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iOS Xcode and Appcode Starter Project

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iOS Xcode Starter Project

An iOS Starter Project configured for unit/functional testing and analytics that we use to start our projects at Two Bit Labs


  • ARC enabled with Storyboards
  • Universal app to support both iPhone and iPad (but easy to disable one or the other)
  • A sensible Xcode .gitignore file that works well for multi-person teams
  • Libraries are includes as git submodules so you can pull in the latest versions
  • AnalyticsKit to support optional integration of analytics providers like TestFlight, Flurry, Apsalar, Localytics, etc... Only the TestFlight SDK is included by default.
  • Specta, Expecta, and OCMock to support TDD and BDD style iOS Development with Mock objects
  • Example test/spec files to show you how to get started testing
  • Seperate unit test and functional test target to separate out fast running tests from slow running tests
  • MagicalRecord which makes working with Core Data enjoyable
  • Development, Debug, and Release configurations (with support for multiple app id's) so you can install both the developemnt and release versions of the app on your devices side by side
  • An NSURLCache configured with sensible memory defaults
  • Code that triggers periodic memory warnings in the simulator so your app behaves more like it does on device
  • A customized user agent string for UIWebViews
  • An app delegate method to enable and disable the network activity indicator that counts the number of callers so it doesn't become disabled until the last caller disables it

Getting Started

cd ~/src # the parent directory you want your new Xcode project created in
bash -e <(curl -Lo-

OR if you've cloned the iOSXcodeStarterProject github repo locally you can just run the script

cd ~/src # the parent directory you want your new Xcode project created in


  • Document setting up the functional test scheme after the project is created


Add your name here if you send us a pull request

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