on Visual Saliency
0336 Learning Hierarchical Acquisition Functions for Bayesian Optimization
0338 Reinforcement Learning in Latent Action Sequence Space
0339 Automatic Synthesis of Human Motion from Temporal Logic Specifications
0342 UAV-AdNet: Unsupervised Anomaly Detection Using Deep Neural Networks for Aerial Surveillance
0348 Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Transferring Plant Classification Systems to New Field Environments, Crops, and Robots
0355 On-Chip Integration of Ultra-Thin Glass Cantilever for Physical Property Measurement Activated by Femtosecond Laser Impulse
0356 Learning the sense of touch in simulation: a sim-to-real strategy for vision-based tactile sensing
0358 Abductive Recognition of Context-Dependent Utterances in Human-Robot Interaction
0359 From Points to Planes - Adding Planar Constraints to Monocular SLAM Factor Graphs
0363 Enhanced Tracking Wall: A Real-Time Computing Method for Needle Injection on Haptic Simulators
0364 Occlusion-Robust MVO: Multimotion Estimation through Occlusion Via Motion Closure
0366 Spectral-GANs for High-Resolution 3D Point-Cloud Generation
0368 Vision-Based Proprioceptive Sensing: Tip Position Estimation for a Soft Inflatable Bellow Actuator
0369 Model Predictive Position and Force Trajectory Tracking Control for Robot-Environment Interaction
0373 CoBigICP: Robust and Precise Point Set Registration Using Correntropy Metrics and Bidirectional Correspondence
0378 Walking Human Trajectory Models and Their Application to Humanoid Robot Locomotion
0382 Plug-And-Play SLAM: A Unified SLAM Architecture for Modularity and Ease of Use
0383 Acquiring Mechanical Knowledge from 3D Point Clouds
0384 A Visuo-Haptic Guidance Interface for the Mobile Collaborative Robotic Assistant (MOCA)
0386 Robot Navigation in Crowded Environments Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
0389 Robust Task and Motion Planning for Long-Horizon Problems
0390 Tightly-Coupled Fusion of Global Positional Measurements in Optimization-Based Visual-Inertial Odometry
0393 LegoBot: Automated Planning for Coordinated Multi-Robot Assembly of LEGO Structures
0398 Progressive Automation of Periodic Tasks on Planar Surfaces of Unknown Pose with Hybrid Force/position Control
0400 Smart Speaker vs. Social Robot in a Case of Hotel Room
0403 EU Long-Term Dataset with Multiple Sensors for Autonomous Driving
0404 Speed and Memory Efficient Dense RGB-D SLAM in Dynamic Scenes
0405 Hand-Object Contact Force Synthesis for Manipulating Objects by Exploiting Environment
0407 Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Method for Autonomous Vehicle Behavior Planning
0408 Automatic Lane Change Maneuver in Dynamic Environment Using Model Predictive Control Method
0414 LaNoising: A Data-Driven Approach for 903nm ToF LiDAR Performance Modeling under Fog
0415 On Parameter Estimation of Flexible Space Manipulator Systems
0416 The SPIR: An Autonomous Underwater Robot for Bridge Pile Cleaning and Condition Assessment
0417 Rapid Autonomous Semantic Mapping
0418 Learning Soft Robotic Assembly Strategies from Successful and Failed Demonstrations
0419 Mapping Thigh Motion to Knee Motion: Implications for Motion Planning of Active Prosthetic Knees
0421 Comparison between Stationary and Crawling Multi-Arm Robotics for In-Space Assembly
0425 Toward Analytical Modeling and Evaluation of Curvature-Dependent Distributed Friction Force in Tendon-Driven Continuum Manipulators
0428 End-to-end Contextual Perception and Prediction with Interaction Transformer
0432 Operational Space Formulation and Inverse Kinematics for an Arm Exoskeleton with Scapula Rotation
0433 A Hamilton-Jacobi Formulation for Optimal Coordination of Heterogeneous Multiple Vehicle Systems
0436 Human Gait Phase Recognition Using a Hidden Markov Model Framework
0443 DaVinciNet: Joint Prediction of Motion and Surgical State in Robot-Assisted Surgery
0455 Deep Imitation Learning of Sequential Fabric Smoothing from an Algorithmic Supervisor
0457 Visual-Inertial-Wheel Odometry with Online Calibration
0458 Lifelong Update of Semantic Maps in Dynamic Environments
0460 Ultra Low-Cost Printable Folding Robots
0463 Deep Keypoint-Based Camera Pose Estimation with Geometric Constraints
0464 Generating New Lower Abstract Task Operator Using Grid-TLI
0471 SpCoMapGAN: Spatial Concept Formation-Based Semantic Mapping with Generative Adversarial Networks
0474 Applying Surface Normal Information in Drivable Area and Road Anomaly Detection for Ground Mobile Robots
0476 Few-Shot Relation Learning with Attention for EEG-Based Motor Imagery Classification
0478 Robot Sound Interpretation: Combining Sight and Sound in Learning-Based Control
0479 Development of a Passive Skid for Multicopter Landing on Rough Terrain
0480 Touch the Wind: Simultaneous Airflow, Drag and Interaction Sensing on a Multirotor
0486 Online Localization with Imprecise Floor Space Maps Using Stochastic Gradient Descent
0487 Wiping 3D-Objects Using Deep Learning Model Based on Image/Force/Joint Information
0492 Fast LTL-Based Flexible Planning for Dual-Arm Manipulation
0493 Multi-Robot Coordination with Agent-Server Architecture for Autonomous Navigation in Partially Unknown Environments
0496 Perception-Aware Path Planning for UAVs Using Semantic Segmentation
0500 L2B: Learning to Balance the Safety-Efficiency Trade-Off in Interactive Crowd-Aware Robot Navigation
0504 UnRectDepthNet: Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation Using a Generic Framework for Handling Common Camera Distortion Models
0505 PC-NBV: A Point Cloud Based Deep Network for Efficient Next Best View Planning
0508 Spatio-Temporal Ultrasonic Dataset: Learning Driving from Spatial and Temporal Ultrasonic Cues
0511 Invisible Marker: Automatic Annotation of Segmentation Masks for Object Manipulation
0512 A Comprehensive Trajectory Planner for a Person-Following ATV
0513 Configuration Space Decomposition for Learning-Based Collision Checking in High-DOF Robots
0516 A Novel Portable Cell Sonoporation Device Based on Open-Source Acoustofluidics
0519 A Minimalistic Hyper Flexible Manipulator: Modeling and Control
0523 A Two-Stage Automatic Latching System for the USVs Charging in Disturbed Berth
0526 The Application of Navigation Technology for the Medical Assistive Devices Based on Aruco Recognition Technology
0530 Physics-Based Dexterous Manipulations with Estimated Hand Poses and Residual Reinforcement Learning
0532 A Time Optimal Reactive Collision Avoidance Method for UAVs Based on a Modified Collision Cone Approach
0538 Computationally Efficient Obstacle Avoidance Trajectory Planner for UAVs Based on Heuristic Angular Search Method
0544 UST: Unifying Spatio-Temporal Context for Trajectory Prediction in Autonomous Driving
0552 DMLO: Deep Matching LiDAR Odometry
0557 Latent Space Roadmap for Visual Action Planning of Deformable and Rigid Object Manipulation
0558 Learning Visuomotor Policies for Aerial Navigation Using Cross-Modal Representations
0559 A Neural Primitive Model with Sensorimotor Coordination for Dynamic Quadruped Locomotion with Malfunction Compensation
0560 DenseFusion: Large-Scale Online Dense Pointcloud and DSM Mapping for UAVs
0562 A Learning-Driven Framework with Spatial Optimization for Surgical Suture Thread Reconstruction and Autonomous Grasping under Multiple Topologies and Environmental Noises
0566 OceanVoy: A Hybrid Energy Planning System for Autonomous Sailboat
0567 Pattern Analysis and Parameters Optimization of Dynamic Movement Primitives for Learning Unknown Trajectories
0568 Towards Understanding and Inferring the Crowd: Guided Second Order Attention Networks and Re-Identification for Multi-Object Tracking
0572 Distributed Near-Optimal Multi-Robots Coordination in Heterogeneous Task Allocation
0573 Dynamic Assistance for Human Balancing with Inertia of a Wearable Robotic Appendage
0575 A Real-Time Unscented Kalman Filter on Manifolds for Challenging AUV Navigation
0576 Indirect Object-To-Robot Pose Estimation from an External Monocular RGB Camera
0581 A Causal Approach to Tool Affordance Learning
0583 SeqSphereVLAD: Sequence Matching Enhanced Orientation-Invariant Place Recognition
0589 Active 6D Multi-Object Pose Estimation in Cluttered Scenarios with Deep Reinforcement Learning
0592 Continuous Tension Validation for Cable-Driven Parallel Robots
0593 Predicting the Human Behaviour in Human-Robot Co-Assemblies: An Approach Based on Suffix Trees
0596 Latent Replay for Real-Time Continual Learning
0600 The Application of a Flexible Leader-Follower Control Algorithm to Different Mobile Autonomous Robots
0614 Examination of Screen-Indicated Methods of Gait Training System with Real-Time Audiovisual Feedback Function of Ground Reaction Force
0619 GOSMatch: Graph-of-Semantics Matching for Detecting Loop Closures in 3D LiDAR Data
0620 Design, Analysis and Preliminary Validation of a 3-DOF Rotational Inertia Generator
0621 Experiments on Whole-Body Control of a Dual-Arm Mobile Robot with the Set-Based Task-Priority Inverse Kinematics Algorithm
0624 UAV Coverage Path Planning under Varying Power Constraints Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
0625 A Model for Optimising the Size of Climbing Robots for Navigating Truss Structures
0626 Reinforcement Learning-Based Hierarchical Control for Path Following of a Salamander-Like Robot
0629 An Obstacle-crossing Strategy Based on the Fast Self-reconfiguration for Modular Sphere Robots
0631 Online Weight-Adaptive Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
0634 FlowControl: Optical Flow Based Visual Servoing
0635 Geometrical Interpretation and Detection of Multiple Task Conflicts using a Coordinate Invariant Index
0638 Laser2Vec: Similarity-Based Retrieval for Robotic Perception Data
0641 Self-Adapting Recurrent Models for Object Pushing from Learning in Simulation
0642 A Passivity-Based Bilateral Teleoperation Architecture using Distributed Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
0644 A Theory of Fermat Paths for 3D Imaging Sonar Reconstruction
0646 Lane Marking Verification for High Definition Map Maintenance Using Crowdsourced Images
0652 TASC: Teammate Algorithm for Shared Cooperation
0655 A Frequency-Dependent Impedance Controller for an Active-Macro/passive-Mini Robotic System
0656 Robust and Efficient Post-Processing for Video Object Detection
0659 Topology-Aware Self-Organizing Maps for Robotic Information Gathering
0660 Gaze by Semi-Virtual Robotic Heads: Effects of Eye and Head Motion
0665 Using Diverse Neural Networks for Safer Human Pose Estimation: Towards Making Neural Networks Know When They Donï¿t Know
0668 Online Gain Setting Method for Path Tracking Using CMA-ES: Application to Off-Road Mobile Robot Control
0669 Task Planning with Belief Behavior Trees
0672 Anytime Kinodynamic Motion Planning Using Region-Guided Search
0674 Robust Gait Design Insights from Studying a Compass Gait Biped with Foot Slipping
0675 Completeness Seeking Probabilistic Coverage Estimation Using Uncertain State Estimates
0679 IMU-Based Parameter Identification and Position Estimation in Twisted String Actuators
0681 Laminar Jamming Flexure Joints for the Development of Variable Stiffness Robot Grippers and Hands
0682 EDAN - an EMG-Controlled Daily Assistant to Help People with Physical Disabilities
0683 Residual Pose: A Decoupled Approach for Depth-Based 3D Human Pose Estimation
0685 The VCU-RVI Benchmark: Evaluating Visual Inertial Odometry for Indoor Navigation Applications with an RGB-D Camera
0686 Voxel-Based Representation Learning for Place Recognition Based on 3D Point Clouds
0687 A POMDP Treatment of Vehicle-Pedestrian Interaction: Implicit Coordination Via Uncertainty-Aware Planning
0689 Analysis and Transfer of Human Movement Manipulability in Industry-Like Activities
0694 A Collision-Resilient Aerial Vehicle with Icosahedron Tensegrity Structure
0695 Category-Level 3D Non-Rigid Registration from Single-View RGB Images
0697 An Implementation of the Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) for Odor Source Localization
0701 Representation and Experience-Based Learning of Explainable Models for Robot Action Execution
0702 Provably Safe Trajectory Optimization in the Presence of Uncertain Convex Obstacles
0704 The Marathon 2: A Navigation System
0707 Learning State-Dependent Losses for Inverse Dynamics Learning
0709 Learning Your Way without Map or Compass: Panoramic Target Driven Visual Navigation
0710 In-Flight Range Optimization of Multicopters Using Multivariable Extremum Seeking with Adaptive Step Size
0711 Inferring Spatial Uncertainty in Object Detection
0714 Deep Depth Estimation from Visual-Inertial SLAM
0715 LAVAPilot: Lightweight UAVTrajectory Planner with Situational Awarenessfor Embedded Autonomy to Track and Locate Radio-Tags
0716 Differential Image Based Robot to MRI Scanner Registration with Active Fiducial Markers for an MRI-Guided Robotic Catheter System
0717 Acoustic Collision Detection and Localization for Robot Manipulators
0718 Regulation of 2D Arm Stability against Unstable, Damping-Defined Environments in Physical Human-Robot Interaction
0719 Detecting Usable Planar Regions for Legged Robot Locomotion
0720 Reinforced Grounded Action Transformation for Sim-To-Real Transfer
0721 Monocular Visual Shape Tracking and Servoing for Isometrically Deforming Objects
0722 Probabilistic Multi-Modal Trajectory Prediction with Lane Attention for Autonomous Vehicles
0724 Improving Disturbance Rejection and Dynamics of Cable Driven Parallel Robots with On-Board Propellers
0728 Pi-Map: A Decision-Based Sensor Fusion with Global Optimization for Indoor Mapping
0731 Learning the Latent Space of Robot Dynamics for Cutting Interaction Inference
0732 Nonlinear Balance Control of an Unmanned Bicycle: Design and Experiments
0739 Heterogeneous Vehicle Routing and Teaming with Gaussian Distributed Energy Uncertainty
0740 Decentralised Self-Organising Maps for Multi-Robot Information Gathering
0745 On a Videoing Control System Based on Object Detection and Tracking
0750 Learning-Based Optimization Algorithms Combining Force Control Strategies for Peg-In-Hole Assembly
