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A better way to use images in Sketch.

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Images Reinvented

A plugin for Sketch to give you full control over your images with a single click. It creates a group which contains your image and a mask.


You can install this plugin via Sketchpacks, Sketch Runner or manually by following these steps:

  1. Download and open ""
  2. Locate and double-click "Images Reinvented.sketchplugin"
  3. That’s it...

How it works

It's really simple!

Create the image group

  • Drag & Drop your image in Sketch
  • Click Create Image Group or hit Shift + Cmd + I

Create Image Group GIF

Crop, Resize and Reposition

  • change the size of your image and mask by resizing the whole group
  • edit the mask to crop your image
  • resize and position the image to define the visible section

Additional Functions

Fill Image

Resize the image, so it will fill the mask.

Fit Image

Resize the image, so it will fit in the mask.

Resize Mask

Resize the mask to the width and height of the image.


  • With image groupes you can easily overwrite the images in symbols without distorting them because they are fills and will stay proportional.
  • By applying one of the functions (Fill Image, Fit Image and Resize Mask) the image layer will check the proportions of the image and resize the image layer if nessecary.


If you have any problems or ideas, please open an issue or send it to [email protected]

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