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Python-based command line client to download .gitignore templates from gitignore.io

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ignr.py (or simply ignr) is a Python-based command line utility to fetch .gitignore templates from gitignore.io. gitignore.io has official command line tools, but they rely on bash or zsh, and may not be compatible with all systems out there.

The .gitignore file in this repository was generated using ignr, if you want to look at a sample!

There's also a Go-based alternative, gogi, but not everyone uses Go.

ignr was created for Python users who prefer to install via PyPI and/or pip.

Note: Version 2.0 completely drops Python 2 support in favor of Python 3, released late-2019.


Install using

pip install ignr


ignr -l

Lists all available .gitignore templates on gitignore.io.

ignr -s mac

Searches for supplied query in list of available templates from gitignore.io, similar to using grep.


ignr -p scala macOS

Prints a preview of the template without generating a .gitignore file. List multiple space-separated languages, frameworks, operating systems to get combined output.


ignr -n node sass windows

Generates a new .gitignore file in the current directory. List multiple space-separated languages, frameworks, operating systems to get combined output.

If a .gitignore already exists in the directory, ignr will give you an option to back it up.


Since gitignore.io uses HTTPS, running this utility in certain macOS environments may result in an SSL "handshake failure" error, which is discussed in detail in this requests issue.

Unfortunately, there is no trivial fix.

In my experience, switching from the included Python in El Capitan to a standalone Python installed via brew solved the issue. All my existing packages seemed to remain intact.


Feel free to make improvements. PRs are greatly appreciated.

I can be reached @Antrikshy or via reddit.

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