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A graphical user interface library for the Processing graphics programming environment

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Interfascia is a graphical user interface library for the Processing graphics programming environment. It provides a toolkit of standard interface widgets like text fields, buttons, checkboxes, sliders, etc. Interfascia automatically handles interactions within the collection of widgets and sends event messages to your project. More information and documentation can be found at the Interfascia web site.

Interfascia is a project initiated and maintained by Brendan Berg and released under the GNU LGPL.


Contributions to Interfascia are welcome and appreciated! Contributions can range from development to documentation and everything in between. We ask that collaborators read the project contribution guidelines to become familiar with the project structure and development workflow. In addition to building a solid GUI library, it is also vital that we create and maintain an inclusive, welcoming, and supportive community. You can read more in the community guidelines.

Questions, comments, and suggestions can be addressed to [email protected].

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