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Source code of (formerly, to be used on your own server(s).

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Source code of (formerly, to be used on your own server(s). weserv/images leverages powerful libraries like libvips (for image handling and manipulation) and nginx (used as web server, forward proxy and HTTP cache).

Technologies used

  • Linux, nginx and libvips (without these technologies, this project would never have been possible)
  • Cloudflare (for CDN caching and IP-blocking)
  • Redis (for rate limiting)
  • OpenDNS (for DNS-filtering)


See our wiki documentation or API reference for information on using

Docker deployment

For information on Docker deployment, please read the Docker installation instructions.

Submitting Bugs and Suggestions

We track support tickets, issues and feature requests using the GitHub issue tracker.


Andries Louw Wolthuizen Kleis Auke Wolthuizen
Andries Louw Wolthuizen Kleis Auke Wolthuizen


The source code is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause License, see the LICENSE file for details.

Privacy Policy

Please see for more information.

Last but not least

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