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lo/g/OS => An OS for all and none

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Since the old repo is not tended, we will assume it is deprecated.

Ricing guideline

I have studied why the other OS developed by /g/ failed. Technically, most of them, if not all, were parochially successful with a few stable .iso releases but they failed to leave prints on the sands of time. Lo/g/os cannot be another Jiyuu or Clover OS, which failed because they have nothing to offer: merely changing the name, logo and adding a few bloatwares is plagiarism and ultimately meaningless. Lo/g/os, is a customizable Archlinux that can be installed like Ubuntu. You choose WM theme and choose Firefox theme and choose VIM theme and you are done

Lo/g/os offers a db full of custom themes: pre-configured packages installed with a simple command(rice vim-light or rice openbox-mlp) like pacman.

What do we need to build?

  • a rice db / repo
  • a Package Manager for rice db (can also be used on other distros)

What is lo/g/os?

  • a bloatware-free Arch distro with an installer and UI manager

Who is lo/g/os for?

  • anyone who needs a quick installation of Archlinux
  • anyone who needs a riced theme

How do you propose we achieve this?

  • The arch way: does exactly what it needs to, no extras, bloat, no choosing for the user
  • Any ricable config is uploadable
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