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Intelligence X Public SDK

The software development kit (SDK) allows anyone to use the Intelligence X search engine. It is free to use and Intelligence X welcomes any integrations into 3rd party tools and services.

Intelligence X is a search engine and data archive. For additional details please visit

The SDK contains these parts:

  1. API documentation
  2. HTML code example
  3. PHP code example
  4. Python code examples
  5. Go package and code
  6. Maltego Transform

Latest updates:

  • 12.04.2020 - Version 2: New Python API wrapper and Command Line Interface
  • 24.06.2020 - Version 3: Additional filter for like lookups in Python code
  • 04.07.2020 - Version 4: New Maltego Transform

You will need an API key which you can obtain at Please note that integration into your commercial service/product requires a paid license. If your product is open source, do not embed your API key. The use of public API keys is discontinued.

Instead of directly using the API, you can always do the ghetto version instead and just link to the website.[search term]

Examples:[email protected]

The search engine supports only the following strong selector types. Anything else will be rejected.

  • Email address
  • Domain, including wildcards like *
  • URL
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • CIDRv4 and CIDRv6
  • Phone Number
  • Bitcoin address
  • MAC address
  • IPFS Hash
  • UUID
  • Simhash
  • Credit Card Number
  • Social Security Number
  • IBAN


We love contributions! Feel free to use the issue tracker for any feature requests, bug reports and contributions. You can contact us via email [email protected].

The Terms of Service apply.

© 2018 - 2022 Intelligence X

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