0751 Fingertip Non-Contact Optoacoustic Sensor for Near-Distance Ranging and Thickness Differentiation for Robotic Grasping
0752 A Momentum-Based Foot Placement Strategy for Stable Postural Control of Robotic Spring-Mass Running with Point Feet
0753 Distributed Model Predictive Control for UAVs Collaborative Payload Transport
0754 Monocular Camera Localization in Prior LiDAR Maps with 2D-3D Line Correspondences
0755 Cleaning Robot Operation Decision Based on Causal Reasoning and Attribute Learning
0764 A Thermoplastic Elastomer Belt Based Robotic Gripper
0767 Interacting Multiple Model Navigation System for Quadrotor Micro Aerial Vehicles Subject to Rotor Drag
0772 Meta Learning with Differentiable Closed-Form Solver for Fast Video Object Segmentation
0774 Active Alignment Control-Based LED Communication for Underwater Robots
0775 Semantic Trajectory Planning for Long-Distant Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Navigation in Urban Environments
0777 High-Speed Catching by Multi-Vision Robot Hand
0778 Autonomous Exploration Under Uncertainty via Deep Reinforcement Learning on Graphs
0781 Introduction to 7-DoF CoSMo-Arm : High Torque Density Manipulator based on CoSMoA and E-CoSMo
0782 Learning-Based Controller Optimization for Repetitive Robotic Tasks
0784 DUI-VIO: Depth Uncertainty Incorporated Visual Inertial Odometrybased on an RGB-D Camera
0786 Wind and the City: Utilizing UAV-Based In-Situ Measurements for Estimating Urban Wind Fields
0789 A Bottom-Up Framework for Construction of Structured Semantic 3D Scene Graph
0790 Bi-Modal Hemispherical Sensors for Dynamic Locomotion and Manipulation
0791 Underwater Monocular Image Depth Estimation Using Single-Beam Echosounder
0792 TP-TIO: A Robust Thermal-Inertial Odometry with Deep ThermalPoint
0795 Microdrone-Equipped Mobile Crawler Robot System, DIR-3, for High-Step Climbing and High-Place Inspection
0796 Risk Vector-based Near miss Obstacle Avoidance for Autonomous Surface Vehicles
0797 Sampling-Based Search for a Semi-Cooperative Target
0802 Endoscopic Navigation Based on Three-Dimensional Structure Registration
0805 Robotic Understanding of Spatial Relationships Using Neural-Logic Learning
0807 Behaviorally Diverse Traffic Simulation via Reinforcement Learning
0808 Cascaded Non-Local Neural Network for Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation
0809 Fusing Concurrent Orthogonal Wide-Aperture Sonar Images for Dense Underwater 3D Reconstruction
0814 Path Planning for Nonholonomic Multiple Mobile Robot System with Applications to Robotic Autonomous Luggage Trolley Collection at Airports
0823 Adaptive Gait Pattern Generation of a Powered Exoskeleton by Iterative Learning of Human Behavior
0828 A Deep Learning Based End-To-End Locomotion Mode Detection Method for Lower Limb Wearable Robot Control
0835 Leveraging Planar Regularities for Point Line Visual-Inertial Odometry
0837 High-Speed Hitting Grasping with Magripper, a Highly Backdrivable Gripper Using Magnetic Gear and Plastic Deformation Control
0840 A Novel and Controllable Cell-Robot in Real Vascular Network for Target Tumor Therapy
0844 Faster Healthcare Time Series Classification for Boosting Mortality Early Warning System
0845 DiPE: Deeper into Photometric Errors for Unsupervised Learning of Depth and Ego-Motion from Monocular Videos
0849 Clothoid-Based Moving Formation Control Using Virtual Structures
0851 Water Based Magnification of Capacitive Proximity Sensors: Water Containers As Passive Human Detectors
0852 Adaptive Robot-Assisted Feeding: An Online Learning Framework for Acquiring Previously Unseen Food Items
0855 Remove, Then Revert: Static Point Cloud Map Construction Using Multiresolution Range Images
0857 FreeBOT: A Freeform Modular Self-Reconfigurable Robot with Arbitrary Connection Point - Design and Implementation
0865 A Target Tracking and Positioning Framework for Video Satellites Based on SLAM
0867 360° Depth Estimation from Multiple Fisheye Images with Origami Crown Representation of Icosahedron
0869 Augmented Memory for Correlation Filters in Real-Time UAV Tracking
0870 Batch Normalization Masked Sparse Autoencoder for Robotic Grasping Detection
0874 ROS-Lite: ROS Framework for NoC-Based Embedded Many-Core Platform
0876 Utilizing Sacrificial Molding for Embedding Motion Controlling Endostructures in Soft Pneumatic Actuators
0879 Incorporating Spatial Constraints into a Bayesian Tracking Framework for Improved Localisation in Agricultural Environments
0888 SSP: Single Shot Future Trajectory Prediction
0891 Stir to Pour: Efficient Calibration of Liquid Properties for Pouring Actions
0892 Drive-Train Design in JAXON3-P and Realization of Jump Motions: Impact Mitigation and Force Control Performance for Dynamic Motions
0895 Autonomous Task Planning and Situation Awareness in Robotic Surgery
0896 Subsurface Sampling Robot for Time-Limited Asteroid Exploration
0897 A Variable Impedance Control Strategy for Object Manipulation Considering Non-Rigid Grasp
0898 Toward Hierarchical Self-Supervised Monocular Absolute Depth Estimation for Autonomous Driving Applications
0900 Fruit Quality Control by Surface Analysis Using a Bio-Inspired Soft Tactile Sensor
0902 AVP-SLAM: Semantic Visual Mapping and Localization for Autonomous Vehicles in the Parking Lot
0904 Robust Internal Model Control for Motor Systems Based on Sliding Mode Technique and Extended State Observer
0905 Organizing the Internet of Robotic Things: The Effect of Organization Structure on Users' Evaluation and Compliance Toward IoRT Service Platform
0907 Locomotion Performance of a Configurable Paddle-Wheel Robot Over Dry Sandy Terrain
0908 Can I Lift It? Humanoid Robot Reasoning about the Feasibility of Lifting a Heavy Box with Unknown Physical Properties
0909 Adaptability Preserving Domain Decomposition for Stabilizing Sim2Real Reinforcement Learning
0912 Robot-Assisted Ultrasound-Guided Biopsy on MR-Detected Breast Lesions
0913 Tactile Event Based Grasping Algorithm Using Memorized Triggers and Mechanoreceptive Sensors
0914 An Augmented Reality Interaction Interface for Autonomous Drone
0919 Learning an Overlap-Based Observation Model for 3D LiDAR Localization
0931 Automatic Targetless Extrinsic Calibration of Multiple 3D LiDARs and Radars
0934 HD Map Change Detection with Cross-Domain Deep Metric Learning
0938 Learning Agile Locomotion Via Adversarial Training
0939 Path Planning for Mobile Manipulators under Nonholonomic and Task Constraints
0942 Long-Reach Compact Robotic Arm with LMPA Joints for Monitoring of Reactor Interior
0943 The Newer College Dataset Handheld LiDAR, Inertial and Vision with Ground Truth
0944 Automatic Failure Recovery and Re-Initialization for Online UAV Tracking with Joint Scale and Aspect Ratio Optimization
0947 Distributed Reinforcement Learning of Targeted Grasping with Active Vision for Mobile Manipulators
0948 Vision-Based Gesture Recognition in Human-Robot Teams Using Synthetic Data
0954 Joints-Space Metrics for Automatic Robotic Surgical Gestures Classification
0955 Probabilistic Qualitative Localization and Mapping
0956 Soft Tissue Simulation Environment to Learn Manipulation Tasks in Autonomous Robotic Surgery
0960 Adaptive Potential Scanning for a Tomographic Tactile Sensor with High Spatio-Temporal Resolution
0962 Modelling Social Interaction between Humans and Service Robots in Large Public Spaces
0963 A Novel Trajectory Optimization for Affine Systems: Beyond Convex-Concave Procedure
0970 Control of Magnetically-Driven Screws in a Viscoelastic Medium
0975 A Particle Filter Technique for Human Pose Estimation in Case of Occlusion Exploiting Holographic Human Model and Virtualized Environment
0976 Dual-SLAM: A Framework for Robust Single Camera Navigation
0979 Point Cloud Completion by Learning Shape Priors
0981 Task Planning from Complex Natural Instructions by a Collocating Robot
0986 AutoLay: Benchmarking amodal layout estimation for autonomous driving
0987 Centroids Triplet Network and Temporally-Consistent Embeddings for In-Situ Object Recognition
0988 Accurate Mapping and Planning for Autonomous Racing
0989 Optimal Robot Motion Planning in Constrained Workspaces Using Reinforcement Learning
0991 Next-Best-View Planning for Surface Reconstruction of Large-Scale 3D Environments with Multiple UAVs
0994 Multi-UAV Coverage Path Planning for the Inspection of Large and Complex Structures
0995 Coordinate-Free Isoline Tracking in Unknown 2-D Scalar Fields
0998 Diagnose Like a Clinician: Third-Order Attention Guided Lesion Amplification Network for WCE Image Classification
0999 Lightweight Multi-Robot Communication Protocols for Information Synchronization
1000 Hybrid Aerial-Ground Locomotion with a Single Passive Wheel
1002 Redundancy Resolution under Hard Joint Constraints: A Generalized Approach to Rank Updates
1005 A Mobile Robot Hand-Arm Teleoperation System by Vision and IMU
1006 Standard Deep Generative Models for Density Estimation in Configuration Spaces: A Study of Benefits, Limits and Challenges
1007 Unilateral Constraints for Torque-Based Whole-Body Control
1013 Distributed Motion Control for Multiple Connected Surface Vessels
1014 Towards Gradient-Based Actuationof Magnetic Soft Robots Using a Six-Coil Electromagnetic System
1015 MOZARD: Multi-Modal Localization for Autonomous Vehicles in Urban Outdoor Environments
1017 A Soft Humanoid Hand with In-Finger Visual Perception
1019 Affordance-Based Grasping and Manipulation in Real World Applications
1020 Computing High-Quality Clutter Removal Solutions for Multiple Robots
1022 To Ask or Not to Ask: A User Annoyance Aware Preference Elicitation Framework for Social Robots
1023 Visual Task Progress Estimation with Appearance Invariant Embeddings for Robot Control and Planning
1025 Formalization of Robot Skills with Descriptive and Operational Models
1028 Video Depth Estimation by Fusing Flow-to-Depth Proposals
1029 Towards Dynamic Transparency: Robust Interaction Force Tracking Using Multi-Sensory Control on an Arm Exoskeleton
1031 Faster Than FAST: GPU-Accelerated Frontend for High-Speed VIO
1037 Accurate and Robust Teach and Repeat Navigation by Visual Place Recognition: A CNN Approach
1043 Aerial Transportation of Unknown Payloads: Adaptive Path Tracking for Quadrotors
1044 Design and Modeling of a Parallel Shifted-Routing Cable-Driven Continuum Manipulator for Endometrial Regeneration Surgery
1045 Learning Continuous Object Representations from Point Cloud Data
1047 Deep Tactile Experience: Estimating Tactile Sensor Output from Depth Sensor Data
1049 Online Velocity Constraint Adaptation for Safe and Efficient Human-Robot Workspace Sharing
1050 Learning Domain Randomization Distributions for Training Robust Locomotion Policies
1051 An Optimized Tilt Mechanism for a New Steady-Hand Eye Robot
1052 Estimating Pedestrian Crossing States Based on Single 2D Body Pose
1055 Hybrid Fluidic Actuation for a Foam-Based Soft Actuator
1057 Unsupervised Depth and Confidence Prediction from Monocular Images Using Bayesian Inference
1060 CLOCs: Camera-LiDAR Object Candidates Fusion for 3D Object Detection
1062 Polygonal Perception for Mobile Robots
1064 Relational Graph Learning for Crowd Navigation
1065 Learning High-Level Policies for Model Predictive Control
1066 Autonomous Navigation in Complex Environments with Deep Multimodal Fusion Network
1071 Kinematic Multibody Model Generation of Deformable Linear Objects from Point Clouds
1074 Online Dynamic Motion Planning and Control for Wheeled Biped Robots
1076 Bayesian Fusion of Unlabeled Vision and RF Data for Aerial Tracking of Ground Targets
1077 Anatomical Mesh-Based Virtual Fixtures for Surgical Robots
1078 Smart-Inspect: Micro Scale Localization and Classification of Smartphone Glass Defects for Industrial Automation
1079 Automated Design and Construction of a Single Incision Laparoscopic System Adapted to the Required Workspace
1080 Dense Decentralized Multi-Robot SLAM Based on Locally Consistent TSDF Submaps
1081 Multiple Trajectory Prediction with Deep Temporal and Spatial Convolutional Neural Networks
1083 Multi-Sparse Gaussian Process: Learning Based Semi-Parametric Control
1085 Domain Adaptation for Outdoor Robot Traversability Estimation from RGB Data with Safety-Preserving Loss
1086 GndNet: Fast Ground Plane Estimation and Point Cloud Segmentation for Autonomous Vehicles
1088 A Bio-Inspired Framework for Joint Angle Estimation from Non-Collocated Sensors in Tendon-Driven Systems
1091 Real-Time Spatio-Temporal LiDAR Point Cloud Compression
1094 Solving Large-Scale Stochastic Orienteering Problems with Aggregation
1102 An Energy-Based Approach for the Integration of Collaborative Redundant Robots in Restricted Work Environments
1103 Wireless Electronic Skin with Integrated Pressure and Optical Proximity Sensing
1105 End-to-End 3D Point Cloud Learning for Registration Task Using Virtual Correspondences
1108 Safe Planning for Self-Driving Via Adaptive Constrained ILQR
1109 Experimental flights of adaptive patterns for cloud exploration with UAVs
1114 Learning to Live Life on the Edge: Online Learning for Data-Efficient Tactile Contour Following
1116 Supportive Actions for Manipulation in Human-Robot Coworker Teams
1118 Model-Based Quality-Diversity Search for Efficient Robot Learning
1119 Autonomous Planning for Multiple Aerial Cinematographers
1120 Supervised Autoencoder Joint Learning on Heterogeneous Tactile Sensory Data: Improving Material Classification Performance
1121 Magnetized Cell-Robot Propelled by Magnetic Field for Cancer Killing
1122 Basic Implementation of FPGA-GPU Dual SoC Hybrid Architecture for Low-Latency Multi-DOF Robot Motion Control
1123 Synchronization of Microphones Based on Rank Minimization of Warped Spectrum for Asynchronous Distributed Recording
1126 Robotic Micromanipulation of Biological Cells with Friction Force-Based Rotation Control
1130 Multi-Robot Joint Visual-Inertial Localization and 3-D Moving Object Tracking
1132 Modeling a Social Placement Cost to Extend Navigation among Movable Obstacles (NAMO) Algorithms
1134 An Earthworm-Like Soft Robot with Integration of Single Pneumatic Actuator and Cellular Structures for Peristaltic Motion
