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A Blender plug-in for importing LDraw file format Lego models and parts.


2 years ago

Fix to work in Blender 2.81


3 years ago

Fixes issues importing in latest Blender 2.8 beta. (Blender 2.79 version is unchanged, and can be found in the blender279 branch, or in the associated zip.)


3 years ago
  • Updated to support Blender 2.80 - and continuing support for Blender 2.79 (make sure you download the appropriate zip file).
  • Supports 'light bricks' - bricks that emit light.
  • Bug fixes (configuration path issue, and non-english interface issue).


4 years ago

Improved performance by 30-40%


4 years ago

Improved sloped grainy texture calculations.


4 years ago

Adds a grainy texture on sloped faces. Fix for setting horizon colour. Fix for logo size on some studs.


4 years ago
  • Bug fix for case sensitivity in embedded filenames within an MPD


5 years ago

Added option to set up a scene: remove default cube and lamp, add a ground plane, use an environment texture for lighting the scene, position the camera in a good position to see the model, and set some useful render settings so it's ready to render.

Bevel width option. Adjusted white line thickness. Added support for fluorescence to the relevant transparent pieces.


5 years ago

Added support for the new Principled Shader, which is used when available, for optimal look.


5 years ago
  • Fixed emissions node creation
  • Added standard default values for LeoCAD cameras