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Infinite Chess Web Server is a free and ad-less website for playing all kinds of chess variants on an infinite, boundless board.

What began as an indie project by Naviary in 2022 has been growing ever since. Inspired by the concepts of chess and infinity, he set out to craft a space where anyone can experience the thrills of freedom and exploration, reimagined within the familiar world of chess. No more limits, tear down the edges of the board, here we come!


This project is open source! If you have a feature idea you want to try implementing, or you have skills in html, css, javascript, or Node, we welcome contributions! To get started collaborating, please read the Setup Guide!

We are still far off from our vision. We refuse to stop until many crucial features of this universe are built:

  • Truly infinite move distance
  • Board Editor
  • Rating system, with leaderboards
  • Themes, colors, board textures
  • Premoving
  • Highlighting squares, drawing infinite lines
  • Knightriders, and other exotic pieces
  • Engine play
  • Snapping to more easily threaten pieces
  • Games with infinitely many pieces
  • 4 Player
  • Massive Multiplayer Online
  • and more! This list is not exhaustive.

It has a license with a goal of keeping this game free forever! Check out Copying for more details.

Check out the Navigation Guide for pointers on the structure of the project!

Join us on Discord for more info, or just to chat about the game!

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