1135 IDOL: A Framework for IMU-DVS Odometry Using Lines
1136 This or That: The Effect of Robot's Deictic Expression on User's Perception
1137 Modeling and Control of a Hybrid Wheeled Jumping Robot
1138 An In-Pipe Manipulator for Contamination-Less Rehabilitation of Water Distribution Pipes
1140 Transferability in an 8-DoF Parallel Robot with a Configurable Platform
1141 Optimizing Dynamic Trajectories for Robustness to Disturbances Using Polytopic Projections
1142 Inter-Robot Range Measurements in Pose Graph Optimization
1145 Robots versus Speakers: What Type of Central Smart Home Interface Consumers Prefer?
1146 Reinforcement Co-Learning of Deep and Spiking Neural Networks for Energy-Efficient Mapless Navigation with Neuromorphic Hardware
1148 Scaling Laws for Parallel Motor-Gearbox Arrangements
1149 Passivity Filter for Variable Impedance Control
1150 Long-Run Multi-Robot Planning under Uncertain Action Durations for Persistent Tasks
1151 Template-Based Optimal Robot Design with Application to Passive-Dynamic Underactuated Flapping
1155 Interactive Movement Primitives: Planning to Push Occluding Pieces for Fruit Picking
1157 Modeling Cable-Driven Joint Dynamics and Friction: A Bond-Graph Approach
1158 Verification of System-Wide Safety Properties of ROS Applications
1159 Real-Time Detection of Broccoli Crops in 3D Point Clouds for Autonomous Robotic Harvesting
1165 Understanding Contexts Inside Robot and Human Manipulation Tasks through Vision-Language Model and Ontology System in Video Streams
1171 Representing Spatial Object Relations As Parametric Polar Distribution for Scene Manipulation Based on Verbal Commands
1172 Z-Net: An Anisotropic 3D DCNN for Medical CT Volume Segmentation
1176 Analysis, Development and Evaluation of Electro-Hydrostatic Technology for Lower Limb Prostheses Applications
1177 Proprioceptive Sensor Fusion for Quadruped Robot State Estimation
1180 Model Identification of a Small Omnidirectional Aquatic Surface Vehicle: A Practical Implementation
1183 Reducing the Teleoperator's Cognitive Burden for Complex Contact Tasks Using Affordance Primitives
1184 Point Cloud Based Reinforcement Learning for Sim-To-Real and Partial Observability in Visual Navigation
1189 A Novel Inverse Kinematics Method for Upper-Limb Exoskeleton under Joint Coordination Constraints
1190 Closing the Loop: Real-Time Perception and Control for Robust Collision Avoidance with Occluded Obstacles
1191 Brainless Running: A Quasi-Quadruped Robot with Decentralized Spinal Reflexes by Solely Mechanical Devices
1193 Unsupervised Learning of Dense Optical Flow, Depth and Egomotion with Event-Based Sensors
1195 Autonomous Robot Navigation Based on Multi-Camera Perception
1196 Improving Motion Planning for Surgical Robot with Active Constraints
1197 Graduated Assignment Graph Matching for Realtime Matching of Image Wireframes
1201 Integrating Model Predictive Control and Dynamic Waypoints Generation for Motion Planning in Surgical Scenario
1203 Hierarchical Optimization Control of Redundant Manipulator for Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery
1204 Variable Pitch System for the Underwater Explorer Robot UX-1
1205 Real-Time Optimal Control of an Autonomous RC Car with Minimum-Time Maneuvers and a Novel Kineto-Dynamical Model
1208 PillarFlowNet: A Real-time Deep Multitask Network for LiDAR-based 3D Object Detection and Scene Flow Estimation
1209 Intelligent Exploration and Autonomous Navigation in Confined Spaces
1211 Model Identification of a Soft Robotic Neck
1216 MHYRO: Modular HYbrid RObot for Contact Inspection and Maintenance in Oil&gas Plants
1218 Auditory Feedback Effectiveness for Enabling Safe Sclera Force in Robot-Assisted Vitreoretinal Surgery: A Multi-User Study
1220 Towards Micro Robot Hydrobatics: Vision-based Guidance, Navigation, and Control for Agile Underwater Vehicles in Confined Environments
1222 A Decentralized Framework for Simultaneous Calibration, Localization and Mapping with Multiple LiDARs
1231 Real-Time Detection of Distracted Driving Using Dual Cameras
1232 A Biomimetic Tactile Fingerprint Induces Incipient Slip
1233 Model Quality Aware RANSAC: A Robust Camera Motion Estimator
1235 Synchrono: A Scalable, Physics-Based Simulation Platform for Testing Groups of Autonomous Vehicles And/or Robots
1236 Cross Scene Prediction via Modeling Dynamic Correlation using Latent Space Shared Auto-Encoders
1237 Towards Vision-Based Impedance Control for the Contact Inspection of Unknown Generically-Shaped Surfaces with a Fully-Actuated UAV
1238 Squash-Box Feasibility Driven Differential Dynamic Programming
1239 SGM-MDE: Semi-Global Optimization for Classification-Based Monocular Depth Estimation
1240 Safety Considerations in Deep Control Policies with Safety Barrier Certificates under Uncertainty
1244 Asynchronous Event-Based Line Tracking for Time-To-Contact Maneuvers in UAS
1245 RobotVQA ' a Scene-Graph and Deep-Learning-Based Visual Question Answering System for Robot Manipulation
1247 A Model-Free Solution for Stable Balancing and Locomotion of Floating-Base Legged Systems
1248 Label Efficient Visual Abstractions for Autonomous Driving
1249 Control Interface for Hands-Free Navigation of Standing Mobility Vehicles Based on Upper-Body Natural Movements
1250 Resonating Magnetic Manipulation for 3D Path-Following and Blood Clot Removal Using a Rotating Swimmer
1252 Distilling Location Proposals of Unknown Objects through Gaze Information for Human-Robot Interaction
1253 Visualization of Intended Assistance for Acceptance of Shared Control
1254 Learning Object Manipulation with Dexterous Hand-Arm Systems from Human Demonstration
1255 Learning Accurate and Human-Like Driving Using Semantic Maps and Attention
1259 Designing Environments Conducive to Interpretable Robot Behavior
1263 Efficiency and Equity are Both Essential: A Generalized Traffic Signal Controller with Deep Reinforcement Learning
1265 Reactive Receding Horizon Planning and Control for Quadrotors with Limited On-Board Sensing
1266 SelfieDroneStick: A Natural Interface for Quadcopter Photography
1275 Localization and Force-Feedback with Soft Magnetic Stickers for Precise Robot Manipulation
1276 Robust Monocular Edge Visual Odometry through Coarse-To-Fine Data Association
1279 TartanAir: A Dataset to Push the Limits of Visual SLAM
1281 An SEM-Based Nanomanipulation System for Multi-Physical Characterization of Single InGaN/GaN Nanowires
1282 Line Walking and Balancing for Legged Robots with Point Feet
1283 Robust Gait Synthesis Combining Constrained Optimization and Imitation Learning
1284 Edge-Based Visual Odometry with Stereo Cameras Using Multiple Oriented Quadtrees
1285 Monocular Localization in HD Maps by Combining Semantic Segmentation and Distance Transform
1288 Optimal Design of a Novel Spherical Scissor Linkage Remote Center of Motion Mechanism for Medical Robotics
1292 Adversarial Generation of Informative Trajectories for Dynamics System Identification
1295 Robust and Efficient Object Change Detection by Combining Global Semantic Information and Local Geometric Verification
1296 Bounded Sub-Optimal Multi-Robot Path Planning Using Satisfiability Modulo Theory (SMT) Approach
1297 Haptic Knowledge Transfer between Heterogeneous Robots Using Kernel Manifold Alignment
1298 Competitive Coverage: (Full) Information As a GameChanger
1299 Expressing Diverse Human Driving Behavior with ProbabilisticRewards and Online Inference
1300 Proximal Deterministic Policy Gradient
1301 Generalizing Learned Manipulation Skills in Practice
1302 GR-SLAM: Vision-Based Sensor Fusion SLAM for Ground Robots on Complex Terrain
1304 Automatic Gait Pattern Selection for Legged Robots
1307 Learning Vision-Based Physics Intuition Models for Non-Disruptive Object Extraction
1313 Lane-Attention: Predicting Vehicles' Moving Trajectories by Learning Their Attention Over Lanes
1315 Robotic Table Tennis with Model-Free Reinforcement Learning
1317 Consistent Covariance Pre-Integration for Invariant Filters with Delayed Measurements
1319 Model-Based Specification of Control Architectures for Compliant Interaction with the Environment
1321 Perception-Aware Path Finding and Following of Snake Robot in Unknown Environment
1323 3D Coating Self-Assembly for Modular Robotic Scaffolds
1326 Understanding Dynamic Scenes Using Graph Convolution Networks
1328 Monocular Depth Prediction through Continuous 3D Loss
1335 Peg-In-Hole Using 3D Workpiece Reconstruction and CNN-Based Hole Detection
1337 Crop Height and Plot Estimation for Phenotyping from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using 3D LiDAR
1338 Non-linear control under state constraints with validated trajectories for a mobile robot towing a trailer
1340 ImitationFlow: Learning Deep Stable Stochastic Dynamic Systems by Normalizing Flows
1341 A Unique Identifier Assignment Method for Distributed Modular Robots
1344 A Framework for Real-Time and Personalisable Human Ergonomics Monitoring
1346 Bio-Inspired Inverted Landing Strategy in a Small Aerial Robot Using Policy Gradient
1347 Walking on TacTip Toes: A Tactile Sensing Foot for Walking Robots
1350 Event-Based PID Controller Fully Realized in Neuromorphic Hardware: A One DoF Study
1351 Modality-Buffet for Real-Time Object Detection
1352 Traffic Control Gesture Recognition for Autonomous Vehicles
1353 Emergent Adaptive Gait Generation through Hebbian Sensor-Motor Maps by Morphological Probing
1356 PnuGrip: An Active Two-Phase Gripper for Dexterous Manipulation
1357 robo-gym ' An Open Source Toolkit for Distributed Deep Reinforcement Learning on Real and Simulated Robots
1358 LIC-Fusion 2.0: LiDAR-Inertial-Camera Odometry with Sliding-Window Plane-Feature Tracking
1359 Experimental Evaluation of 3D-LIDAR Camera Extrinsic Calibration
1362 Autonomous model-based assessment of mechanical failures of reconfigurable modular robots with a Conjugate Gradient solver
1363 Spiking Neurons Ensemble for Movement Generation in Dynamically Changing Environments
1365 Terrain-Adaptive Planning and Control of Complex Motions for Walking Excavators
1369 Gimme Signals: Discriminative Signal Encoding for Multimodal Activity Recognition
1370 Goal-Driven Variable Admittance Control for Robot Manual Guidance
1372 A Scalable Framework for Robust Vehicle State Estimation with a Fusion of a Low-Cost IMU, the GNSS, Radar, a Camera and Lidar
1375 Joint Feature Selection and Time Optimal Path Parametrization for High Speed Vision-Aided Navigation
1377 Multi-Task Deep Learning for Depth-Based Person Perception in Mobile Robotics
1378 Online Explanation Generation for Planning Tasks in Human-Robot Teaming
1381 CinemAirSim: A Camera-Realistic Robotics Simulator for Cinematographic Purposes
1384 Real-World Human-Robot Collaborative Reinforcement Learning
1386 Kinodynamic Motion Planning for Multi-Legged Robot Jumping Via Mixed-Integer Convex Program
1387 Who Make Drivers Stop? Towards Driver-Centric Risk Assessment: Risk Object Identification via Causal Inference
1388 Adaptive Partitioning for Coordinated Multi-Agent Perimeter Defense
1390 Tracking Strategy Based on Magnetic Sensors for Microrobot Navigation in the Cochlea
1391 Learning Object Attributes with Category-Free Grounded Language from Deep Featurization
1392 First Steps: Latent-Space Control with Semantic Constraints for Quadruped Locomotion
1394 Self-Reconfiguration Planning of Adaptive Modular Robots with Triangular Structure Based on Extended Binary Trees
1395 Fast Model Predictive Image-Based Visual Servoing for Quadrotors
1396 What the HoloLens Maps Is Your Workspace: Fast Mapping and Set-Up of Robot Cells Via Head Mounted Displays and Augmented Reality
1399 6D Pose Estimation for Flexible Production with Small Lot Sizes Based on CAD Models Using Gaussian Process Implicit Surfaces
1400 Design of a New Electroactive Polymer Based Continuum Actuator for Endoscopic Surgical Robots
1402 Efficient Object Search through Probability-Based Viewpoint Selection
1405 A Probabilistic Shared-Control Framework for Mobile Robots
1409 Model Predictive Control for a Tendon-Driven Surgical Robot with Safety Constraints in Kinematics and Dynamics
1411 Vision-based Belt Manipulation by Humanoid Robot
1414 3D Localization of a Sound Source Using Mobile Microphone Arrays Referenced by SLAM
1418 Exploit Semantic and Public Prior Information in MonoSLAM
1422 Fast Online Adaptation in Robotics through Meta-Learning Embeddings of Simulated Priors
1425 Computational Design of Balanced Open Link Planar Mechanisms with Counterweights from User Sketches
1427 An Underactuated Gripper Using Origami-Folding Inspired Variable Stiffness Flexure Hinges
1428 Frontier Detection and Reachability Analysis for Efficient 2D Graph-SLAM Based Active Exploration
1429 Towards the Development of a Robotic Transcatheter Delivery System for Mitral Valve Implant
1430 B-Spline Surfaces for Range-Based Environment Mapping
1431 Localizing against Drawn Maps Via Spline-Based Registration
1432 Majorization Minimization Methods for Distributed Pose Graph Optimization with Convergence Guarantees
1433 Deep Adversarial Reinforcement Learning for Object Disentangling
1434 Dense Incremental Metric-Semantic Mapping Via Sparse Gaussian Process Regression
1435 Synthesis of Control Barrier Functions Using a Supervised Machine Learning Approach
1436 JRMOT: A Real-Time 3D Multi-Object Tracker and a New Large-Scale Dataset
1438 Slope Handling for Quadruped Robots Using Deep Reinforcement Learning and Toe Trajectory Planning
1439 Realistic and Interactive Robot Gaze
1440 Gaussian Process Gradient Maps for Loop-Closure Detection in Unstructured Planetary Environments
1442 Efficient Multiresolution Scrolling Grid for Stereo Vision-based MAV Obstacle Avoidance
1443 Action Sequence Predictions of Vehicles in Urban Environments Using Map and Social Context
1446 Decentralized Nonlinear MPC for Robust Cooperative Manipulation by Heterogeneous Aerial-Ground Robots
1447 Joint-Level Control of the DLR Lightweight Robot SARA
1452 Improving Unimodal Object Recognition with Multimodal Contrastive Learning
1453 Observer-Based Control of Inflatable Robot with Variable Stiffness
1454 Maximizing BCI Human Feedback Using Active Learning
1457 LiDAR Iris for Loop-Closure Detection
1460 Mixed Reality As a Bidirectional Communication Interface for Human-Robot Interaction
1461 Visual Monitoring and Servoing of a Cutting Blade During Telerobotic Satellite Servicing
1462 Human-Drone Interaction for Aerially Manipulated Drilling Using Haptic Feedback
1463 MAPPER: Multi-Agent Path Planning with Evolutionary Reinforcement Learning in Mixed Dynamic Environments
1465 No-Regret Shannon Entropy Regularized Neural Contextual Bandit Online Learning for Robotic Grasping
1467 Learning of Tool Force Adjustment Skills by a Life-Sized Humanoid Using Deep Reinforcement Learning and Active Teaching Request
1469 Towards Deep Learning Assisted Autonomous UAVs for Manipulation Tasks in GPS-Denied Environments
1471 BIT-VO: Visual Odometry at 300 FPS Using Binary Features from the Focal Plane
1472 Using Machine Learning for Material Detection with Capacitive Proximity Sensors
1477 Intent-Driven Strategic Tactical Planning for Autonomous SiteInspection Using Cooperative Drones
1478 Physical Human-Robot Interaction with Real Active Surfaces Using Haptic Rendering on Point Clouds
1480 End-to-End Autonomous Driving Perception with Sequential Latent Representation Learning
1482 The Robot As Scientist: Using Mental Simulation to Test Causal Hypotheses Extracted from Human Activities in Virtual Reality
1483 Design of a High-Level Teleoperation Interface Resilient to the Effects of Unreliable Robot Autonomy
1488 TactileSGNet: A Spiking Graph Neural Network for Event-Based Tactile Object Recognition
1490 A Miniaturised Neuromorphic Tactile Sensor Integrated with an Anthropomorphic Robot Hand
1493 Towards Unsupervised Learning for Instrument Segmentation in Robotic Surgery with Cycle-Consistent Adversarial Networks
1498 Energy-Efficient Motion Planning for Multi-Modal Hybrid Locomotion
1499 CNN-Based Foothold Selection for Mechanically Adaptive Soft Foot
1503 A Topological Approach to Path Planning for a Magnetic Millirobot
1504 Autonomous Detection and Assessment with Moving Sensors
1505 Compliance Control of Cable-Suspended Aerial Manipulator Using Hierarchical Control Framework
1507 Noncontact Estimation of Stiffness Based on Optical Coherence Elastography under Acoustic Radiation Pressure
1508 Factor Graph Based 3D Multi-Object Tracking in Point Clouds
1512 Application of Interacting Models to Estimate the Gait Speed of an Exoskeleton User
1513 An Approach to Reduce Communication for Multi-Agent Mapping Applications
1514 CUHK-AHU Dataset: Promoting Practical Self-Driving Applications in the Complex Airport Logistics, Hill and Urban Environments
1515 Friction Identification in a Pneumatic Gripper
