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Speed up your Localization / Internationalization efforts by automating translation with a single script

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Speed up your Localization/i18n efforts by automating translation. You might need to proofread the translated text. The script translates the file from source-locale folder to target-locale folder. E.g.

en/strings.txt --- gets translated to ---> ur/strings.txt

The repo contains ur/strings.txt, the translated Urdu text as an example. Example

Following Folders/Files must exist

en or your source locale folder

en/strings.txt or your source locale file

ur or your target locale folder

The script creates (overwrites if already exist) the file in target locale folder

To Run

Python 3 and libs used in must be installed

Change following variables in according to your need

# Locale code of source and target languages
sourceLang = 'en'
targetLang = 'ur'
# Put file name here
filename = 'strings.txt'
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