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The iputils package is set of small old utilities for Linux networking.

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The iputils package is set of small useful utilities for Linux networking.


$ ./configure && meson build
# cd builddir && meson install

Configuration can be adjusted (prefix, what is being build, etc.), see meson_options.txt, meson.build.

Build dependencies are listed in scripts in ci directory.

Supported libc



  • If reporting a bug, please document how to reproduce it.
  • Please always test the latest master branch.
  • Finding the commit which introduced the problem helps (bisecting).
  • Document the kernel and distribution that were used.
  • Tests should ideally use network namespaces to not interfere with the rest of the system.

Pull requests


  • Reviewers are very welcome. Post your comments or add Reviewed-by: Your Name <[email protected]>.


Localization is hosted on Fedora Weblate.

Tools included in iputils

Tools removed from iputils

Some obsolete tools has been removed (see #363).

Tool Removing commit Last release Replacement
ninfod 8f0d897 20211215 experimental unused protocol
rarpd fba7b62 20211215 superseded by DHCP protocol
rdisc 7447806 20211215 superseded by DHCP protocol
tftpd 341975a 20210722 tftp-hpa, dnsmasq
traceroute6 a139421 20210722 mtr, traceroute, tracepath


Alexey Kuznetsov (1999–2002)

Hideaki Yoshifuji (2006–2015)

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