1519 LC-GAN: Image-To-Image Translation Based on Generative Adversarial Network for Endoscopic Images
1520 Learning Human Navigation Behavior Using Measured Human Trajectories in Crowded Spaces
1527 Scaling up Multiagent Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Systems: Learn an Adaptive Sparse Communication Graph
1537 Efficient Exploration in Constrained Environments with Goal-Oriented Reference Path
1538 Kalman Filter Based Range Estimation and Clock Synchronization for Ultra Wide Band Networks
1540 Haptic Sequential Monte Carlo Localization for Quadrupedal Locomotion in Vision-Denied Scenarios
1543 Vision Only 3-D Shape Estimation for Autonomous Driving
1544 LLAMA: Design and Control of an Omnidirectional Human Mission Scale Quadrupedal Robot
1545 Variational Filtering with Copula Models for SLAM
1546 Dynamic Parameter Estimation Utilizing Optimized Trajectories
1551 Core-Centered Actuation for Biped Locomotion of Humanoid Robots
1553 Dynamic Stability Control of Inverted-Pendulum-Type Robotic Wheelchair for Going Up and Down Stairs
1560 Depth Completion Via Inductive Fusion of Planar LIDAR and Monocular Camera
1565 FlexiVision: Teleporting the Surgeon's Eyes Via Robotic Flexible Endoscope and Head-Mounted Display
1566 Towards Robust Visual Tracking for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with Tri-Attentional Correlation Filters
1568 Infusing Reachability-Based Safety into Planning and Control for Multi-Agent Interactions
1569 Optimization-Based Hierarchical Motion Planning for Autonomous Racing
1572 DR-SPAAM: A Spatial-Attention and Auto-Regressive Model for Person Detection in 2D Range Data
1573 Functionally Divided Manipulation Synergy for Controlling Multi-Fingered Hands
1574 Solving Cosserat Rod Models Via Collocation and the Magnus Expansion
1576 SwingBot: Learning Physical Features from In-Hand Tactile Exploration for Dynamic Swing-Up Manipulation
1577 Crowdsourced 3D Mapping: A Combined Multi-View Geometry and Self-Supervised Learning Approach
1579 Visuomotor Mechanical Search: Learning to Retrieve Target Objects in Clutter
1580 GRIF Net: Gated Region of Interest Fusion Network for Robust 3D Object Detection from Radar Point Cloud and Monocular Image
1582 Semi-Autonomous Control of Leader-Follower Excavator using Admittance Control for Synchronization and Autonomy with Bifurcation and Stagnation for Human Interface
1586 Active Improvement of Control Policies with Bayesian Gaussian Mixture Model
1590 PLRC*: A Piecewise Linear Regression Complex for Approximating Optimal Robot Motion
1591 Disappearance of Chaotic Attractor of Passive Dynamic Walking by Stretch-Bending Deformation in Basin of Attraction
1593 Enabling Robot to Assist Human in Collaborative Assembly Using Convolutional Neural Networks
1595 Estimating Motion Codes from Demonstration Videos
1598 Dynamic Object Tracking and Masking for Visual SLAM
1599 Evaluating the Efficacy of Parallel Elastic Actuators on High-Speed, Variable Stiffness Running
1600 Active Preference Learning Using Maximum Regret
1602 Approximated Dynamic Trait Models for Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Teams
1603 Relevant Region Exploration on General Cost-Maps for Sampling-Based Motion Planning
1605 Self-Supervised Object Tracking with Cycle-Consistent Siamese Networks
1608 Resilient Coverage: Exploring the Local-To-Global Trade-Off
1611 X-Ray: Mechanical Search for an Occluded Object by Minimizing Support of Learned Occupancy Distributions
1613 Secure Route Planning Using Dynamic Games with Stopping States
1619 Ospheel: Design of an Omnidirectional Spherical-Sectioned Wheel
1620 SQUIRL: Robust and Efficient Learning from Video Demonstration of Long-Horizon Robotic Manipulation Tasks
1623 Depth Estimation from Monocular Images and Sparse Radar Data
1629 Learning to Switch CNNs with Model Agnostic Meta Learning for Fine Precision Visual Servoing
1630 Relative Pose Estimation and Planar Reconstruction Via Superpixel-Driven Multiple Homographies
1631 Crossing the Gap: A Deep Dive into Zero-Shot Sim-to-Real Transfer for Dynamics
1632 Rapid Bipedal Gait Optimization in CasADi
1634 Novel Design of a Soft Pump Driven by Super-Coiled Polymer Artificial Muscles
1635 Automated Folding of a Deformable Thin Object through Robot Manipulators
1639 Robot Learning in Mixed Adversarial and Collaborative Settings
1640 Jumping Motion Generation for Humanoid Robot Using Arm Swing Effectively and Changing in Foot Contact Status
1641 Antipodal Robotic Grasping Using Generative Residual Convolutional Neural Network
1645 Hindsight for Foresight: Unsupervised Structured Dynamics Models from Physical Interaction
1655 Resultant Radius of Curvature of Stylet-And-Tube Steerable Needles Based on the Mechanical Properties of the Soft Tissue, and the Needle
1657 Enhanced Transfer Learning for Autonomous Driving with Systematic Accident Simulation
1658 Observer-Based Disturbance Control for Small-Scale Collaborative Robotics
1659 Anticipating Tumor Metastasis by Circulating Tumor Cells Captured by Acoustic Microstreaming
1660 An Untethered Brittle Star-Inspired Soft Robot for Closed-Loop Underwater Locomotion
1662 What to Do When You Can't Do It All: Temporal Logic Planning with Soft Temporal Logic Constraints
1663 Dynamics and Aerial Attitude Control for Rapid Emergency Deployment of the Agile Ground Robot AGRO
1665 A Framework for Human-Robot Interaction User Studies
1671 A Mixed-Integer Model Predictive Control Approach to Motion Cueing in Immersive Wheelchair Simulator
1674 Self-Sensing Soft Tactile Actuator for Fingertip Interface
1675 Trajectory Tracking of a One-Link Flexible Arm Via Iterative Learning Control
1677 Contextual Policy Search for Micro-Data Robot Motion Learning through Covariate Gaussian Process Latent Variable Models
1678 A Framework for Online Updates to Safe Sets for Uncertain Dynamics
1680 Contact Force Estimation and Regulation of a Position-Controlled Floating Base System without Joint Torque Information
1685 Going Cognitive: A Demonstration of the Utility of Task-General Cognitive Architectures for Adaptive Robotic Task Performance
1686 A Fast and Robust Place Recognition Approach for Stereo Visual Odometry Using LiDAR Descriptors
1689 Developing Thermal Endoscope for Endoscopic Photothermal Therapy for Peritoneal Dissemination
1690 Collision-Free Distributed Multi-Target Tracking Using Teams of Mobile Robots with Localization Uncertainty
1692 HouseExpo: A Large-Scale 2D Indoor Layout Dataset for Learning-Based Algorithms on Mobile Robots
1693 ReachFlow: An Online Safety Assurance Framework for Waypoint-Following of Self-Driving Cars
1694 An Untethered Soft Cellular Robot with Variable Volume, Friction, and Unit-To-Unit Cohesion
1695 Multi-Robot Task Allocation with Time Window and Ordering Constraints
1696 A Distributed Scalar Field Mapping Strategy for Mobile Robots
1698 TORM: Fast and Accurate Trajectory Optimization of Redundant Manipulator Given an End-Effector Path
1703 IAN: Multi-Behavior Navigation Planning for Robots in Real, Crowded Environments
1706 Contact Localization Using Velocity Constraints
1707 Tensor Action Spaces for Multi-Agent Robot Transfer Learning
1709 Deep Prediction of Swept Volume Geometries: Robots and Resolutions
1710 Collaborative Programming of Conditional Robot Tasks
1711 A Whisker-Inspired Fin Sensor for Multi-Directional Airflow Sensing
1716 Seed: A Segmentation-Based Egocentric 3D Point Cloud Descriptor for Loop Closure Detection
1719 Multi-Fingered Active Grasp Learning
1720 Extended Performance Guarantees for Receding Horizon Search with Terminal Cost
1721 Robot Learning from Demonstration with Tactile Signals for Geometry-Dependent Tasks
1722 F-Siamese Tracker: A Frustum-Based Double Siamese Network for 3D Single Object Tracking
1723 QSRNet: Estimating Qualitative Spatial Representations from RGB-D Images
1724 Interactive Planning and Supervised Execution for High-Risk, High-Latency Teleoperation
1725 L1-Adaptive MPPI Architecture for Robust and Agile Control of Multirotors
1726 Highly Underactuated Radial Gripper for Automated Planar Grasping and Part Fixturing
1727 Localization Uncertainty-Driven Adaptive Framework for Controlling Ground Vehicle Robots
1728 Sim-To-Real with Domain Randomization for Tumbling Robot Control
1729 Robust, Perception Based Control with Quadrotors
1730 Analysis of Contact Stability and Contact Safety of a Robotic Intravascular Cardiac Catheter under Blood Flow Disturbances
1732 Real-Time Multi-SLAM System for Agent Localization and 3D Mapping in Dynamic Scenarios
1733 Deep R-Learning for Continual Area Sweeping
1734 Fast Uncertainty Estimation for Deep Learning Based Optical Flow
1735 Global Localization Over 2D Floor Plans with Free-Space Density Based on Depth Information
1736 A Multi-Contact Motion Planning and Control Strategy for Physical Interaction Tasks Using a Humanoid Robot
1737 Soft-Bubble Grippers for Robust and Perceptive Manipulation
1738 Planning for Robust Visibility-Based Pursuit-Evasion
1741 Robot Calligraphy Using Pseudospectral Optimal Controlin Conjunction with a Novel Dynamic Brush Model
1743 Path Planning under MIMO Network Constraints for Throughput Enhancement in Multi-Robot Data Aggregation Tasks
1744 Self-Supervised Neural Audio-Visual Sound Source Localization Via Probabilistic Spatial Modeling
1745 Silicone-Based Capacitive E-Skin for Exteroception and Proprioception
1746 SCAN: System for Camera Autonomous Navigation in Robotic-Assisted Surgery
1749 Flight Control of Sliding Arm Quadcopter with Dynamic Structural Parameters
1750 Domain-Adversarial and -Conditional State Space Model for Imitation Learning
1752 MSDPN: Monocular Depth Prediction with Partial Laser Observation Using Multi-Stage Neural Networks
1753 Optimizing Coordinate Choice for Locomotion Systems with Toroidal Shape Spaces
1754 DeepURL: Deep Pose Estimation Framework for Underwater Relative Localization
1755 Expert-Emulating Excavation Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Robotic Industrial Excavator
1758 Soft Microrobotic Transmissions Enable Rapid Ground-Based Locomotion
1762 Algorithm for Multi-Robot Chance-Constrained Generalized Assignment Problem with Stochastic Resource Consumption
1763 Game-Theoretic Planning for Risk-Aware Interactive Agents
1765 Demonstration of a Novel Phase Lag Controlled Roll Rotation Mechanism Using a Two-DOF Soft Swimming Robot
1769 Learning to Locomote with Artificial Neural-Network and CPG-Based Control in a Soft Snake Robot
1771 HeatNet: Bridging the Day-Night Domain Gap in Semantic Segmentation with Thermal Images
1772 Building Plannable Representations with Mixed Reality
1773 Parameter Identification for an Uncooperative Captured Satellite with Spinning Reaction Wheels
1774 Design of a Highly-Maneuverable Pneumatic Soft Actuator Driven by Intrinsic SMA Coils (PneuSMA Actuator)
1779 Collision Reaction Through Internal Stress Loading in Cooperative Manipulation
1780 Pedestrian Motion Tracking by Using Inertial Sensors on the Smartphone
1781 Blind Bin Picking of Small Screws Through In-finger Manipulation With Compliant Robotic Fingers
1782 Data-Driven Distributionally Robust Electric Vehicle Balancing for Mobility-On-Demand Systems under Demand and Supply Uncertainties
1788 A Concept of a Miniaturized MR Clutch Utilizing MR Fluid in Squeeze Mode
1790 Enabling Remote Whole-Body Control with 5G Edge Computing
1793 3D Printed Bio-Inspired Hair Sensor for Directional Airflow Sensing
1794 Learning to Use Adaptive Motion Primitives in Search-Based Motion Planning for Navigation
1795 RadarSLAM: Radar Based Large-Scale SLAM in All Weathers
1799 Learning Orientation Distributions for Object Pose Estimation
1804 Performance Characterization of an Algorithm to Estimate the Search Skill of a Human or Robot Agent
1807 Learning an Optimal Sampling Distribution for Efficient Motion Planning
1810 Autonomous Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance of a Snake Robot with Combined Velocity-Heading Control
1811 Quadrotor-Enabled Autonomous Parking Occupancy Detection
1812 The Masked Mapper: Masked Metric Mapping
1813 Augmenting Control Policies with Motion Planning for Robust and Safe Multi-Robot Navigation
1814 Collaborative Semantic Perception and Relative Localization Based on Map Matching
1816 Weakly-Supervised Learning for Multimodal Human Activity Recognition in Human-Robot Collaboration Scenarios
1817 Sim-To-Real Transfer of Bolting Tasks with Tight Tolerance
1818 LiDAR Guided Small Obstacle Segmentation
1819 Towards Transparent Robotic Planningvia Contrastive Explanations
1820 Estimation of Object Class and Orientation from Multiple Viewpoints and Relative Camera Orientation Constraints
1821 Information Driven Self-Calibration for Lidar-Inertial Systems
1822 Safe and Effective Picking Paths in Clutter given Discrete Distributions of Object Poses
1823 Shape Reconstruction of CCD Camera-Based Soft Tactile Sensors
1824 Allocating Limited Sensing Resources to Accurately Map Dynamic Environments
1825 Robust Micro-Particle Manipulation in a Microfluidic Channel Network Using Gravity-Induced Pressure Actuators
1827 The Multi-Material Actuator for Variable Stiffness (MAVS): Design, Modeling, and Characterization of a Soft Actuator for Lateral Ankle Support
1828 Dec-PPCPP: A Decentralized Predator--Prey-Based Approach to Adaptive Coverage Path Planning Amid Moving Obstacles
1830 Data-Driven Distributed State Estimation and Behavior Modeling in Sensor Networks
1833 Collision Risk Assessment Via Awareness Estimation Toward Robotic Attendant
1834 Leveraging Multiple Environments for Learning and Decision Making: A Dismantling Use Case
1836 Robust Dynamic State Estimation for Lateral Control of an Industrial Tractor Towing Multiple Passive Trailers
1837 Output Only Fault Detection and Mitigation of Networks of Autonomous Vehicles
1838 Markov Decision Processes with Unknown State Feature Values for Safe Exploration using Gaussian Processes
1839 Design and Control of SLIDER: An Ultra-Lightweight, Knee-Less, Low-Cost Bipedal Walking Robot
1840 Learning Bayes Filter Models for Tactile Localization
1841 Occlusion Handling for Industrial Robots
1844 Online BayesSim for Combined Simulator Parameter Inference and Policy Improvement
1846 Roboat II: A Novel Autonomous Surface Vessel for Urban Environments
1847 Human Grasp Classification for Reactive Human-To-Robot Handovers
1851 Persistent Connected Power Constrained Surveillance with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
1853 Designing A Dummy Skin by Evaluating Contacts between A Human Hand and A Robot End Tip
1854 Making Robots Draw a Vivid Portrait in Two Minutes
1856 Unified Calibration for Multi-Camera Mult-LiDAR Systems Using a Single Checkerboard
1857 3D Multi-Object Tracking: A Baseline and New Evaluation Metrics
1858 Learning Consistency Pursued Correlation Filters for Real-Time UAV Tracking
1860 Multi-Robot Containment and Disablement
1861 Snapbot V2: A Reconfigurable Legged Robot with a Camera for Self Configuration Recognition
1862 Stable Crawling Policy for Wearable SuperLimbs Attached to a Human with Tuned Impedance
1864 Planning on the fast lane: Learning to interact using attention mechanisms in path integral inverse reinforcement learning
1867 Identification of a Human Hand Kinematics by Measuring and Merging of Nail-Based Finger Motions
1868 Tidying Deep Saliency Prediction Architectures
1872 Deep Reinforcement Learning for Industrial Insertion Tasks with Visual Inputs and Natural Rewards
1873 SideGuide: A Large-Scale Sidewalk Dataset for Guiding Impaired People
1874 Autonomous Multi-Robot Assembly of Solar Array Modules: Experimental Analysis and Insights
1875 Learning Transition Models with Time-Delayed Causal Relations
1876 Lyapunov-Based Approach to Reactive Step Generation for Push Recovery of Biped Robots Via Hybrid Tracking Control of DCM
1877 Versatile 3D Multi-Sensor Fusion for Lightweight 2D Localization
1878 Efficient Trajectory Library Filtering for Quadrotor Flight in Unknown Environments
1882 Towards General Infeasibility Proofs in Motion Planning
1884 PillarFlow: End-To-End Birds-Eye-View Flow Estimation for Autonomous Driving
1888 Self-Supervised Simultaneous Alignment and Change Detection
1889 Multimodal Sensor Fusion with Differentiable Filters
1890 Multi-Object Rearrangement with Monte Carlo Tree Search: A Case Study on Planar Nonprehensile Sorting
1891 A Robust Multi-Stereo Visual-Inertial Odometry Pipeline
1893 Multimodal Material Classification for Robots Using Spectroscopy and High Resolution Texture Imaging
1895 SplitFlyer: a Modular Quadcoptor that Disassembles into Two Flying Robots
1897 Multi-Agent Safe Planning with Gaussian Processes
1898 Exponentially Stabilizing and Time-Varying Virtual Constraint Controllers for Dynamic Quadrupedal Bounding
