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Powered by the Web and Coding Club, IIT Bombay

All IITB content in one place. InstiApp is the result of WnCC's coordinated efforts to build an application that makes it easier to discover IITB content on the go. InstiApp features the Placement Blog, Upcoming Events and general information on every active club/body in the Institute

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  • Events Directory
  • News
  • Explore
  • Mess Menu
  • Placement Blog
  • Internship Blog
  • Calendar
  • Map
  • Quick Links

A more detailed list of features can be found here.

InstiApp is a community effort and we appreciate the help of everyone who wants to help improve the App.

Check for more information about all development activities under WnCC.


Read the API Documentation.

See the Frontend Design.


See list of contributors


Download the app from the Play Store or visit

InstiApp, WnCC are not endorsed by IIT Bombay, the institute.
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