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A bunch of plugins for both Nagios and Icinga we are evaluating.

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This is a selection of plugins for both Nagios and Icinga.
Packages are built in a CI fashion using Jenkins and can be found on our repo.

A script to build packages yourself is included as well.


  • FPM
  • Ruby (for FPM)
  • rpmbuild



yum install rpm-build
gem install fpm --no-rdoc --no-ri
cd build


apt-get install rpm
gem install fpm --no-rdoc --no-ri
cd build


  • Jenkins

In order to have Jenkins to build your packages simply add a new command shell build directive, with the following content:

  • Vagrant

An example Vagrant project has been included to get you started right away.

cd vagrant
vagrant up
make vagrant-build

Available plugins

check_bacula Julian Hein upstream
check_crm Phil Garner and Peter Mottram upstream Garrett Honeycutt upstream William Leibzon upstream William Leibzon upstream William Leibzon upstream Robert Becht upstream
check_puppet.rb R.I. Pienaar upstream Damien Siaud upstream
check_drbd Michael Chapman upstream
pmp-check-lvm-snapshots Percona upstream
pmp-check-mysql-deadlocks Percona upstream
pmp-check-mysql-deleted-files Percona upstream
pmp-check-mysql-file-privs Percona upstream
pmp-check-mysql-innodb Percona upstream
pmp-check-mysql-pidfile Percona upstream
pmp-check-mysql-processlist Percona upstream
pmp-check-mysql-replication-delay Percona upstream
pmp-check-mysql-replication-running Percona upstream
pmp-check-mysql-status Percona upstream
pmp-check-pt-table-checksum Percona upstream
pmp-check-unix-memory Percona upstream
check_iostat Thiago Varela upstream
check_postfix-mailqueue Bjoern Bongermino upstream
check_rabbitmq_aliveness James Casey upstream
check_rabbitmq_aliveness James Casey upstream
check_rabbitmq_objects James Casey upstream
check_rabbitmq_overview James Casey upstream
check_rabbitmq_queue James Casey upstream
check_rabbitmq_server James Casey upstream
check_rabbitmq_watermark James Casey upstream
check_ro_mounts Valentin Vidić upstream Chris Ganderton upstream
check_elasticsearch Marianschmotzer upstream
check_es_* Paul Stack upstream Claudio Kuenzler upstream
check_puppetdb_* Jason Hancock upstream Mike Zupan upstream
check_printer JK upstream
check_jstat Alcatel-Lucent upstream Tim Forbes upstream
check_service-restart Tom De Vylder upstream
check_long-procs Ajoy Bharath upstream
check_drupal-cron unknown unknown
check_pgactivity Open PostgreSQL Monitoring upstream
check_collective-access Jan Tlusty upstream
check_fileage loxo33 upstream
check_rabbitmq-sync Jan Tlusty upstream
check_zmstatus gmykhailiuta upstream
check_graphite datacratic upstream
check_ssl_cert matteocorti upstream
check_topology-latency.rb Jan Tlusty upstream
check_graphite-metric kali-hernandez upstream
check_yum kjetilho upstream
check_haproxy benprew upstream
check_postgres bucardo upstream jpmens upstream landervdb upstream Pavel Pulec upstream regilero upstream + check_elasticsearch_* HariSekhon upstream Wout Renkin Unknown Jan Tlusty upstream KrlWil upstream Jan Tlusty upstream carroarmato0 LEDfan anordby Jan Tlusty upstream
check_mysql-replication-configured dmaes
check_s3-bucket dmaes
check_docker Maarten Beeckmans upstream
check_wireguard Robin Ophalvens
check_ceph_df Maarten Beeckmans upstream
check_ceph_health Maarten Beeckmans upstream
check_ceph_mds Maarten Beeckmans upstream
check_ceph_mgr Maarten Beeckmans upstream
check_ceph_mon Maarten Beeckmans upstream
check_ceph_osd Maarten Beeckmans upstream
check_ceph_osd_db Maarten Beeckmans upstream
check_ceph_osd_df Maarten Beeckmans upstream
check_ceph_rgw Maarten Beeckmans upstream
check_ceph_rgw_api Maarten Beeckmans upstream
check_patroni Maarten Beeckmans


As usual contributions are highly encouraged. If you'd like to do so, please do not hesitate to send pull requests.


  • Fork this repository
  • Add plugin script to the repository
  • Add plugin details to build.txt
  • Update author table in
  • Send a pull request
  • ...
  • Profit!
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