1899 Vision Global Localization with Semantic Segmentation and Interest Feature Points
1900 An Electrocommunication System Using FSK Modulation and Deep Learning Based Demodulation for Underwater Robots
1901 Online System for Dynamic Multi-contact Motion with Impact Force Based on Contact Wrench Estimation and Current-Based Torque Control
1902 Learning Constraint-Based Planning Models from Demonstrations
1903 Autonomous Vehicle Benchmarking Using Unbiased Metrics
1907 Ultrasound-Guided Robotic Navigation with Deep Reinforcement Learning
1908 Gait Training Robot with Intermittent Force Application Based on Prediction of Minimum Toe Clearance
1909 Design and Implementation of a Haptic Measurement Glove to Create Realistic Human-Telerobot Interactions
1911 Risk-Averse MPC via Visual-Inertial Input and Recurrent Networks for Online Collision Avoidance
1912 Data Driven Online Multi-Robot Formation Planning
1913 Learning-Based Distributionally Robust Motion Control with Gaussian Processes
1915 Multi-Label Long Short-Term Memory for Construction Vehicle Activity Recognition with Imbalanced Supervision
1916 Deep Mixture Density Network for Probabilistic Object Detection
1917 Human Preference-Based Learning for High-Dimensional Optimization of Exoskeleton Walking Gaits
1919 Online Planning in Uncertain and Dynamic Environment in the Presence of Multiple Mobile Vesicles
1920 Reliable Chattering-Free Simulation of Friction Torque in Joints Presenting High Stiction
1921 Generating Minimum-Snap Quadrotor Trajectories Really Fast
1922 Data-Driven Characterization of Human Interaction for Model-based Control of Powered Prostheses
1925 Development of a Maneuverable Un-Tethered Multi-fin Soft Robot
1928 Choosing Classification Thresholds for Mobile Robot Coverage
1930 Accelerating Bi-Directional Sampling-Based Search for Motion Planning of Non-Holonomic Mobile Manipulators
1933 Online Configuration Selection for Redundant Arrays of Inertial Sensors: Application to Robotic Systems Covered with a Multimodal Artificial Skin
1934 Synchronous Minimum-Time Cooperative Manipulation Using Distributed Model Predictive Control
1935 Robust Force Tracking Impedance Control of an Ultrasonic Motor-Actuated End-Effector in a Soft Environment
1936 Transferring Experience from Simulation to the Real World for Precise Pick-And-Place Tasks in Highly Cluttered Scenes
1937 Uncertainty-aware Self-supervised 3D Data Association
1941 Parts-Based Articulated Object Localization in Clutter Using Belief Propagation
1942 Low-Viewpoint Forest Depth Dataset for Sparse Rover Swarms
1943 TrueÆdapt: Learning Smooth Online Trajectory Adaptation with Bounded Jerk, Acceleration and Velocity in Joint Space
1944 Simple Means Faster: Real-Time Human Motion Forecasting in Monocular First Person Videos on CPU
1947 H-Infinity-Optimal Tracking Controller for Three-Wheeled Omnidirectional Mobile Robots with Uncertain Dynamics
1950 Construction of Multiple Hepatic Lobule like 3D Vascular Networks by Manipulating Magnetic Tweezers toward Tissue Engineering
1951 Generating Alerts to Assist with Task Assignments in Human-Supervised Multi-Robot Teams Operating in Challenging Environments
1952 Stochastic Grounded Action Transformation for Robot Learning in Simulation
1955 GP-Based Runtime Planning, Learning, and Recovery for Safe UAV Operations under Unforeseen Disturbances
1956 Fast Global Motion Planning for Dynamic Legged Robots
1960 Development of a Pneumatically Driven Growing Sling to Assist Patient Transfer
1961 DIAT (Depth-Infrared Image Annotation Transfer) for Training a Depth-Based Pig-Pose Detector
1962 Towards Autonomous Control of Magnetic Suture Needles
1963 Interactive Tactile Perception for Classification of Novel Object Instances
1964 DGAZE: Driver Gaze Mapping on Road
1965 PERCH 2.0 : Fast and Accurate GPU-Based Perception Via Search for Object Pose Estimation
1966 Experimental Verification of Vibratory Conveyor System Based on Frequency Entrainment of Limit Cycle Walker
1968 Anticipatory Human-Robot Collaboration Via Multi-Objective Trajectory Optimization
1969 Se(3)-TrackNet: Data-Driven 6D Pose Tracking by Calibrating Image Residuals in Synthetic Domains
1971 A Study on the Elongation Behaviour of Synthetic Fibre Ropes under Cyclic Loading
1972 Adaptive Kernel Inference for Dense and Sharp Occupancy Grids
1976 Control Framework for a Hybrid-steel Bridge Inspection Robot
1979 DXSLAM: A Robust and Efficient Visual SLAM System with Deep Features
1981 Online Exploration of Tunnel Networks Leveraging Topological CNN-Based World Predictions
1982 Learning Visual Policies for Building 3D Shape Categories
1984 On Screw Linear Interpolation for Point-To-Point Path Planning
1986 Diminished Reality for Close Quarters Robotic Telemanipulation
1987 Encoding Formulas As Deep Networks: Reinforcement Learning for Zero-Shot Execution of LTL Formulas
1988 UWB-Based System for UAV Localization in GNSS-Denied Environments: Characterization and Dataset
1990 Feeling the True Force in Haptic Telepresence for Flying Robots
1991 EAO-SLAM: Monocular Semi-Dense Object SLAM Based on Ensemble Data Association
1992 A Probabilistic Model for Planar Sliding of Objects with Unknown Material Properties: Identification and Robust Planning
1993 A Data-Driven Framework for Proactive Intention-Aware Motion Planning of a Robot in a Human Environment
1994 Adaptive Nonlinear Control for Perching of a Bioinspired Ornithopter
1997 Identification of Effective Motion Primitives for Ground Vehicles
1998 Velocity Regulation of 3D Bipedal Walking Robots with Uncertain Dynamics through Adaptive Neural Network Controller
1999 Safe Path Planning with Multi-Model Risk Level Sets
2001 Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of Hopping Model Using Approximate Step-To-Step Models for Navigation on Complex Terrain
2002 Multi-mode Trajectory Optimization for Impact-aware Manipulation
2003 Tumbling and Hopping Locomotion Control for a Minor Body Exploration Robot
2008 Predictive Runtime Monitoring of Vehicle Models Using Bayesian Estimation and Reachability Analysis
2010 Learning to Take Good Pictures of People with a Robot Photographer
2012 Robust Control Synthesis and Verification for Wire-Borne Underactuated Brachiating Robots Using Sum-of-Squares Optimization
2013 Fully Convolutional Geometric Features for Category-Level Object Alignment
2014 Sequential Motion Planning for Bipedal Somersault Via Flywheel SLIP and Momentum Transmission with Task Space Control
2015 Learning User-Preferred Mappings for Intuitive Robot Control
2022 Object-Aware Centroid Voting for Monocular 3D Object Detection
2023 Detection-Aware Trajectory Generation for a Drone Cinematographer
2024 Scalable Collaborative Manipulation with Distributed Trajectory Planning
2025 D2VO: Monocular Deep Direct Visual Odometry
2027 Task-Motion Planning for Safe and Efficient Urban Driving
2028 PaintPath: Defining Path Directionality in Maps for AutonomousGround Vehicles
2029 Motion Prediction in Visual Object Tracking
2031 Inertia-Decoupled Equations for Hardware-In-The-Loop Simulation of an Orbital Robot with External Forces
2034 Integrated Benchmarking and Design for Reproducible and Accessible Evaluation of Robotic Agents
2036 Linear Distributed Clustering Algorithm for Modular Robots Based Programmable Matter
2038 A Compliance Control Method Based on Viscoelastic Model for Position-Controlled Humanoid Robots
2040 Optimization-Based Path Planning for Person Following Using Following Field
2044 Design and Experiments with LoCO AUV: A Low Cost Open-Source Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
2045 Robust Ego and Object 6-DoF Motion Estimation and Tracking
2050 Risk-Constrained Motion Planning for Robot Locomotion: Formulation and Running Robot Demonstration
2051 The Pluggable Distributed Resource Allocator (PDRA): A Middleware for Distributed Computing in Mobile Robotic Networks
2057 Extrinsic and Temporal Calibration of Automotive Radar and 3D LiDAR
2061 Learning Human-Aware Robot Navigation from Physical Interaction Via Inverse Reinforcement Learning
2062 Learning Optimized Human Motion Via Phase Space Analysis
2064 Gain Scheduled Controller Design for Balancing an Autonomous Bicycle
2068 A Bayesian Approach for Gas Source Localization in Large Indoor Environments
2076 Gripping a Kitchen Knife on the Cutting Board
2078 Bayesian Particles on Cyclic Graphs
2079 When We First Met: Visual-Inertial Source Localization for Co-Robot Rendezvous
2080 Wet Adhesion of Micro-Patterned Interfaces for Stable Grasping of Deformable Objects
2081 Exploration Strategy Based on Validity of Actions in Deep Reinforcement Learning
2082 A Compact, Cable-Driven, Activatable Soft Wrist with Six Degrees of Freedom for Assembly Tasks
2083 MPC-Graph: Feedback Motion Planning Using Sparse Sampling Based Neighborhood Graph
2084 Maintaining Stable Grasps During Highly Dynamic Robot Trajectories
2086 CMetric: A Driving Behavior Measure Using Centrality Functions
2091 Collaborative Interaction Models for Optimized Human Robot Teamwork
2094 Decentralized Safe Reactive Planning under TWTL Specifications
2097 Pedestrian Intention Prediction for Autonomous Driving Using a Multiple Stakeholder Perspective Model
2098 KR-Net: A Dependable Visual Kidnap Recovery Network for Indoor Spaces
2103 MixGAIL: Autonomous Driving Using Demonstrations with Mixed Qualities
2105 An Untethered 216-Mg Insect-Sized Jumping Robot with Wireless Power Transmission
2106 Vacuum Driven Auxetic Switching Structure and Its Application on a Gripper and Quadruped
2107 Geomorphological Analysis Using Unpiloted Aircraft Systems, Structure from Motion, and Deep Learning
2110 The Omega Turn: A Biologically-Inspired Turning Strategy for Elongated Limbless Robots
2111 Getting to Know One Another: Calibrating Intent, Capabilities, and Trust for Human-Robot Collaboration
2112 Emergence of Swing-to-Stance Transition from Interlocking Mechanism in Horse Hindlimb
2113 Risk-Aware Planning and Assignment for Ground Vehicles Using Uncertain Perception from Aerial Vehicles
2114 Robots Made from Ice: An Analysis of Manufacturing Techniques
2116 REFORM: Recognizing F-Formations for Social Robots
2118 Balanced Depth Completion between Dense Depth Inference and Sparse Range Measurements Via KISS-GP
2119 Design and Control of SQUEEZE: A Spring-Augmented QUadrotor for intEractions with the Environment to SqueeZE-And-Fly
2121 Decentralized Control Schemes for Stable Quadrupedal Locomotion: A Decomposition Approach from Centralized Controllers
2122 Real-Time Robot End-Effector Pose Estimation with Deep Network
2124 Mobile Robot Localization under Non-Gaussian Noise usingCorrentropy Similarity Metric
2134 Dynamic Object Tracking for Self-Driving Cars Using Monocular Camera and LIDAR
2137 A Novel Endoscope Design Using Spiral Technique for Robotic-Assisted Endoscopy Insertion
2138 Driving through Ghosts: Behavioral Cloning with False Positives
2139 Ultra-Wideband Aided UAV Positioning Using Incremental Smoothing with Ranges and Multilateration
2141 Autonomous Navigation Over Europa Analogue Terrain for an Actively Articulated Wheel-On-Limb Rover
2144 Kinematic Optimization of an Underactuated Anthropomorphic Prosthetic Hand
2147 Material Mapping in Unknown Environments Using Tapping Sound
2149 Optimizing a Continuum Manipulator's Search Policy through Model-Free Reinforcement Learning
2150 Active Perception for Outdoor Localisation with an Omnidirectional Camera
2151 Biomimetic Control Scheme for Musculoskeletal Humanoids Based on Motor Directional Tuning in the Brain
2155 GPU Parallelization of Policy Iteration RRT#
2158 Spatio-Temporal Attention Model for Tactile Texture Recognition
2162 Motion Planning for Collision-resilient Mobile Robots in Obstacle-cluttered Unknown Environments with Risk Reward Trade-offs
2164 Learning Topological Motion Primitives for Knot Planning
2166 Semantic Segmentation of Underwater Imagery: Dataset and Benchmark
2168 Go-CHART: A Miniature Remotely Accessible Self-Driving Car Robot
2170 Better Together: Online Probabilistic Clique Change Detection in 3D Landmark-Based Maps
2172 A Multigait Stringy Robot with Bi-Stable Soft-Bodied Structures in Multiple Viscous Environments
2174 A Game-Theoretic Strategy-Aware Interaction Algorithm with Validation on Real Traffic Data
2175 Towards Cooperative Transport of a Suspended Payload Via Two Aerial Robots with Inertial Sensing
2178 An Online Training Method for Augmenting MPC with Deep Reinforcement Learning
2179 Affordance-Based Mobile Robot Navigation among Movable Obstacles
2180 Robotic Untangling of Herbs and Salads with Parallel Grippers
2185 Target Tracking Control of a Wheel-less Snake Robot Based on a Supervised Multi-layered SNN
2186 Probabilistic Semantic Mapping for Urban Autonomous Driving Applications
2188 Cloth Region Segmentation for Robust Grasp Selection
2189 Uncertainty Aware Texture Classification and Mapping Using Soft Tactile Sensors
2193 Design and Control of Roller Grasper V2 for In-Hand Manipulation
2195 Navigation on the Line: Traversability Analysis and Path Planning for Extreme-Terrain Rappelling Rovers
2197 Navigation-Assistant Path Planning within a MAV Team
2199 Deep Learning-Based Autonomous Scanning Electron Microscope
2200 Multi-Agent Path Planning under Observation Schedule Constraints
2209 Deep Inverse Sensor Models as Priors for evidential Occupancy Mapping
2210 Quadrupedal Robotic Walking on Sloped Terrains Via Exact Decomposition into Coupled Bipedal Robots
2214 GelTip: A Finger-Shaped Optical Tactile Sensor for Robotic Manipulation
2215 PufferBot: Actuated Expandable Structures for Aerial Robots
2221 Skill-based Programming Framework for Composable Reactive Robot Behaviors
2222 Multiplicative Controller Fusion: Leveraging Algorithmic Priors for Sample-Efficient Reinforcement Learning and Safe Sim-To-Real Transfer
2223 Targetless Calibration of LiDAR-IMU System Based on Continuous-Time Batch Estimation
2224 A Distributed Range-Only Collision Avoidance Approach for Low-Cost Large-Scale Multi-Robot Systems
2225 Localization Safety Validation for Autonomous Robots
2227 Design and Evaluation of a Perching Hexacopter Drone for Energy Harvesting from Power Lines
2228 From Human to Robot Everyday Activity
2232 Dynamic Legged Manipulation of a Ball through Multi-Contact Optimization
2235 A Geometric Perspective on Visual Imitation Learning
2236 Robust Autonomous Navigation of a Small-Scale Quadruped Robot in Real-World Environments
2240 The Personalization of Stiffness for an Ankle-Foot Prosthesis Emulator Using Human-In-The-Loop Optimization
2243 Development of Selective Driving Joint Forceps Using Shape Memory Polymer
2246 ProxEmo: Gait-Based Emotion Learning andMulti-View Proxemic Fusion for Socially-Aware Robot Navigation
2250 Adaptive Dynamic Window Approach for Local Navigation
2253 A Tip Mount for Transporting Sensors and Tools Using Soft Growing Robots
2255 With Whom to Communicate: Learning Efficient Communication for Multi-Robot Collision Avoidance
2256 PBP-Net: Point Projection and Back-Projection Network for 3D Point Cloud Segmentation
2262 The Importance of Prior Knowledge in Precise Multimodal Prediction
2264 Learning Skills to Patch Plans Based on Inaccurate Models
2265 Cooperative Control of Mobile Robots with Stackelberg Learning
2268 Design and Experimentation of a Variable Stiffness Bistable Gripper
2269 Expedited Multi-Target Search with Guaranteed Performance Via Multi-Fidelity Gaussian Processes
2270 MVLidarNet: Real-Time Multi-Class Scene Understanding for Autonomous Driving Using Multiple Views
2271 Towards RL-Based Hydraulic Excavator Automation
2274 Development and Analysis of Digging and Soil Removing Mechanisms for Mole-Bot: Bio-Inspired Mole-Like Drilling Robot
2275 Explore Bravely: Wheeled-Legged Robots Traversing in Unknown Rough Environment
2276 BRM Localization: UAV Localization in GNSS-Denied Environments Based on Matching of Numerical Map and UAV Images
2277 Minimally Disruptive Connectivity Enhancement for Resilient Multi-Robot Teams
2278 Multi-Modal Pneumatic Actuator for Twisting, Extension, and Bending
2280 Whole-Game Motion Capturing of Team Sports: System Architecture and Integrated Calibration
2281 Simultaneous Position-Stiffness Control of Antagonistically Driven Twisted-Coiled Polymer Actuators Using Model Predictive Control
2282 Data-Driven Models with Expert Influence: A Hybrid Approach to Spatiotemporal Process Estimation
2285 Meta-Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Industrial Insertion Tasks
2286 Stochastic Neural Control Using Raw Pointcloud Data and Building Information Models
2287 TT-TSDF: Memory-Efficient TSDF with Low-Rank Tensor Train Decomposition
2290 HAMLET: A Hierarchical Multimodal Attention-Based Human Activity Recognition Algorithm
