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:iphone: Is the new iDevice in town yet? (no longer maintained)

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An iOS app that checks product availability in nearby Apple Stores

This app never made it to the App Store due to its nature of scraping Apple Store content. Read more →


Make sure CocoaPods installed. (gem install cocoapods)

In the InStock directory, run pod install and from now on use *.xcworkspace file to develop the project.

Running app

When you open up the project on Xcode, it should be ready to run on iOS simulator. To install on device you must have purchased iOS Developer Program license.


I have not chosen a distribution license for this project, yet.

This project uses the follwoing icons by icons8: iPhone, iPad, Laptop. It is licensed for free under the condition of linking.

Known issues

  • Cannot compile to 64-bit since Google Analytics iOS SDK has not released an x64 build yet (see issue).

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