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CMS in Go and MongoDb.

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A CMS written in Go, using MongoDB as a backend. (Work in progress, heavily.)

Why the name

Most people want his blog or web app to be hyped, right?


  • Install and start MongoDb
  • go get github.com/opesun/hypecms
  • Modify config values at the beginning of main.go if needed, or use command line arguments to overwrite them.
  • Clone github.com/opesun/hypecms-shared. Create a symbolic link in your file system named github.com/opesun/hypecms/shared which points to the cloned repo. Alternatively, create a folder named "shared" in github.com/opesun/hypecms and copy all contents of github.com/opesun/hypecms-shared into it.

Stuff already working

  • Contents, custom content types, each with custom fields.
  • Tags (categories).
  • Content draft, versions.
  • Cookie based user authentication.
  • Online editing of template files. If deployed like a blogspot-like multiuser app: there are private templates, public templates, fork, publish features.
  • Versioning of site state: any install/uninstall/configuration will create a newer version of site state, so you can revert to any previous version.
  • Custom view editor: run any queries at any part of the page. The query builder generates excerpts, paging links etc.
  • Any file is displayed as is, you dont even have to use any dynamic features of the CMS, you can simply copy-paste html pages and they will be displayed as if they were dynamic content. Even in these html files, PHP-like require functionality is available.
  • Plugin system.



Current status

Work in progress.


Released under the 2-clause BSD license, see license.txt file.

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