2291 Dielecrophoretic Introduction of the Membrane Proteins into the BLM Platforms for the Electrophygiological Analysis Systems
2292 Knuckles That Buckle: Compliant Underactuated Limbs with Joint Hysteresis Enable Minimalist Terrestrial Robots
2293 Path Negotiation for Self-Interested Multirobot Vehicles in Shared Space
2295 Dynamically Constrained Motion Planning Networks for Non-Holonomic Robots
2297 3DMotion-Net: Learning Continuous Flow Function for 3D MotionPrediction
2298 Sparse Discrete Communication Learning for Multi-Agent Cooperation through Backpropagation
2301 Simultaneous Trajectory Optimization and Force Control with Soft Contact Mechanics
2304 GP-SLAM+: Real-Time 3D Lidar SLAM Based on Improved Regionalized Gaussian Process Map Reconstruction
2307 Impedance Control of Humanoid Walking on Uneven Terrain with Centroidal Momentum Dynamics Using Quadratic Programming
2309 CAZSL: Zero-Shot Regression for Pushing Models by Generalizing through Context
2313 Objective Functions for Principal Contact Estimation from Motion Based on the Geometrical Singular Condition
2314 Autonomous Spot: Long-Range Autonomous Exploration of Extreme Environments with Legged Locomotion
2315 Fast Texture Classification Using Tactile Neural Coding and Spiking Neural Network
2318 City-Scale Grid-Topological Hybrid Maps for Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation in Urban Area
2324 Inspection-On-The-Fly Using Hybrid Physical Interaction Control for Aerial Manipulators
2325 Real-Time Constrained Nonlinear Model Predictive Control on SO(3) for Dynamic Legged Locomotion
2333 Telemanipulation with Chopsticks: Analyzing Human Factors in User Demonstrations
2334 Three-Dimensional Posture Optimization for Biped Robot Stepping Over Large Ditch Based on a Ducted-Fan Propulsion System
2342 STORM: Screw Theory Toolbox for Robot Manipulator and Mechanisms
2349 Development of Deployable Bending Wrist for Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic Endoscope
2353 Predictive Control of Connected Mixed Traffic under Random Communication Constraints
2357 Real-time Virtual Coach using LSTM for Assisting Physical Therapists with End-effector-based Robot-assisted Gait Training
2358 Decentralized Deep Reinforcement Learning for a Distributed and Adaptive Locomotion Controller of a Hexapod Robot
2359 Adaptive Informative Sampling with Environment Partitioning for Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Systems
2362 Animated Cassie: A Dynamic Relatable Robotic Character
2370 Steering Magnetic Robots in Two Axes with One Pair of Maxwell Coils
2443 Estimation and Control of Motor Core Temperature with Online Learning of Thermal Model Parameters: Application to Musculoskeletal Humanoids
2447 Design and Modelling of a Minimally Actuated Serial Robot
2448 A Passivity-Shortage Based Control Framework for Teleoperation with Time-Varying Delays
2450 Improved FBG-Based Shape Sensing Methods for Vascular Catheterization Treatment
2455 Energy-Efficient Locomotion Generation and Theoretical Analysis of a Quasi-Passive Dynamic Walker
2459 Online Visual Place Recognition Via Saliency Re-Identification
2460 2D Laser SLAM with General Features Represented by Implicit Functions
2465 Incorporating Object Intrinsic Features within Deep Grasp Affordance Prediction
2467 Extremum Seeking Control for Stiffness Auto-Tuning of a Quasi-Passive Ankle Exoskeleton
2473 50 Benchmarks for Anthropomorphic Hand Function-Based Dexterity Classification and Kinematics-Based Hand Design
2474 Risk-Aware Motion Planning for a Limbed Robot with Stochastic Gripping Forces Using Nonlinear Programming
2477 A Flexible Robotic Depalletizing System for Supermarket Logistics
2480 Next-Best-Sense: a multi-criteria robotic exploration strategy for RFID tags discovery
2481 3D-Aware Scene Change Captioning from Multiview Images
2483 AMAE: Adaptive Motion-Agnostic Encoder for Event-Based Object Classification
2485 Meta-Learning Deep Visual Words for Fast Video Object Segmentation
2487 Reactive Semantic Planning in Unexplored Semantic Environments Using Deep Perceptual Feedback
2490 Semantic Localization Considering Uncertainty of Object Recognition
2491 Perspective-2-Ellipsoid: Bridging the Gap between Object Detections and 6-DoF Camera Pose
2494 A Point Cloud Registration Pipeline Using Gaussian Process Regression for Bathymetric SLAM
2495 Collaborative Mission Planning for Long-Term Operation Considering Energy Limitations
2496 Fast Tennis Swing Motion by Ball Trajectory Prediction and Joint Trajectory Modification in Standalone Humanoid Robot Real-Time System
2497 Feedback Whole-Body Control of Wheeled Inverted Pendulum Humanoids Using Operational Space
2501 Intermittent Insertion Control Method with Fine Needle for Adapting Lung Deformation Due to Breathing Motion
2504 Object Recognition, Dynamic Contact Simulation, Detection, and Control of the Flexible Musculoskeletal Hand Using a Recurrent Neural Network with Parametric Bias
2505 A Reconfigurable Gripper for Robotic Autonomous Depalletizing in Supermarket Logistics
2506 Snatcher: A Highly Mobile Chameleon-Inspired Shooting and Rapidly Retracting Manipulator
2509 Hybrid Force-Moment Braking Pulse: A Haptic Illusion to Increase the Perceived Hardness of Virtual Surfaces
2512 A Multi-Link In-Pipe Inspection Robot Composed of Active and Passive Compliant Joints
2514 Learning Scheduling Policies for Multi-Robot Coordination with Graph Attention Networks
2515 Probabilistic Crowd GAN: Multimodal Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction Using a Graph Vehicle-Pedestrian Attention Network
2516 DiversityGAN: Diversity-Aware Vehicle Motion Prediction Via Latent Semantic Sampling
2517 Experience-Based Prediction of Unknown Environments for Enhanced Belief Space Planning
2520 Forecasting Trajectory and Behavior of Road-Agents Using Spectral Clustering in Graph-LSTMs
2522 Efficient Sampling-Based Maximum Entropy Inverse Reinforcement Learning with Application to Autonomous Driving
2525 Delta Descriptors: Change-Based Place Representation for Robust Visual Localization
2526 The Invariant Rauch-Tung-Striebel Smoother
2527 New Formulation of Mixed-Integer Conic Programming for Globally Optimal Grasp Planning
2528 Probabilistic Approach to Physical Object Disentangling
2529 Drift-Free and Self-Aligned IMU-Based Human Gait Tracking System with Augmented Precision and Robustness
2531 Cross-View Semantic Segmentation for Sensing Surroundings
2532 Deep Context Maps: Agent Trajectory Prediction using Location-specific Latent Maps
2533 Distributed Consistent Multi-Robot Semantic Localization and Mapping
2537 Segmenting the Future
2541 Task Priority Matrix at the Acceleration Level: Collision Avoidance under Relaxed Constraints
2542 An Algorithm to Design Redundant Manipulators of Optimally Fault-Tolerant Kinematic Structure
2544 Energy Management through Footstep Selection for Bipedal Robots
2545 Exploring the Role of Palm Concavity and Adaptability in Soft Synergistic Robotic Hands
2546 Deep Learning Based Real-Time OCT Image Segmentation and Correction for Robotic Needle Insertion Systems
2548 PrimA6D: Rotational Primitive Reconstruction for Enhanced and Robust 6D Pose Estimation
2549 Estimating an Object's Inertial Parameters by Robotic Pushing: A Data-Driven Approach
2550 A Variable-Structure Robot Hand That Uses the Environment to Achieve General Purpose Grasps
2552 Development of a Spherical 2-DOF Wrist Employing Spatial Parallelogram Structure
2553 Milliscale Features Increase Friction of Soft Skin in Lubricated Contact
2554 Self-supervised Learning for Precise Pick-and-place without Object Model
2555 The Mag-Gripper: A Soft-Rigid Gripper Augmented with an Electromagnet to Precisely Handle Clothes
2556 HDR Reconstruction Based on the Polarization Camera
2561 Seeing through the Occluders: Robust Monocular 6-DOF Object Pose Tracking Via Model-Guided Video Object Segmentation
2562 Robust Robotic Pouring Using Audition and Haptics
2564 Active Vertical Takeoff of an Aquatic UAV
2565 Lightweight High Voltage Generator for Untethered Electroadhesive Perching of Micro Air Vehicles
2567 Alternating Minimization Based Trajectory Generation for Quadrotor Aggressive Flight
2570 Delicate Fabric Handling Using a Soft Robotic Gripper with Embedded Microneedles
2571 SplitFusion: Simultaneous Tracking and Mapping for Non-Rigid Scenes
2572 Object-Based Pose Graph for Dynamic Indoor Environments
2574 Asynchronous Adaptive Sampling and Reduced-Order Modeling of Dynamic Processes by Robot Teams Via Intermittently Connected Networks
2575 Multi-UAV Surveillance with Minimum Information Idleness and Latency Constraints
2576 An Electrostatic/Gecko-Inspired Adhesives Soft Robotic Gripper
2577 EGAD! an Evolved Grasping Analysis Dataset for Diversity and Reproducibility in Robotic Manipulation
2578 Deep Gated Multi-Modal Learning: In-hand Object Pose Changes Estimation using Tactile and Image Data
2580 In-flight Efficient Controller Auto-tuning using a Pair of UAVs
2581 Development and Evaluation of a Linear Series Clutch Actuator for Vertical Joint Application with Static Balancing
2582 Shift-Adaptive Estimation of Joint Angle Using Instrumented Brace With Two Stretch Sensors Based on Gaussian Mixture Models
2585 Rectangular Pyramid Partitioning Using Integrated Depth Sensors (RAPPIDS): A Fast Planner for Multicopter Navigation
2587 Learning Motion Parameterizations of Mobile Pick and Place Actions from Observing Humans in Virtual Environments
2588 Contact-Implicit Trajectory Optimization using an Analytically Solvable Contact Model for Locomotion on Variable Ground
2589 Minor Change, Major Gains: The Effect of Orientation Formulation on Solving Time for Multi-Body Trajectory Optimization
2590 Vehicle-In-The-Loop Framework for Testing Long-Term Autonomy in a Heterogeneous Marine Robot Swarm
2591 A Versatile Gripper for Cloth Manipulation
2594 Task-driven Perception and Manipulation for Constrained Placement of Unknown Objects
2597 Inertial Velocity Estimation for Indoor Navigation through Magnetic Gradient-Based EKF and LSTM Learning Model
2598 Wireless Soft Actuator Based on Liquid-Gas Phase Transition Controlled by Millimeter-Wave Irradiation
2599 C*: Cross-Modal Simultaneous Tracking and Rendering for 6-DoF Monocular Camera Localization Beyond Modalities
2600 Accurate estimation of the position and shape of the rolling joint in hyper-redundant manipulators
2601 Contact Point Estimation Along Air Tube Based on Acoustic Sensing of Pneumatic System Noise
2602 Footstep Modification Including Step Time and Angular Momentum Under Disturbances on Sparse Footholds
2606 Coupled Task-Space Admittance Controller Using Dual Quaternion Logarithmic Mapping
2608 A Framework for Recognition and Prediction of Human Motions in Human-Robot Collaboration Using Probabilistic Motion Models
2610 Swarm Relays: Distributed Self-Healing Ground-And-Air Connectivity Chains
2611 Learning Depth with Very Sparse Supervision
2614 Improving Multirotor Landing Performance on Inclined Surfaces Using Reverse Thrust
2616 A Tendon-Driven Robot Gripper with Passively Switchable Underactuated Surface and Its Physics Simulation Based Parameter Optimization
2618 Point Cloud Projective Analysis for Part-based Grasp Planning
2621 The ARCHES Space-Analogue Demonstration Mission: Towards Heterogeneous Teams of Autonomous Robots for Collaborative Scientific Sampling in Planetary Exploration
2624 Terrain-Aware Path Planning and Map Update for Mars Sample Return Mission
2626 Modeling and Experimental Verification of a Cable-Constrained Synchronous Rotating Mechanism Considering Friction Effect
2627 MILiMAC: Flexible Catheter with Miniaturized Electromagnets As a Small-Footprint System for Microrobotic Tasks
2628 Design, Modeling, and Control of a Coaxially Aligned Steerable (COAST) Guidewire Robot
2630 Subject-Independent sEMG Pattern Recognition by Using a Muscle Source Activation Model
2631 Optimal Pose Estimation Method for a Multi-Segment, Programmable Bevel-Tip Steerable Needle
2632 Payload Optimization of Surgical Instruments with Rolling Joint Mechanisms
2634 A Supernumerary Robotic Leg Powered by Magnetorheological Actuators to Assist Human Locomotion
2636 IMU-Based Locomotor Intention Prediction for Real-Time Use in Transfemoral Prostheses
2639 Modeling, Calibration, and Evaluation of a Tendon-Actuated Planar Parallel Continuum Robot
2641 Pauses Provide Effective Control for an Underactuated Oscillating Swimming Robot
2642 Optimal Linearization via Quadratic Programming
2644 Hybrid Systems Differential Dynamic Programming for Whole-Body Motion Planning of Legged Robots
2647 Denoising IMU Gyroscopes with Deep Learning for Open-Loop Attitude Estimation
2648 Towards Real-Time Non-Gaussian SLAM for Underdetermined Navigation
2651 Comparing Visual Odometry Systems in Actively Deforming Simulated Colon Environments
2652 Variational Inference with Parameter Learning Applied to Vehicle Trajectory Estimation
2653 Towards in Situ Backlash Estimation of Continuum Robots Using an Endoscopic Camera
2654 Evolved Neuromorphic Control for High Speed Divergence-Based Landings of MAVs
2655 Energy-Based Cooperative Control for Landing Fixed-Wing UAVs on Mobile Platforms under Communication Delays
2656 Staging Energy Sources to Extend Flight Time of a Multirotor UAV
2657 Dense Isometric Non-Rigid Shape-From-Motion Based on Graph Optimization and Edge Selection
2666 Multimodal Teleoperation of Heterogeneous Robots within a Construction Environment
2669 A Manipulability Criterion for Magnetic Actuation of Miniature Swimmers with Flexible Flagellum
2670 Towards the Long-Endurance Flight of an Insect-Inspired, Tailless, Two-Winged, Flapping-Wing Flying Robot
2672 Design of the uMAZE Platform and Microrobots for Independent Control and Micromanipulation Tasks
2673 GLAS: Global-To-Local Safe Autonomy Synthesis for Multi-Robot Motion Planning with End-To-End Learning
2674 Multi-Robot Coordinated Planning in Confined Environments under Kinematic Constraints
2675 Evaluations of response characteristics of on-chip gel actuators for various single cell manipulations
2686 Perception-Aware Human-Assisted Navigation of Mobile Robots on Persistent Trajectories
2687 Development of Smartphone-Based Human-Robot Interfaces for Individuals with Disabilities
2688 Autonomous and Cooperative Design of the Monitor Positions for a Team of UAVs to Maximize the Quantity and Quality of Detected Objects
2691 Discontinuous and Smooth Depth Completion with Binary Anisotropic Diffusion Tensor
2692 Integrating Features Acceleration in Visual Predictive Control
2693 Spatiotemporal Calibration of Camera and 3D Laser Scanner
2696 Towards In-Flight Transfer of Payloads between Multirotors
2699 Coverage Path Planning with Track Spacing Adaptation for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
2700 Force-Ultrasound Fusion: Bringing Spine Robotic-US to the Next 'Level'
2702 Ultrasound-Guided Wireless Tubular Robotic Anchoring System
2704 Optic Nerve Sheath Fenestration with a Multi-Arm Continuum Robot
2707 Automatic Shape Control of Deformable Wires Based on Model-Free Visual Servoing
2708 Image Transformation and CNNs: A Strategy for Encoding Human Locomotor Intent for Autonomous Wearable Robots
2711 An Augmented Reality Spatial Referencing System for Mobile Robots
2712 Proxy-Based Approach for Position Synchronization of Delayed Robot Coupling without Sacrificing Performance
2713 A Multi-Channel Reinforcement Learning Framework for Robotic Mirror Therapy
2714 A New Delayless Adaptive Oscillator for Gait Assistance
2715 Adaptive Precision-Enhancing Hand Rendering for Wearable Fingertip Tracking Devices
2717 The 6-DoF Implementation of the Energy-Reflection Based Time Domain Passivity Approach with Preservation of Physical Coupling Behavior
2718 Development of Exo-Glove for Measuring 3-Axis Forces Acting on the Human Finger without Obstructing Natural Human-Object Interaction
2720 Detection and Control of Air Liquid Interface With an Open-Channel Microfluidic Chip for Circulating Tumor Cells Isolation From Human Whole Blood
2721 Probabilistic End-to-End Vehicle Navigation in Complex Dynamic Environments with Multimodal Sensor Fusion
2722 MEDUSA: A Multi-Environment Dual-Robot for Underwater Sample Acquisition
2728 Perpendicular Curve-Based Incomplete Orientation Mapping for Teleoperation with DOF Asymmetry
2731 A Distributed Pipeline for Scalable, Deconflicted Formation Flying
2732 RILaaS: Robot Inference and Learning As a Service
2733 Pac-Man Is Overkill
2734 Energy Autonomy for Resource-Constrained Multi Robot Missions
2736 Stable Flight of a Flapping-Wing Micro Air Vehicle under Wind Disturbance
2737 SMALLBug: A 30-mg Crawling Robot Driven by a High-Frequency Flexible SMA Microactuator
2739 Knowledge Transfer between Different UAVs for Trajectory Tracking
2740 A Morphing Cargo Drone for Safe Flight in Proximity of Humans
2741 Edge Enhanced Implicit Orientation Learning with Geometric Prior for 6D Pose Estimation
2743 Development of Hiryu-II: A Long-Reach Articulated Modular Manipulator Driven by Thrusters
2746 Loop-Net: Joint Unsupervised Disparity and Optical Flow Estimation of Stereo Videos with Spatiotemporal Loop Consistency
2748 Real-Time Fusion Network for RGB-D Semantic Segmentation Incorporating Unexpected Obstacle Detection for Road-Driving Images
2749 Game Theoretic Formation Design for Probabilistic Barrier Coverage
2750 Dual-Arm Control for Enhanced Magnetic Manipulation
2751 Defensive Escort Teams for Navigation in Crowds Via Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning
2753 A Novel Coding Architecture for LiDAR Point Cloud Sequence
2754 Time-Relative RTK-GNSS: GNSS Loop Closure in Pose Graph Optimization
2758 ROVINS: Robust Omnidirectional Visual Inertial Navigation System
2759 Dynamic and Versatile Humanoid Walking Via Embedding 3D Actuated SLIP Model with Hybrid LIP Based Stepping
2760 Non-Linear Trajectory Optimization for Large Step-Ups: Application to the Humanoid Robot Atlas
2762 SilhoNet-Fisheye: Adaptation of a ROI-Based Object Pose Estimation Network to Monocular Fisheye Images
2765 Boosting Deep Open World Recognition by Clustering
2768 Unsupervised Domain Adaptation through Inter-Modal Rotation for RGB-D Object Recognition
2769 ALPHRED: A Multi-Modal Operations Quadruped Robot for Package Delivery Applications
2771 Lio - a Personal Robot Assistant for Human-Robot Interaction and Care Applications
2772 GMMLoc: Structure Consistent Visual Localization with Gaussian Mixture Models
2774 Building Energy-Cost Maps from Aerial Images and Ground Robot Measurements with Semi-Supervised Deep Learning
2776 Automatic Control Synthesis for Swarm Robots from Formation and Location-Based High-Level Specifications
2777 Graph Neural Networks for Decentralized Multi-Robot Path Planning
2778 LineSpyX: A Power Line Inspection Robot Based on Digital Radiography
2779 Improving Visual SLAM in Car-Navigated Urban Environments with Appearance Maps
2780 A Multi-System Chaotic Path Planner for Fast and Unpredictable Online Coverage of Terrains
2781 Collision Avoidance Based on Robust Lexicographic Task Assignment
2782 3D Instance Embedding Learning with a Structure-Aware Loss Function for Point Cloud Segmentation
2783 Improving Tracking through Human-Robot Sensory Augmentation
2784 Generating Reactive Approach Motions towards Allowable Manifolds Using Generalized Trajectories from Demonstrations
2786 "Good Robot!": Efficient Reinforcement Learning for Multi-Step Visual Tasks with Sim to Real Transfer
2787 An Actor-Based Programming Framework for Swarm Robotic Systems
2788 Multi-Sensor Next-Best-View Planning As Matroid-Constrained Submodular Maximization
2790 IDDA: A Large-Scale Multi-Domain Dataset for Autonomous Driving
2794 Perceptive Model Predictive Control for Continuous Mobile Manipulation
2795 MLOD: Awareness of Extrinsic Perturbation in Multi-LiDAR 3D Object Detection for Autonomous Driving
2796 3D-MiniNet: Learning a 2D Representation from Point Clouds for Fast and Efficient 3D LIDAR Semantic Segmentation
2797 Augmented Reality and Robotic-Assistance for Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy
2798 Learning Gait Models with Varying Walking Speeds
2800 On the Use of (lockable) Parallel Elasticity in Active Prosthetic Ankles
2801 Compliant Control and Compensation for a Compact Cable-Driven Robotic Manipulator
2802 Machine Learning Model Comparisons of User Independent & Dependent Intent Recognition Systems for Powered Prostheses
2804 Manipulation Planning Using Object-Centered Predicates and Hierarchical Decomposition of Contextual Actions
2807 Grasping in the Wild: Learning 6DoF Closed-Loop Grasping from Low-Cost Demonstrations
2808 TLIO: Tight Learned Inertial Odometry
2813 Sim2Real Predictivity: Does Evaluation in Simulation Predict Real-World Performance
2814 Persistent Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Using Multiple Autonomous Vehicles with Asynchronous Route Updates
2815 Socially and Contextually Aware Human Motion and Pose Forecasting
2817 A Realistic Simulation Environment for MRI-Based Robust Control of Untethered Magnetic Robots with Intra-Operational Imaging
2820 Minimum Time - Minimum Jerk Optimal Traffic Management for AGVs
2821 Topology-Guided Roadmap Construction with Dynamic Region Sampling
2822 Finite-Horizon LQR Control of Quadrotors on SE_2(3)
2826 Augmenting Visual Place Recognition with Structural Cues
2827 A Control Scheme for Smooth Transition in Physical Human-Robot-Environment between Two Modes: Augmentation and Autonomous
2828 Human Navigation Using Phantom Tactile Sensation Based Vibrotactile Feedback
2829 Applying Force Perturbations Using a Wearable Robotic Neck Brace
2832 Open-Loop Orientation Control Using Dynamic Magnetic Fields
2833 Fluid-Structure Interaction Hydrodynamics Analysis on a Deformed Bionic Flipper with Non-Uniformly Distributed Stiffness
2834 Computational Structure Design of a Bio-inspired Armwing Mechanism
2836 Fully Actuated Body-Mounted Robotic System for MRI-Guided Lower Back Pain Injections: Initial Phantom and Cadaver Studies
2838 Supervised Semi-Autonomous Control for Surgical Robot Based on Bayesian Optimization
2840 Improving Low-Level Control of the Exoskeleton Atalante in Single Support by Compensating Joint Flexibility
2842 Multi-Robot Active Sensing and Environmental Model Learning with Distributed Gaussian Process
2843 Mixed-Integer Linear Programming Models for Multi-Robot Non-Adversarial Search
2845 Energetic Passivity Decoding of Human Hip Joint for Physical Human-Robot Interaction
2846 sEMG-based Human-in-the-Loop Control of Elbow Assistive Robots for Physical Tasks and Muscle Strength Training
2847 Pneumatic Duplex-Chambered Inchworm Mechanism for Narrow Pipes Driven by Only Two Air Supply Lines
2848 Long-Term Localization with Time Series Map Prediction for Mobile Robots in Dynamic Environments
2849 Inverted and Inclined Climbing Using Capillary Adhesion in a Quadrupedal Insect-Scale Robot
2850 Perceptive Locomotion in Rough Terrain -- Online Foothold Optimization
2852 CaseCrawler: A Lightweight and Low-Profile Crawling Phone Case Robot
2853 Waste Not, Want Not: Lessons in Rapid Quadrupedal Gait Termination from Thousands of Suboptimal Solutions
2854 Learning Force Control for Contact-rich Manipulation Tasks with Rigid Position-controlled Robots
2856 Elastomeric Continuously Variable Transmission Combined with Twisted String Actuator
2860 R-Track: Separable Modular Climbing Robot Design for Wall-To-Wall Transition
2861 A Soft, Modular, and Bi-Stable Dome Actuator for Programmable Multi-Modal Locomotion
2862 Robotic Deep Rolling with Iterative Learning Motion and Force Control
2867 The ASTAR High Speed Amphibious Sprawl Tuned Robot: Design and Experiments
2869 Enhancement of Force Exertion Capability of a Mobile Manipulator by Kinematic Reconfiguration
2871 Polylidar - Polygons from Triangular Meshes
2872 ACMarker: Acoustic Camera-Based Fiducial Marker System in Underwater Environment
2873 Toward Enabling a Hundred Drones to Land in a Minute
2874 TiltDrone: A Fully-Actuated Tilting Quadrotor Platform
2875 Interact with Me: An Exploratory Study on Interaction Factors for Active Physical Human-Robot Interaction
2877 Coordinated Appendages Accumulate More Energy to Self-Right on the Ground
2878 Unmanned Aerial Sensor Placement for Cluttered Environments
2880 Asynchronous and Parallel Distributed Pose Graph Optimization
2881 Gaussian Process Online Learning with a Sparse Data Stream
2882 Towards Better Surgical Instrument Segmentation in Endoscopic Vision: Multi-Angle Feature Aggregation and Contour Supervision
2884 Development of Dementia Care Training System Based on Augmented Reality and Whole Body Wearable Tactile Sensor
2886 Data-Driven Disturbance Observers for Estimating External Forces on Soft Robots
2888 Self-Sensing and Feedback Control for a Twin Coil Spring-Based Flexible Ultrasonic Motor
2891 Convergence Analysis of Hybrid Control Systems in the Form of Backward Chained Behavior Trees
2892 FireAnt3D: A 3D Self-Climbing Robot towards Non-Latticed Robotic Self-Assembly
2895 Actor-Critic Reinforcement Learning for Control with Stability Guarantee
2897 Matching Color Aerial Images and Underwater Sonar Images using Deep Learning for Underwater Localization
2898 Fail-Safe Flight of a Fully-Actuated Quadcopter in a Single Motor Failure
2899 Improvement in Measurement Area of 3D LiDAR for a Mobile Robot Using a Mirror Mounted on a Manipulator
2901 Dynamic Median Consensus for Marine Multi-Robot Systems Using Acoustic Communication
2906 Robust Loop Closure Method for Multi-robot Map Fusion by Integration of Consistency and Data Similarity
2907 ModMan: An Advanced Reconfigurable Manipulator System with Genderless Connector and Automatic Kinematic Modeling Algorithm
2909 Kubits: Solid-State Self-Reconfiguration with Programmable Magnets
2910 Development of a Steep Slope Mobile Robot with Propulsion Adhesion
2911 Online Exploration and Coverage Planning in Unknown Obstacle-Cluttered Environments
2912 Optimization-Based Investigation of Bioinspired Variable Gearing of the Distributed Actuation Mechanism to Maximize Velocity and Force
2913 Robotic Episodic Cognitive Learning Inspired by Hippocampal Spatial Cells
2914 A Bio-Inspired Quadruped Robot Exploiting Flexible Shoulder for Stable and Efficient Walking
2916 Development of a Running Hexapod Robot with Differentiated Front and Hind Leg Morphology and Functionality
2919 Prediction of Backhoe Loading Motion via the Beta-Process Hidden Markov Model
2921 Robust RL-Based Map-Less Local Planning: Using 2D Point Clouds as Observations
2924 An Ionic Polymer Metal Composite (IPMC)-Driven Linear Peristaltic Microfluidic Pump
2925 Low-Cost Coil-Shaped Optical Fiber Displacement Sensor for a Twisted and Coiled Polymer Fiber Actuator Unit
2926 A Model-Based Sensor Fusion Approach for Force and Shape Estimation in Soft Robotics
2933 Design of Fully Soft Actuator with Double-Helix Tendon Routing Path for Twisting Motion
2939 VeREFINE: Integrating Object Pose Verification with Physics-Guided Iterative Refinement
2941 A Dexterous Soft Robotic Hand for Delicate In-Hand Manipulation
2942 Knowledge-Based Grasp Planning Using Dynamic Self-Organizing Network
2943 Motion Planning for Dual-Arm Manipulation of Elastic Rods
2945 Environment-Aware Grasp Strategy Planning in Clutter for a Variable Stiffness Hand
2948 Online Acquisition of Close-Range Proximity Sensor Models for Precise Object Grasping and Verification
2950 Object-Agnostic Dexterous Manipulation of Partially Constrained Trajectories
2951 Describing Physics for Physical Reasoning: Force-Based Sequential Manipulation Planning
2952 Vision and Force Based Autonomous Robotic Coating with Rollers
2953 Model-Based Coupling for Co-Simulation of Robotic Contact Tasks
2954 ECG: Edge-Aware Point Cloud Completion with Graph Convolution
2955 Don't Forget the Past: Recurrent Depth Estimation from Monocular Video
2961 AirCapRL: Autonomous Aerial Human Motion Capture Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
2962 Model-Based Reinforcement Learning for Time-Optimal Velocity Control
2964 Deep Reinforcement Learning for Tactile Robotics: Learning to Type on a Braille Keyboard
2965 Ultra-thin Joint Torque Sensor with Enhanced Sensitivity for Robotic Application
2967 State-Continuity Approximation of Markov Decision Processes Via Finite Element Methods for Autonomous System Planning
2970 BLT Gripper: An Adaptive Gripper with Active Transition Capability between Precise Pinch and Compliant Grasp
2971 Hierarchical Tracking Control with Arbitrary Task Dimensions: Application to Trajectory Tracking on Submanifolds
2972 RIDM: Reinforced Inverse Dynamics Modeling for Learning from a Single Observed Demonstration
2975 Learning Variable Impedance Control for Contact Sensitive Tasks
2976 Person-Directed Pointing Gestures and Inter-Personal Relationship: Expression of Politeness to Friendliness by Android Robots
2978 A Feasibility Study of Culture-Aware Cloud Services for Conversational Robots
2979 Deep Reinforcement Learning for Safe Local Planning of a Ground Vehicle in Unknown Rough Terrain
2984 Cluster-Based Penalty Scaling for Robust Pose Graph Optimization
2985 Improved Data Association Using Buffered Pose Adjustment for Map-Aided Localization
2986 HDMI-Loc: Exploiting High Definition Map Image for Precise Localization via Bitwise Particle Filter
2987 A Control Barrier Function Approach for Maximizing Performance While Fulfilling to ISO/TS 15066 Regulations
2988 Teleoperation and Contact Detection of a Waterjet-Actuated Soft Continuum Manipulator for Low-Cost Gastroscopy
2990 Visual Coverage Path Planning for Urban Environments
2993 Risk-Sensitive Sequential Action Control with Multi-Modal Human Trajectory Forecasting for Safe Crowd-Robot Interaction
2995 Nonlinear MPC for Collision Avoidance and Control of UAVs with Dynamic Obstacles
2996 Non-Gaussian Chance-Constrained Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Vehicles in the Presence of Uncertain Agents
2998 Trajectory Planning Over Regular General Surfaces with Application in Robot-Guided Deposition Printing
2999 An Opportunistic Strategy for Motion Planning in the Presence of Soft Task Constraints
3002 Inverse Kinematics of Redundant Manipulators with Dynamic Bounds on Joint Movements
3003 Human Perception-Optimized Planning for Comfortable VR Based Telepresence
3004 A Disturbance-Aware Trajectory Planning Scheme based on Model Predictive Control
3006 Model-Adaptive High-Speed Collision Detection for Serial-Chain Robot Manipulators
3007 DeepMNavigate: Deep Reinforced Multi-Robot Navigation Unifying Local & Global Collision Avoidance
3009 Quaternion-Based Trajectory Optimization of Human Postures for Inducing Target Muscle Activation Patterns
3010 Fast Sequence Rejection for Multi-Goal Planning with Dubins Vehicle
3012 Combining Speed and Separation Monitoring with Power and Force Limiting for Safe Collaborative Robotics Applications
3013 A Unified NMPC Scheme for MAVs Navigation with 3D Collision Avoidance under Position Uncertainty
3015 Frozone: Freezing-Free, Pedestrian-Friendly Navigation in Human Crowds
3016 Modular, Accessible, Sensorized Objects for Evaluating the Grasping and Manipulation Capabilities of Grippers and Hands
3017 Design, Modelling, and Implementation of a 7-DOF Cable-Driven Haptic Device with a Configurable Cable Platform
3019 Asymptotically-Optimal Topological Nearest-Neighbor Filtering
3020 Online Replanning with Human-In-The-Loop for Non-Prehensile Manipulation in Clutter ' a Trajectory Optimization Based Approach
3021 Neural Manipulation Planning on Constraint Manifolds
3022 Piezoelectric Grippers for Mobile Micromanipulation
3023 Stable In-Grasp Manipulation with a Low-Cost Robot Hand by Using 3-Axis Tactile Sensors with a CNN
3026 Feedback Enhanced Motion Planning for Autonomous Vehicles
3027 Magnetically Programmable Cuboids for 2D Locomotion and Collaborative Assembly
3030 Six-Axis Force/Torque Fingertip Sensor for an Anthropomorphic Robot
3032 Low Latency Trajectory Predictions for Interaction Aware Highway Driving
3033 APPLD: Adaptive Planner Parameter Learning from Demonstration
3034 Precision Assembly of Heavy Objects Suspended with Multiple Cables from a Crane
3035 Explicit Domain Adaptation with Loosely Coupled Samples
3037 Adaptive Aerial Grasping and Perching with Dual Elasticity Combined Suction Cup
3038 Target Search on Road Networks with Range-Constrained UAVs and Ground-Based Mobile Recharging Vehicles
3041 Simultaneously Learning Corrections and Error Models for Geometry-Based Visual Odometry Methods
3042 Safe Optimal Control under Parametric Uncertainties
3044 Vitruvio: An Open-Source Leg Design Optimization Toolbox for Walking Robots
3046 Alleviating the Burden of Labeling: Sentence Generation by Attention Branch Encoder-Decoder Network
3050 Robot Gaze Behaviors in Human-To-Robot Handovers
3051 Self-Attention Based Visual-Tactile Fusion Learning for Predicting Grasp Outcomes
3052 Socially Assistive Robots at Work: Making Break-Taking Interventions More Pleasant, Enjoyable, and Engaging
3053 Learn by Observation: Imitation Learning for Drone Patrolling from Videos of a Human Navigator
3056 Lidar Essential Beam Model for Accurate Width Estimation of Thin Poles
3060 Invariant Transform Experience Replay: Data Augmentation for Deep Reinforcement Learning
3061 Imitation Learning Based on Bilateral Control for Human'Robot Cooperation
3063 Autonomous Tissue Retraction in Robotic Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery - A Feasibilty Study
3064 6-Axis Force/Torque Sensor with a Novel Autonomous Weight Compensating Capability for Robotic Applications
3066 Multi-Fingered Grasp Planning Via Inference in Deep Neural Networks
3067 Collision Avoidance in Human-Robot Interaction Using Kinect Vision System Combined with Robot's Model and Data
3068 Miniaturized robotics: The smallest camera operator bot pays tribute to David Bowie.
3070 Development of Δ-Type Mobile Robot Driven by 3 Standing Wave Type Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Motors
3072 Lyapunov-Stable Orientation Estimator for Humanoid Robots
3073 UFOMap: An Efficient Probabilistic 3D Mapping Framework That Embraces the Unknown
3074 Machine Learning for Active Gravity Compensation in Robotics: Application to Neurological Rehabilitation Systems
3075 Learning robust manipulation tasks involving contact using trajectory parameterized probabilistic principal component analysis
3076 Unsupervised Pedestrian Pose Prediction -- A Deep Predictive Coding Network Approach for Autonomous Vehicle Perception
3077 Stable Autonomous Spiral Stair Climbing of Tracked Vehicles Using Wall Reaction Force
3079 TSBP: Tangent Space Belief Propagation for Manifold Learning
3080 Exploiting Visual-Outer Shape for Tactile-Inner Shape Estimation of Objects Covered with Soft Materials
3081 Heteroscedastic Uncertainty for Robust Generative Latent Dynamics
3082 q-VAE for Disentangled Representation Learning and Latent Dynamical Systems
3083 Can a Robot's Touches Express the Feeling of Kawaii Toward an Object?
3084 Optimisation of Body-ground Contact for Augmenting the Whole-Body Loco-manipulation of Quadruped Robots
3085 Communication Maintenance of Robotic Parasitic Antenna Arrays
3087 Bilateral humanoid teleoperation system using whole-body exoskeleton cockpit TABLIS
3088 Adaptive-Gains Enforcing Constraints in Closed-Loop QP Control
3089 Multi-Contact Locomotion Planning for Humanoid Robot Based on Sustainable Contact Graph with Local Contact Modification
3091 Self-Assessment of Grasp Affordance Transfer
3093 XBot Real-Time Software Framework for Robotics: From the Developer to the User Perspective
3094 Natural Criteria for Comparison of Pedestrian Flow Forecasting Models
3097 Lloyd-Based Approach for Robots Navigation in Human-Shared Environments
3098 Flight Path Planning of Solar Powered UAV for Sustainable Communication Relay
3099 RoVaLL: Design and Development of a Multi-Terrain Towed Robot with Variable Lug-Length Wheels
3102 Reconfigurable Soft Flexure Hinges Via Pinched Tubes
3104 Rolling Soft Membrane-Driven Tensegrity Robots
3105 Exploiting the Morphology of a Shape Memory Spring as the Active Backbone of a Highly Dexterous Tendril Robot (ATBR)
3106 Retraction Mechanism of Soft Torus Robot with a Hydrostatic Skeleton
3107 Integrated Actuation and Self-Sensing for Twisted-And-Coiled Actuators with Applications to Innervated Soft Robots
3109 Self-Propelled Colonoscopy Robot Using Flexible Paddles
3111 Self-Healing Cell Tactile Sensor by Ultraflexible Printed Electrodes
3113 Assured Runtime Monitoring and Planning: Towards Verification of Neural Networks for Safe Autonomous Operations
3114 Electromagnetic Actuation of Microrobots in a Simulated Vascular Structure with a Position Estimator Based Motion Controller
3115 Wide Area Exploration System Using Passive-Follower Robots Towed by Multiple Winches
3117 End-To-End Velocity Estimation for Autonomous Racing
3118 End-to-end Tactile Feedback Loop: From Soft Sensor Skin over Deep GRU-Autoencoders to Tactile Stimulation
3119 Parallel Haptic Rendering for Orthopedic Surgery Simulators
3120 Simultaneous 3D Forming and Patterning Method of Realizing Soft IPMC Robots
3121 Visual SLAM with Drift-Free Rotation Estimation in Manhattan World
3123 Structure-SLAM: Low-Drift Monocular SLAM in Indoor Environments
3124 SoftHandler: An Integrated Soft Robotic System for the Handling of Heterogeneous Objects
3125 A Grasping-Centered Analysis for Cloth Manipulation
3126 Information Correlated Levy Walk Exploration and Distributed Mapping Using a Swarm of Robots
3127 Virtual IR Sensing for Planetary Rovers: Improved Terrain Classification and Thermal Inertia Estimation
3128 Definition and Application of Variable Resistance Coefficient for Wheeled Mobile Robots on Deformable Terrain
3129 A Passive pHRI Controller for Assisting the User in Partially Known Tasks
3130 On the False Positives and False Negatives of the Jacobian Matrix in Kinematically Redundant Parallel Mechanisms
3131 Gaussians on Riemannian Manifolds: Applications for Robot Learning and Adaptive Control
3132 Torque-Bounded Admittance Control Realized by a Set-Valued Algebraic Feedback
3133 Decoding Motor Skills of AI and Human Policies: A Study on Humanoid and Human Balance Control
3134 Distributed Control for Cooperative Manipulation With Event-Triggered Communication
3135 Calculating the Support Function of Complex Continuous Surfaces with Applications to Minimum Distance Computation and Optimal Grasp Planning
3136 A Routing Framework for Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Teams in Exploration Tasks
3137 Continuously Variable Stiffness Mechanism Using Nonuniform Patterns on Coaxial Tubes for Continuum Microsurgical Robot
3138 Achieving Versatile Energy Efficiency With the WANDERER Biped Robot
3139 In Vitro Design Investigation of a Rotating Helical Magnetic Swimmer for Combined 3-D Navigation and Blood Clot Removal
3151 Marker-Based Mapping and Localization for Autonomous Valet Parking
3152 Parameter Optimization for Loop Closure Detection in Closed Environments
3153 Radar-Camera Sensor Fusion for Joint Object Detection and Distance Estimation in Autonomous Vehicles
3154 SalsaNext Fast Uncertainty-aware Semantic Segmentation of LiDAR Point Clouds for Autonomous Driving
3155 SDVTracker Real-Time Multi-Sensor Association and Tracking for Self-Driving Vehicles
3156 Situation Awareness at Autonomous Vehicle Handover - Preliminary Results of a Quantitative Analysis
3157 Towards Context-Aware Navigation for Long-Term Autonomy in Agricultural Environments
3158 Efficient Sampling in POMDPs with Lipschitz Bandits for Motion Planning in Continuous Spaces
3159 Impact of Traffic Lights on Trajectory Forecasting of Human-driven Vehicles Near Signalized Intersections
3161 Semantic Grid Map based LiDAR Localization in Highly Dynamic Urban Scenarios
3162 Acquiring Mechanical Knowledge from 3D Point Clouds
3163 Representation and Experience-Based Learning of Explainable Models for Robot Action Execution
3164 Emergent Adaptive Gait Generation through Hebbian Sensor-Motor Maps by Morphological Probing
3165 Mixed Reality As a Bidirectional Communication Interface for Human-Robot Interaction
3166 The Robot As Scientist: Using Mental Simulation to Test Causal Hypotheses Extracted from Human Activities in Virtual Reality
3167 Graph-Based Hierarchical Knowledge Representation for Robot Task Transfer from Virtual to Physical World
3168 An Optimized Tilt Mechanism for a New Steady-Hand Eye Robot
3169 Optimization-Based Hierarchical Motion Planning for Autonomous Racing
3170 SwingBot: Learning Physical Features from In-Hand Tactile Exploration for Dynamic Swing-Up Manipulation
3182 Learning Visuomotor Policies for Aerial Navigation Using Cross-Modal Representations
3183 Learning Vision-Based Physics Intuition Models for Non-Disruptive Object Extraction
3184 Computational Design of Balanced Open Link Planar Mechanisms with Counterweights from User Sketches
3238 Relative Pose Estimation and Planar Reconstruction Via Superpixel-Driven Multiple Homographies
3239 Real-Time Constrained Nonlinear Model Predictive Control on SO(3) for Dynamic Legged Locomotion
3240 Combining Compliance Control, CAD Based Localization, and a Multi-Modal Gripper for Rapid and Robust Programming of Assembly Tasks
3241 FreeBOT: A Freeform Modular Self-Reconfigurable Robot with Arbitrary Connection Point - Design and Implementation
3242 Computational Design of Balanced Open Link Planar Mechanisms with Counterweights from User Sketches
3243 A Tip Mount for Transporting Sensors and Tools Using Soft Growing Robots
3244 Robot Calligraphy Using Pseudospectral Optimal Controlin Conjunction with a Novel Dynamic Brush Model
3245 Diabolo Orientation Stabilization by Learning Predictive Model for Unstable Unknown-Dynamics Juggling Manipulation
3246 Towards Micro Robot Hydrobatics: Vision-based Guidance, Navigation, and Control for Agile Underwater Vehicles in Confined Environments
3247 Animated Cassie: A Dynamic Relatable Robotic Character
3248 Safety Considerations in Deep Control Policies with Safety Barrier Certificates under Uncertainty
3249 Navigation on the Line: Traversability Analysis and Path Planning for Extreme-Terrain Rappelling Rovers
3250 Autonomous Spot: Long-Range Autonomous Exploration of Extreme Environments with Legged Locomotion
3251 Stable Autonomous Spiral Stair Climbing of Tracked Vehicles Using Wall Reaction Force
3252 Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Transferring Plant Classification Systems to New Field Environments, Crops, and Robots
3253 DIAT (Depth-Infrared Image Annotation Transfer) for Training a Depth-Based Pig-Pose Detector
3254 Incorporating Spatial Constraints into a Bayesian Tracking Framework for Improved Localisation in Agricultural Environments
3255 Fruit Quality Control by Surface Analysis Using a Bio-Inspired Soft Tactile Sensor
3256 Pit30M: A Benchmark for Global Localization in the Age of Self-Driving Cars
3257 OceanVoy: A Hybrid Energy Planning System for Autonomous Sailboat
3258 MHYRO: Modular HYbrid RObot for Contact Inspection and Maintenance in Oil&gas Plants
3259 LLAMA: Design and Control of an Omnidirectional Human Mission Scale Quadrupedal Robot
3475 RGB-D sensing of challenging deformable objects
3476 Building 3D Deformable Object Models in Partially Observable Robotic Environments
3477 SOMA: A Data-Driven Representation Framework for Semantic Soft Object Manipulation
3478 Task-oriented Contact Adjustment in Deformable Objects Manipulation with Non-fixed Contact
3479 Adaptive Shape Servoing of Elastic Rods using Parameterized Regression Features and Auto-Tuning Motion Controls
3480 Automatic Shape Control of Deformable Rods Based on Data-Driven Implicit Sensorimotor Models
3481 Assembly Strategy for Deformable Ring-Shaped Objects
3482 MGSD: Multi-Modal Gaussian Shape Descriptors for Correspondence Matching of Linear and Planar Deformable Objects
3494 Dual-armed manipulation planning for tethered tools
3495 Prediction of tactile perception from vision on deformable objects
3496 Shape control of elastoplastic deformable linear objects through reinforcement learning
3497 Interaction identification through tactile sensing during cloth manipulation using a 3-axis touch sensor
3498 Toward a general framework for 3D deformable object grasping and manipulation
3499 Experimental multi-camera setup for perception of dynamic objects
3500 Real-time state estimation of deformable objects with dynamical simulation
3601 Human-Robot Collaborative Carrying Using Visual and Force Sensing
3622 Toward Detecting Anomalies in Activities for Daily Living with a Mobile Robot Using Plan Recognition
3623 Human-Aware Robot Behavior in Healthcare Facilities
3624 An Interactive Drink Serving Social Robot: Initial System Implementation
3625 Towards Whole Arm Manipulation for Outpatient Care
3626 Morphological Switching Robots to Support Independent Living for Older Adults
3627 Towards Conversational Interfaces and Visual Memory Representation for Social Robots helping the Elderly
3628 On New Research Guidelines for the Deployment of Socially Assistive Robots for Elder Care Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic
3629 Towards Physical Human-Robot Interaction using Force Support for Nursing Care Bed Activities
3712 Service robot teaching assistant in school class-room
3713 Infant abnormal behavior classification through weakly supervised learning
3714 Amusing Androids: The Argument for Humour in Healthcare Robotics
3715 Towards Explainable Diagnosis of Alzheimer's
3716 VOTE400(Voide Of The Elderly 400 Hours): A Speech Dataset to Study Voice Interface for Elderly-Care
3717 Toward a Reinforcement Learning Based Framework for Learning Cognitive Empathy in Human-Robot Interactions
3718 Improve identity recognition with occlusion detection-based feature selection
3719 ETRI Activity3D: A Large Scale RGB D Dataset for Robots to Recognize Daily Activities of the Elderly
3720 Deep Emotion Change Detection for Human-robot Interaction
3721 Efficiency Analysis of Multi-Head Attention Models for Social Dynamics Prediction
3722 Leveraging Reinforcement Learning for Human Motor Skill Acquisition
3723 Efficient Learning of Socially Aware Robot Approaching Behavior Toward Groups via Meta-Reinforcement Learning
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